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Celestia and Sunset Shimmer have quite a history between them, things left unsaid and threads left dangling, perhaps forever? Is now a chance to tie a few loose ends...?

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My only issue with this, is that it seems as if everyone in the story forgot that Celestia originally had the journal. Twilight explaining about it, Celestia talking about the new one, etc.

Other than that, very good story! Lighthearted, with familial fluff; it was a wonderful read.

This site needs more Momlestia and Sunset, its just so perfect and I love it so damn much.

Enjoyed the story in my opinion Sunset is Celestia's daughter, either nuture born or adopted. Honestly it makes sense so I love reading momlestia and Sunset Shimmer stories. I look forward to any future stories.

Great story. I loved the interactions between them

I have to agree with Lotharin.

This is a good story, but you forgot about the journals. Celestia still has her original one and I'm pretty sure Sunset still has hers. So it might have been better if they wrote through those.

Except that Celestia gave the original to Twilight during Rainbow Rocks. That’s where the journal Twilight and Sunset have been using to communicate back and forth ever since—as well as force the portal open!—came from.

Which means Celestia didn’t have it anymore. Lil hard to write through a connection you bestowed on somepony else, unless you get it back. Which Celestia didn’t. Twilight still has it.

Hence the new journal.

Ah, you misunderstood my statement. I wasn't commenting that Celestia should have her original journal, only that she should know of its existence, and function.

Also, fancy seeing you here! :twilightsmile:

When was she mystified about the book?

I don’t recall her not knowing its function. Twilight overexplaining is just Twilight being Twilight. The fact that she explained it to the very pony that first explained it to her is just comedy. :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

Celestia explaining it to Sunset was just a “hay, this is like what we had before, but we don’t have to bug Twilight all the time to use it” scene.

Celestia? Never. My comment was more about Twilight, she explains the journal spell to Celestia as if Celestia would have no idea how it works.

See, that was my first thought as well, "just Twilight being Twilight", but then I stopped to think about it, and Twilight usually just assumes Celestia knows everything, so if there was one Pony she wouldn't feel the need to explain the spell to, it would be her. I dunno, not a big deal in the end, the exchange just felt awkward to me. I still loved the story, and that's what matters.

Again I agree with Lotharin. Twilight explaining how the book works to Celestia makes it seem as though Celestia has no knowledge of its existence. If Twilight said, "Well why don't you just write to her from the book? I'll go and get it." With Celestia saying no, not wanting to put Sunset on the spot. Than Twilight would suggest a letter and that she would deliver it to Sunset. If the letter was phrased as a compromise to use rather than the book, it would be more coherent.

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