• Published 17th Feb 2021
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An Equestrian Melody - LunarRainbow07

After a certain event; Octavia Melody, renowned musician, is now Agent #59 for EQCEA, working to expose corruption in the Equestrian government, and expose the true intentions of Princess Celestia.

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CHAPTER 1: The Consequences of Knowing Too Much

Ebony is a good choice for cello bows. It's very fancy-looking, high quality, insanely strong, and best of all: it knocks ponies out cold pretty easily.

Well, perhaps I'm getting a bit too far ahead of myself already.

I suppose farther into this script it will all make sense, hopefully.

I suppose I need a proper introduction now, hm?

My name is Octavia. Octavia Melody. Yes, that Octavia Melody. The world-renowned musician. Or rather, world-renowned former musician who is now quite possibly wanted dead or alive for knowing a bit too much about the Equestrian government, and a few other actions that will come to light further on in this script. Who knew that Celestia was such a cruel, heartless-

Oh, I am getting ahead of myself yet again.

Though in all fairness, how does one even begin to explain how they end up in this situation that I have now found myself in?

Well, I suppose it all started from nothing special. As everything usually does.

I had been on tour for quite a few weeks, and it just so happened that the great city of Canterlot was my last stop. Obviously, the bustling city of Canterlot wasn't new to me, but it sure did make a perfect last stop for a weeks long tour. The of the performance had gone exceptional. A huge crowd, great applause; everything a musician could ever want and then some. It was truly something of beauty, and it seemed the crowd could agree on that.

You know, music really is quite the passion. To be able to do something I love, that being playing my cello, and making a living from it? That is truly amazing. Beyond words, I'd even reckon.

I can't wait for the day I can hopefully return to that, after-

I just can't seem to keep to the chronological order of this story, huh?

Anyway, I had just finished packing up my supplies, and one of my guard ponies did the favor of escorting my luggage to the train station; leaving me to peacefully enjoy my trot slowly back to the train station. After all, even though I was excited to return home, I also wanted to take in the beauty of Canterlot just a while longer. And not only was I excited to return home, I was more so excited to return to my roommate and closest friend: Vinyl Scratch, a fellow lover of music and even a quite popular DJ. Unfortunately Vinyl had been unable to attend that night's concert, on account of some "important business" she had to attend to. Before that, she had been acting a bit more secretive and suspicious the past few weeks. I found it a little suspicious at the time, I suppose, but brushed it off pretty quickly. Safe to say, I now think I understand what she had been up to.

It'll make sense once this script plays out a bit more, I suppose.

Anyways, as I trotting back towards the train station, I had to pass close to the esteemed Canterlot Castle Royal Garden. There was not a sight in all of Canterlot, dare I say in all of Equestria, more beautiful than that lovely, lush garden. Colorful flowers, bright grass, beautiful bushes, neatly-trimmed hedges...that garden really seemed to have it all. However, as I passed by, I was quite shocked by the sight that awaited me.

The beautiful bushes trampled.

The colorful flowers destroyed and ripped apart.

The bright seemingly burnt.

The hedges ripped out from where they stood, with only a few remaining upright.

The entire garden was now nothing but a horrible mass of destruction, and standing in the middle, seemingly examining the wreckage was the ruler of all Equestria herself: Celestia. And two guards stood next to her, seemingly looking around, observing the damage with her, and...whispering something amongst themselves and to the princess, with the princess even whispering back. I suppose I would've paid no mind and just been on my merry way had Celestia not had an eerie grin on her face.

I don't know why I did what I did next, but I guess curiosity just beckoned me to sneak behind the little hedges that remained and eavesdrop into the conversation that was taking place. I suppose it was that grin. I suppose I just knew that something was off, and my mind just had to know what it was.

I was a bit like a mouse to cheese, I suppose.

As I crept closer, being very careful to stay out of sight, what I heard...was shocking to my very core, to say the least. Something that would change my life forever. Change my perspective of Equestria and its ruler.

