• Published 17th Feb 2021
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An Equestrian Melody - LunarRainbow07

After a certain event; Octavia Melody, renowned musician, is now Agent #59 for EQCEA, working to expose corruption in the Equestrian government, and expose the true intentions of Princess Celestia.

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CHAPTER 2: Sorta New Acquaintances & Grand Plans

Author's Note:

The story is back! Sorry for the month-long delay, haven't been very active lately. Future chapters should hopefully be out sooner.


"It's time to wake up, madam," I heard a gentle voice call out to me, suddenly awakening me. As I opened my eyes, I saw the kind and welcoming face of the Doctor nearby.

"Oh, well, g'morning sir," I greeted, my nose immediately being greeted by a smell of fresh toast from the neighboring kitchen. Sure, toast wasn't that fancy, but it was still quite delicious,

"Agen-Uh, Vinyl is in the kitchen, finishing up preparing our breakfast. Just toast and orange juice today, and just us three,
" he stated.

"Uh, what about Derpy?" I asked, perplexed by her sudden disappearance.

"Well, she said she was going undercover to visit a local store to resupply us, get us some fancier foods and beverages beyond toast and orange juice...and scout out the Canterlot High Class Prison," he responded as I began to rise from my sleeping bag and prepare for breakfast.

"Canterlot...High Class Prison, why?" I asked.

"Ah, yeah...you weren't here for that," he solemnly responded.

"Here for what? Look, I still don't know what's going on here even! You all promised to explain this, but I'm still waiting for that, y'know" I stated, perhaps giving off more harshness than I intended with my voice.

"Hey, Tavi! Breakfast is ready, me and the boss will explain things over breakfast!" Vinyl called out, sending me and the Doctor trotting over to the kitchen room, pulling out some chairs, and sitting. The room was pretty clean and orderly, with a blue wall and black-and-white tile floor. We all took a bite of toast from our clean white plates as the Doctor cleared his throat, preparing to tell me everything.

"We are EQCEA. Short for the Equestrian Corruption Exposal Agency, working to expose the corruption that exists in our very government. The corruption spread by our very ruler: Celestia," he began, starting his speech.

I took a look at my orange juice, immediately realizing what he was beginning to say.

"You know what I mean. I know you do. You saw her, the true Celestia. The true ruthless dictator behind the mask of lies. That's how you even got roped up with us, isn't it?" he asked, less questioning and moreso confirming what he already knew.

"Yes, indeed, you all...saved me from a life sentence apparently, and for that...I cannot thank you all enough" I responded, showing my gratitude with a warm smile, which Vinyl and the Doctor returned. A moment of silence ensued, before the Doctor continued his statement.

"Well then. I am...the leader, the boss, the big man himself, Agent #1. I was the first one to ever see the corruption in the Equestrian government, and that was so many moons ago. Gosh darn lunatics...broke into my lab and stole all my greatest inventions. Who knows what Celestia wanted with those," he stated angrily, readjusting his voice before continuing onward.

"After me, there have been 57 other agents, though for various reasons many of them aren't with us anymore. Some left to just live normal lives, some were likely bribed by Celestia herself, some left to protect friends and family, some were captured, and some...met their untimely demise, risking everything for our cause. Because of this, there are only currently 8 active agents, though due to some...recent predicament, only 3 are actually with us right at this current moment. 3 are very likely safe, 1 was likely captured but I believe has a smart escape plan, and only 1 is actually in actual danger, the one I sent Derpy to that prison to scout for," the Doctor explained further.

Me and Vinyl had nearly finished our breakfast already, and there was still so much to hear.

"Is that one...in great danger?" I asked, worried.

"Yep. Somehow Celestia issued her an execution due apparently very soon, on quite a few different charges. Treason, crimes against the government, all that stuff apparently," Vinyl stated.

