• Published 17th Feb 2021
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An Equestrian Melody - LunarRainbow07

After a certain event; Octavia Melody, renowned musician, is now Agent #59 for EQCEA, working to expose corruption in the Equestrian government, and expose the true intentions of Princess Celestia.

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CHAPTER 6: Who Are You?

I had finally fallen asleep shortly after writing my last chapter when I was suddenly awoken by a sound nearby. Sounds of hooves trotting, stones being pushed aside, and twigs snapping. I looked around; Doctor Whooves, Derpy Hooves, Candy Apples, Vinyl Scratch, Sweetie Drops, Lemon Hearts...they were all there, all asleep peacefully in their grounded sleeping bags

I had always been a light sleeper, since foalhood even, but this...this was more than just a loose timberwolf or other animal. This was most certainly a pony, and surely one who did not have the best intentions at mind for us.

I stood up and began walking towards the sounds, which had begun to slow down. I soon neared the small brook that was beside the camp, and there she stood.

Magnum Opus.

I tried to be silent, tried to just sneak back to the others and warn them. However, she turned around immediately; as if she could simply just sense my presence.

"I knew you'd be here," she spoke, in her same rough smoker voice, showing me she hadn't changed a bit since our last encounter in the burning prison.

"Just...just who are you, anyway?" I asked.

"Silly little filly, I am what I am. I am the Magnum Opus," she said with a grin.

"How did you become one of Celestia's highest powers?" I questioned further, pressing for as many questions as I could.

"Well, I would tell you...but that would just be stupid. You're the enemy, why would I spill the information to you? What makes you think I'm of low intelligence?" she snarled back, hatred seething in her eyes

"I'm the enemy? I'm the enemy? I'm not the one who assists the dictator who murders in cold blood, I'm not the one who sets off two explosions in a prison and blames it on others, I'm not the one who lies about everything!" I screamed out, much louder than I had intended.

"You don't get it, do you? You're the enemy of everyone, because that's all everyone knows. It doesn't matter what you say, do, or think; you can't change our ways of life. You yourself are a threat to our very way of life. We, the followers of Celestia, live our happy way of life, whilst you are all are a threat to that. Threatening everything, which makes so many ponies, just for your little agenda." she stated aloud.

"You're a very pathetic pony, Magnum Opus. You're too blinded to see the truth right in front of you, aren't you? It doesn't matter if you follow Celestia; it doesn't matter if she gives you everything you cherish...because she doesn't care. She doesn't care about me, she doesn't care about her followers, and she doesn't even care about you. All she cares about is herself, and she's willing to do anything she can to keep her power. She's willing to hurt, steal from, lie to, and even kill those who are of no use to her anymore. Don't you realize that someday your worth to her will run out, too? Don't you realize that, in the end, our little...'agenda'...as you call it...is right? Heck, it isn't an agenda, it's about saving ponies. Saving ponies from a cruel, heartless leader," I retorted angrily.

"And you say your precious boss...he's any better? You think his values are better in the end? You think...in the end...everything he works for will be for the better?" she asked, with a grin.

"Of course he's better. He cares about the truth, and he values the lives of ponies. Comparing him to Celestia is like comparing light to dark and love to evil," I retorted.

"What in 'da hay is goin' on over here?" I heard Candy Apples ask as she approached the scene.

"Oh goodie, another one!" exclaimed Magnum Opus, seemingly amused by Candy Apples' sudden appearance.

As Candy Apples entered the clearing with me, she spied Magnum Opus.

"Oh...it's you," she leered.

"Why the angry face, my southern cowgirl fellow? You gonna give me a rant on how wicked and evil I am, too?" Magnum Opus teased.

"Why, you...you're nothin' but a disgrace. A disgrace to me, to my family, and to all of Equestria, and that's all you'll ever be...nothin' but a disgrace!" Candy Apples snapped, unleashing her anger into burning words.

"I'm no disgrace, cowgirl. I'm the one that everypony strives to be like, just as everypony strives to follow Celestia," responded Magnum Opus with a scowl.

"Your mind is so deluded it can't see the truth. This world is so corrupt, and you can't even see it through your distored vision. That's what's a disgrace," stated the Doctor as he entered the scene.