Something, that in a way, changed everything I ever even knew.

"Yes, yes, of course I do indeed mean her. Shouldn't be hard for us to frame her for causing all this mess. She deserves it, after all these years she's spent pestering me and being nothing but a pain in my rear. And once that's all done and she's out of my mane, I'll just use my magic to restore every thing to almost new, like nothing even happened here to begin with!" Celestia exclaimed.

For a few seconds, it was like my brain had failed me. Like a poem that had every chance to deliver a rhyme, but fell flat at the end of the verse. My brain just couldn't seem to comprehend what I just heard. After thinking it over several times, it finally hit me. It hit me a bit too well, actually.

"Sweet Beethooven," I whimpered out.

I then realized that I had not been quiet at all.

I had not meant to even speak, but somehow the shock had made me spill out words.

Uh oh.

I had the two guards and Celestia in front of me faster than I could sell tickets to one of my concerts.

And those tickets sell out pretty darn fast.

"Well, well, if it isn't the one and only Octavia Melody, eavesdropping on this private little conversation," Celestia said with a grin, a grin so menacing it could very likely scare an Ursa Major off. A grin scarier than the most ear piercing tune you can imagine.

"G'day, my fair princess," I said humbly, praying to any pony gods above she wouldn't do anything to me. The atmosphere felt terrifying, like a thousand snakes staring into my soul.

Only a few moments later did I realize my voice came out as a squeaky mess instead of a self-assured greeting.

"How much did you hear?" Celestia asked simply and sternly, evidently seeing right through my little act.

Well, I was a musician, not an actor, after all.

"U-uh," I stammered, almost certain there was no way to get out of this situation I was now in.

"Enough, I assume?" Celestia questioned, already knowing the answer.

"Is that all you are? Just a miserable creature, arent'cha, Princess Celestia?" I accused.

I seriously felt anger boil up inside me. The princess ponies looked up. The princess I looked up to. The very princess who had complemented my performances in the past. Was this all she was, under her metaphorical mask, nothing but a cruel and heartless pony who cared about nothing more than power?

I was disgusted to even refer to her with the "princess" title.

"Silly little filly, how do you think I've managed to stay in control all these years? You see, sometimes ponies get in my way and I have to...put them in their place, of course!" she exclaimed with a maniacal laugh.

I was right. She only cared about the power, not the ponies.

She never cared about the ponies. For centuries she put up this act, it was all like a never ending concert in her sick little mind.

At this point, I attempted to run like the wind, before immediately being tripped by a guard. That's when I realized I was trapped. Somehow guards had managed to surround me in every direction. I had no escape.

"Now, originally I had no plans to...deal with you. Well, yet, at least. Of course, I suppose your music could take the spotlight from me, couldn't?" she teased.

"Oh, so is that what'chu see from this land? A bunch of toys for you to dictate over? You're the empress who gets all the fame!?" I practically screamed at her. I couldn't hold in all this building rage anymore. All she saw in these little ponies were little toys, and this land was like a dictatorship for her.

"That is enough of her nonsensical ramblings. Guards, show this fool what common sense looks like!" Celestia ordered.

I was out cold before I could even react.

When I awoke, I was bound to a chair in front of a table. Looking around, the room was dark and dusty, seeming to be a wooden shack of sorts. There was one window to my right, and I could tell dusk was just breaking. Evidently I had been out for almost 24 hours, meaning that the guards had knocked me out good. Some light from the setting sun crept into the room, and I could also see two stallion guards in brown uniforms wearing black glasses guarding a nearby door. Guarding my only escape from this room.

I very quickly realized that the table in front of me was some sort of interrogation table.

And across from me sat a slightly older-looking unicorn mare, with a black mane and white coat. She wore a brown leather jacket and her cutie mark was a skull with a lock symbol over it.

Whatever that was meant to represent, I sure don't believe it was a good omen.