"She's one of our newer agents, Agent #45. Candy Apples. Celestia's tax and finance laws have hurt her family's businesses so bad, and Celestia has cheated and stole from her family for so many years...that's why she joined. That's why we gotta save her, y'know? Out of all of us...she's easily got the best reason for wanting to bring Celestia down. I really wanna save her, it's not just her mission to save her family...it's our mission. Our mission to help everypony," he spoke. It was then I realized that the Doctor really did have the essence of a true leader. Someone who wanted to save everypony, even if most ponies may not of realized they needed saving.

And we truly needed every member to save everypony.

Doctor Whooves finally finished his toast and juice, before looking back at me.

"Welp, Derpy will still be gone for a bit, so how about me and Vinyl tell you more about the group? Anything else you wanna know?" he asked.

"Well, Derpy, how'd she get involved in all this? What happened to her?" I asked.

"Funny story, really. She was one of the highest class mailmares in all of Equestria. The princess trusted her big time, even sent her own parcels with Derpy. Until one day, Derpy slipped up and accidentally opened a high class package from the princess. It was classified documents, and I guess she couldn't resist looking at them. She learned a lot of things, and she knew right then she was in danger. Me and her were close, still are actually, so she came to me. I knew right then and there she was just gonna have to drop her life, so she joined in with us as Agent #11. I know she was on 'WANTED' posters for a few months, but it feels like after that the general public just forgot about her. That's why she always goes out scouting for us, I doubt anypony except the princess herself would remember her," he explained as I listened intently.

"So, what number is Vinyl?" I asked.

"Agent #58, currently the latest addition. Everything happened when I happened to meet up with the whole gang at a bar. Wanted a nice, peaceful night to just relax with a couple of drinks. Turns out the place was rigged by Celestia, the whole place just a little get-together for some of her minions. Turns out it was all actually a trap, though. So, the whole gang came along. I remember how boss mistook me for one of Celestia's minions at first, almost ended up in a bad situation there. Needless to say, I helped kick the hay out of the whole lot of 'em, left them unconscious long enough to make a grand escape. Honestly, I never really trusted Celestia to begin with, so I was never really shocked to learn what she had done. Good ol' boss over here let me into the group pretty much right after we made our escape. Agent #58," Vinyl explained

"Wait, so the bar on the news, that they said got raided by a mysterious gang of criminals...was that you all?" I asked, already knowing the answer in the back of my mind.

"Yep. We raided it to get a few documents we needed. Unfortunately, it seems they expected our arrival back then. Like Vinyl said, it was a trap they lured us into. The documents were forged and useless, and now we've had Celestia and her brainwashed group hot on our trail ever since. That all culminated in...the incident a few days back. The one that left us without a few members for right now, and got Candy Apples in prison. We all got sloppy then, messed up big time, but we're gonna fix this. We're gonna bust Candy Apples out of prison and find the others. Have a big regroup, start planning, and then work together to finally bring down Celestia. It's been a long and bumpy road, but...I have faith in all of us," the Doctor stated.

"All of us? Does...that mean?" I asked, slightly shocked.

"Well, I kinda asked Doctor Whooves about it, he thought it was a great idea by the way, that maybe you should join us. You seem pretty against Celestia after everything that's happened now. I really feel like you could be a great help to us, Tavi," Vinyl said with a warm smile.

"That's what I feel, too. So I, Doctor Whooves, invite you to join us. To help us conquer and defeat Celestia. To help us help Candy Apples and the others. What do you say?" he asked me, with a patient and warm smile.

I thought it all over. I thought of Celestia, and now my new and seething hate for her. I thought of all the innocent ponies, manipulated and controlled by that cruel and heartless tyrant. I thought of Candy Apples, scared and likely close to her death. I thought of her family, cheated and hurt by Celestia. I thought of everything.

I had to help them.

"Of course. So many innocent ponies need our help, and we can't let them down. I, Octavia, now also known as Agent #59, swear it," I said with a determined grin.

"And well, Tavi, as a general rule we follow: no using our real names during missions. Just our numbers," Vinyl notified me.