"My my, seems we've almost got the entire agency right here! What a pleasure to meet you again, boss," mocked Magnum Opus.

"Listen, I don't know why you're here, but you better get far away from here. And you better do it quick," Sweetie Drops threatened as she also entered the small clearing.

"Well, I'll be! If it isn't the former Agent #4, back with her old agency of misfits! I figured you'd be gone for good, after Celestia and her little batch of friends showed you what happens to those who come against us. I'm sure you haven't forgotten Agent #13," Magnum Opus replied, with a distorted and morbid grin. That little...whatever you want to call her...she knew that would disturb Sweetie Drops.

Immediately Sweetie Drops trotted backward a few steps, fighting memories to produce a leer.

"You're darn right nopony here has forgotten, and one day Celestia is gonna pay for that," called Derpy as she joined us.

"Well, well...it's Celestia's former mailmare! Took that important parcel one day, and then just vanished out of thin air like nothing even happened. She never forgot, you know. Celestia never forgets her traitors, and she never forgets to dish out revenge, so one day you're gonna pay for that," Magnum Opus said, keeping her same grin.

"I'm pretty sure you heard Agent #4. Get the hay out of here, or we're gonna have to make you!" exclaimed Lemon Hearts, mixing her average peppy attitude with anger and hatred.

"You heard Agent #4 and Agent #37, now get out of here!" screamed Vinyl as she joined everypony else.

"The whole agency is here! Every last one of you! Aside from the ones who are still missing, but we'll find them eventually. We had Agent #36 captured, but yet she managed to get away. Slipped out right under our noses," Magnum Opus scowled.

"Yeah, we're all here. Seven against one. Do you really think you can take seven of us down, just one of you?" I questioned.

"Silly little foals...silly little foals indeed. It's not just me, it's me and a bunch of soldiers. We got the place surrounded in the time we had our little idle chat, so I'll give you two choices. Come with us, and we'll spare your lives. Sure, it'll be a lifelong sentence to prison...but you all won't die. Or, you can try to run. Run and we'll get you all. Every last one of you," Magnum Opus stated, showing a very menacing grin.

"And...we're supposed to trust you? We're supposed to trust that you'll keep your word if we just come with you?" the Doctor asked.

"Worth a try, isn't it?" Magnum Opus responded, keeping her now signature grin.

There was a silence, before suddenly me and the rest of the agency started running. There were booms, flashes...all the like. I saw the Doctor running with Derpy, Lemon Hearts running with Sweetie Drops, and Vinyl running with Candy Apples. This left me on my lonesome, running and praying to any pony god above that might exist to spare us our lives.

Fires erupted in the forest around me, and booms and flashes rang out from every corner. I just kept running and running. However, I wasn't paying attention to where I was heading...and down a cliff I fell.

The world around me went from a mix of greens and reds from the forest, to the blue of the sky above me as I fell, to black.

"Oh my, I hope she's alright. She took a pretty bad fall, but I think I've patched her up good enough," I heard a soft voice speak to herself as I regained my consciousness and began to sit up. I noticed I was in a small field, with a make-shift camp. It seemed daytime had already arrived.

"You're alive!" the cream-furred unicorn mare with a pink mane exclaimed.

"I'm alive alright, just barely though. Was running from a whole group of ponies, tumbled right off a cliff," I responded.

"Yeah, yeah...don't worry, you're relatively fine though. I don't think anything broke, as you mainly landed in a few flowers and a few bushes," she reassured.

"Good, good. So...who are you?" I asked.

"Oh, me? My name's Twinkleshine," she responded with a sweet smile.

"I'm Octavia, think I've seen you around before," I stated.

"Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven't. No matter what though, I know I've heard a lot about you" she responded.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked, slightly unnerved.

"I've been looking for you and the other fellow agents for a while, silly," she replied with a sweet giggle.

"W-wait. Does that mean what it thinks I mean?" I questioned.

"Mhm. I'm Agent #38 of the EQCEA. Nice to meet 'ya, Agent #59!" she said with another smile.

"I can't believe it, I survive and am rescued...but not just rescued! Rescued by a fellow agent, whom we've been looking for for quite a while now!" I exclaimed.