She used her magic to hold a cigar up, puffing a few smokes before letting out some deep coughs.

"Ah, you're finally awake," she spoke to me in a deep and raspy voice.

I struggled against the ropes, before very quickly realizing that it was fruitless.

"No sense in struggling. Won't help you," she spoke. Her raspy voice made it hard for me to tell if she actually felt some sympathy for me or not.

She slammed some papers on the desk and pushed them over to me.

Reading the papers made my heart pound.

"No, no! You've got to be kidding me!" I shrieked out.

A life sentence to Canterlot Prison.

"Well, you are the one and only Octavia Melody, correct?" she asked.

"Well, yes, but...what did I do to deserve this?" I asked. This was all so infuriating to me. It all felt like one big, sick, and cruel joke.

And it sure wasn't funny.

"Princess' orders. You heard something you definitely weren't supposed to, and from then on verbally assaulted the princess," she stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Ah, so, this is just a little game for her, isn't it?" I retorted.

"I think that's enough of you. Guards, I think it's escort time," she stated as she took another puff of her cigar, not letting out a disgusting cough this time around.

As the guards began to move towards me, a cloaked white unicorn mare jumped through the window. Glass flew through the room, and knocked the unicorn pony that was sitting across from me out of her chair and onto the floor; also knocking her out in the process.

From just outside I heard a scream towards the pony who now seemed to be my savior, who was already lifting a chair with her magic and throwing it at the guards.

"Agent 58! What in the hay are you doing!? You can't just charge into a building like that!" a stallion shouted towards her from the outside.

"Well, boss, she's my friend! I can't just leave her hanging!" she said as she kicked the guards to make extra sure they were out cold, as if a chair smacking them right across their faces wasn't enough.

As if the voice wasn't enough for me to recognize her, I definitely recognized who it was once she turned to face me.

"I would never leave my bestie hangin'!" Vinyl Scratch said to me with a smirk as she ran over, pulled a knife from her cloak pockets, and began to cut the ropes that tied me to the chair.

"Well, uh, thank you so much but...I still need an explanation of what is even going on here," I stated, quite annoyed by this entire predicament so far.

"Well, I can tell you later, first we-"

Vinyl was interrupted by another guard, who had somehow entered the room without either of us noticing, who grabbed her and threw her against a nearby wall.

Luckily, the ropes were cut just enough for me to weasel my way out of them, but I wasn't entirely sure what I could do to help. Outside I could hear faint whispering between the mysterious stallion and a mysterious mare.

"But, boss, we gotta do something!" the mare cried out.

"We can't without the others here, Agent 11," he said solemnly.

"What if we lose Agent 48?" the mare responded, sounding defeated.

"Wouldn't be the first time we lost an agent," the stallion responded, full of sorrow.

Just then, Vinyl had managed to rummage through her saddle bag throughout the struggle, and threw me something that she somehow ended up with.

My ebony cello bow.

Right then and there I knew just what to do with it. Picking it up with my hoof and standing straight up, I crept behind the unsuspecting guard, raised my hoof, and...


He was out cold, and Vinyl was saved.

And that there is how I learned ebony is a good choice for cello bows.

The two mysterious ponies also now peeked through the windows, revealing two familiar faces that I had definitely seen before. Provided, I hadn't seen them around much, but I definitely recognized the two.

The stallion was Doctor Whooves, or is it Doctor Hooves? Doesn't really matter, I guess. From what I had seen, he was a huge science geek, but overall a kind and caring fellow.

The mare was Derpy Hooves, a muffin-loving delivery mare. I suppose she wasn't, to put it kindly, the smartest mare but she also meant well and had a heart of gold. And, that's all a pony really needs.

"Well, quite a pleasure to see you two again!" I said wholeheartedly.

"Listen, we ain't got much time to waste around here. Agent 11, Agent 58, we taking this lassie back to the hideout?" asked Doctor Whooves. Doctor Hooves? I don't know.