"Sounds smart," I responded with a nod.

"And another rule, that I created long ago. The most important rule, that I want nopony in this agency breaking. We kill nopony. We may attack them, knock them unconscious, steal important documents, whatever...but we never kill a pony. We never stoop to their level. We are not murderers. We are better than them," he said, once again sounding like a great and inspirational leader.

Just then, Derpy had entered the base. She held a few bags of supplies, and wore a nice and big smile, implying her mission was very likely successful.

"Derpy, Agent #11! You have returned!" the Doctor said with a grin as he stood up from his chair and ran to her, embracing her in a quick hug.

"Yes, sir! I also visited the prison, as you asked. Things don't seem too great, to be honest. Seems like the public execution of Candy Apples is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I think they tried to get her to talk, spill our location, and they'd free her. Didn't work, from what I've heard," Derpy reported.

"Well then, we'll just have to free her ourselves tonight. Sneak in during the dead of night and nopony will even know we were there, it's really the perfect plan!" the Doctor exclaimed,

"Uh, boss, I don't know how possible that is with just 3 of us. We need at least one other member," Derpy stated in a worrisome tone.

"Well, good thing we got a new recruit right here!" Vinyl exclaimed with a cheery grin as she pointed to me.

"Oh goodie! That means my mistake of buying extra of these wasn't a mistake!" Derpy exclaimed as she pulled out new and fancy black coats, with built-in saddlebags, exactly 5.

"Why, Agent #11, what a nice idea of you! Now we can infiltrate enemy forces in style, and convenience thanks to thesewe integrated saddlebags," the Doctor said with a grin.

"Well then, we have suits and information. Now we just need a plan to infiltrate the prison in secret, and get out before anypony even knows we're in there. We're gonna save Candy Apples, all of us are," Vinyl said with a signature optimistic grin.

"It's easy. Derpy will stand guard outside, she's the most equipped for that. After all, she's the only pegasus with us right now, and until we can get Agent #23 back," the Doctor stated.

"Agent #23?" I questioned.

"One of the ones that got lost in...the incident a few days back, but she'll be fine. Pretty sure she got away and is just in hiding for right now. Like I said, Candy Apples is our main priority right now. She's the one in the most danger," he reminded us.

"Well then, if Derpy stands guard, I say we go a full infiltration mission, boss. Me, you, and Tavi, what do ya say, boss?" questioned Vinyl.

"Of course, of course. If I'm correct, there should be a boarded up tunnel just outside. It would be impossible for any earth pony or pegasus to destroy it, but Vinyl here could use her magic and get us in without a sweat," the Doctor stated with upmost confidence.

"Well then, that settles it. Now all that's left is to wait for nightfall, correct?" I asked.

"Correct. You all may have some spare time to do whatever you please right now, we have a lot of time to burn and it wouldn't be any fun just sitting around," the Doctor stated as he began to sit in a corner and pick up a book, flipping through the pages to get to where he left off.

"I'll write some more in my journal," I said to nopony in particular, though evidently Vinyl heard me.

"Alright, Tavi. I'll try to work out some sick new music to play when this is all over and I can return to a normal life," Vinyl said with a smile, as optimistic as ever.

So, here I am now. Writing up the events of the day so far, as I wait for the operation tonight. Everything is becoming clearer, and this little batch seems like quite a nice group. Vinyl is still my same optimistic friend. The Doctor is a calm and composed leader. Derpy seems friendly and somewhat naive, but yet has an aura of seriousness around her. Candy Apples, from what I've heard, seems like quite the strong and courageous type.

It feels like we might actually be able to do this. Yet, at the same time, it seems our objective is as of yet a bit unclear. Are we simply looking for evidence to bring down Celestia? It seems that way, but I'm not sure it will be so easy.

Anyways, looks like it's almost time for the operation. I'll write the results when I return. Hopefully everyone of us comes back safely, including Candy Apples herself.

This has been Octavia, signing off.