"Hehe, yeppers! I've been following the progress of all of you, but could never quite locate where you were hiding out at. However, I must fear no more! For you, Agent #59, have come to guide me back to the rest!" she exclaimed with yet another smile.

"Well, see, that's the problem...I don't know where the others are at right now," I responded solemnly.

"W-why? Did something happen?" she asked, showing much concern.

"Well, yeah. One of Celestia's higher ranking ponies, Magnum Opus, showed up with a bunch of soldiers. We all had to scatter, not sure if everypony even made it out alive. So I have no idea where they could be right now," I responded.

"I see, well...that's quite unfortunate. I do have a plan, however!" she exclaimed.

"Really, what?" I asked.

"You see, I've done quite a bit of research in my time away from the agency so far. Let's just say...I know where Agent #23 and Agent #36 are!" she responded.

"Why...that's wonderful!" I exclaimed with a joyful smile.

"Indeed it is, hehe! So, all we gotta do is find them and then regroup with the others. From there, well...we might just be golden!" she responded.

"So...where are they?" I questioned.

"In a small area not too far from here, called Dodge Junction. It used to be called Dodge City until Celestia decided it wasn't worthy of that title anymore," she replied with a frown.

"And...why's that?" I asked, afraid of what I might hear.

"Some of the folks there, they didn't really like Celestia. They got a bunch of ponies riled up and started a big anti-Celestia campaign. From there, things got nasty. Dodge Junction is now just a ruin of the place it used to be, nopony even lives there anymore," she answered solemnly.

"I...see," I sighed.

"There was a prominent businessmare there, Cherry Jubilee. She was a big leader of the campaign, which itself is sometimes called the Dodge City Resistance. Anyways, Celestia ended up threatening her. Celestia manipulated Cherry Jubilee real good. Cherry Jubilee, however, had a plan. She was going to escape, and she was going to go back to protesting Celestia. She slowly but surely worked against Celestia from within. From within the government, she eventually got roped in with us. She was Agent #41, but also a special case. Like I said, she worked from inside the entire government. Eventually, Celestia caught on. Celestia decided Cherry Jubilee had been a pain to her for too many years, so she framed her. Celestia destroyed the entire Canterlot garden, and framed Cherry Jubilee. She said Cherry had finally snapped, so they locked her up...and now...Cherry ain't breathing anymore," Twinkleshine shuddered.

I kept quiet, despite something actually clicking inside of my mind. That was the conversation I had spied on all those nights ago, the conversation that changed my life forever.

I had heard Celestia discussing Cherry's fate.

"And now, I hear that monster wants to frame her own sister for something. She's a sick and demented monster," Twinkleshine whimpered out.

"Well, we're going to fix this. Fix what we can, that is, and save who we can," I stated with confidence.

"Yep, hehe!" Twinkleshine responded, back to being as peppy as a rabbit.

"It's getting a bit late, I say we set up an area for me; and tomorrow we'll go looking for those two. Does that sound alright to you?" I asked.

"Of course!" she responded.

So, here we are. Nightfall has finally arrived, and I am finishing my writing. We need to stop Celestia before she harms other ponies, we really do. Agent #2, Agent #3, Agent #5, Agent #6, Agent #7, Agent #8, Agent #9, Agent #10, Agent #12, Agent #13, Agent #41, and possibly others I haven't yet heard about...all gone thanks to Celestia.

She's a monster, and we're gonna stop her.

This has been Octavia, signing off.

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Good point that I actually quite forgot about. I suppose the fact that I mentioned bushes earlier could explain it? They landed in the bushes, and that broke their fall.

I didn't think that out originally, but I think that makes a bit of sense.

Although another thing that kinda irks me is the whole agency thing, an agency is an organization or entity working under a higher power, say a government or something. What is in this story is more like a resistance group.

Well, they are technically all working under Doctor Whooves; and he is referred to as "boss" moreso than Agent #1.

And, to be fair, there could be a higher power at play that hasn't been revealed or mentioned yet that could be revealed later on if I wanted :raritywink:

EDIT: Another thing is that they simply refer to themselves as an "agency", but that doesn't exactly mean they are one.

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