"I have no objections, boss," Derpy said.

"No objections from me either. Say, boss, I even have an idea!" Vinyl exclaimed as she beckoned Doctor Whooves (or Doctor Hooves) and Derpy to enter the hut, which they obliged to do.

She inched closer to Doctor Whooves (Doctor Hooves?) and whispered something I definitely couldn't make out. Whatever it was it made his eyes immediately light up, so it was evidently a great idea. Not that I had come to expect anything less of Vinyl.

"Why, Agent 58, that's a splendid idea!" he exclaimed.

"Agent 58, Agent 11, boss!? What in the orchestra is this all about?" I asked, more confused than ever.

"Listen, Tavi, we'll tell you everything once we get to safety, I promise. For now, just come with us. Please?" Vinyl pleaded, embracing me into a gentle and warm hug, which I gladly accepted as I nodded. She also took back my cello bow, which was lying on the ground but thankfully intact, and put it back in her saddle bag.

"Alright, if my calculations are correct...there should be a ventilation shaft inside this hut that we could use to make it back to our hideout," Doctor Whooves (Hooves?????) explained.

"Alright, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" exclaimed Vinyl as she broke the hug.

Doctor Whooves (y'know what, I'm just gonna call him "the Doctor" for now) and Derpy jumped into the hut. The Doctor pulled out a screwdriver from his brown saddlebag and quickly got to work unscrewing the vent and entering the shaft, which was thankfully big enough for a pony to fit in. Something made me think this was nothing new to him, and perhaps the vent systems of Canterlot were a convenient method of travel.

After the Doctor was Derpy, then Vinyl, and then lastly me. It was mostly a silent endeavor, almost like follow the leader of sorts. Eventually we reached what I assumed was the hideout.

It was a simple, but nice place. It seemed to be a bunker of sorts, and there was sleeping bags and pillows lined neatly in many areas. As well as bottled water and food supplies in freezer containers, and even a few tables and kitchen appliances in an adjacent room. The place was quaint but fancy, I suppose. Not that I could make out too much of it, as it was quite dark.

"This place is pretty fancy," I commented.

"Indeed. We all worked together to create this," the Doctor commented as he pushed a random cardboard box in front of the vent, seemingly meaning we would be completely safe. I also noticed a map of the Canterlot ventilation shaft on one of the nearby walls, explaining their knowledge of the ventilation routes.

"Hey, Tavi, I know we promised to tell you anything once we got to safety...but we're all pretty tired. It's definitely night by now, and we all need sleep. We'll explain everything tomorrow, alright?" Vinyl asked as she placed her hoof on my shoulder.

I nodded my head.

"Sounds like a good idea, actually," I responded.

I noticed the Doctor and Derpy had already taken this opportunity to get comfy in their individual sleeping bags. Vinyl pointed towards one that I could use.

"Use that one other there, it's the only spare one," she pointed out as she slid into her own sleeping bag.

"Night Tavi!" she exclaimed.

"Night Vinyl!" I called out as I slid into my sleeping bag, as if there was nothing off about this situation despite a million thoughts and questions lingering in my head.

These thoughts raced through my head. There were 5 empty sleeping bags, implying to me that currently 5 "agents" were missing. And what exactly is this agency? I can only assume we're a group who knows about the true Celestia, and we're working to stop her?

My train of thought was interrupted by the Doctor throwing a notebook towards my sleeping bag

"Hey, take this and, if you're up to it, record life's events in it. It could be kinda useful later," he said with a slight smile.

So, here I am. Writing everything that's happened so far, I guess.

I'm a fast writer, so this hasn't taken me too long, but then again there is really no way to keep track of time in this. I'm getting tired though, so I think it's time to sleep. I'll hopefully figure out more tomorrow, and have a lot of questions answered. I'll make sure to write more then.

This has been Octavia, signing off.