• Published 11th Feb 2021
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Wolf of the Everfree - Undead Equestrian Writer

A wolf awakens and is destined to become the protector of the Everfree forest, and maybe more.

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Author's Note:

To the many of you that read the now gone "Changeling" chapter, I wish to apologize for deleting that chapter and giving you this one. That previous chapter didn't fit what I want out of this story, nor did it really feel like it made much sense, so I am hoping this chapter will work better for me, while also being slightly more... informative of a chapter that shows the way the system works.

Kai sat still on the floor of Fluttershy's cottage, waiting for her to return so that they could leave. Occasionally, a paw would reach up and touch the gem embedded in his chest, each tap giving off a pulse of warmth through his chest. The gem felt like a second heart, pumping a soft feeling throughout his body.

"Skills," Kai gave a soft exhale of breath, speaking the word in wolf tongue. It had been around a year since he last looked at either his status or skills, a mix of just forgetting about the ability and finding the information not useful enough to check constantly. Almost immediately after speaking the word, a list of skills popped up in front of his eyes, a non-corporeal menu appearing with a soft ding. Ignoring the lesser tongues that he had learned, like squirrel and fox, and the different skills like bite and dash, he was left with the three skills that he found useful, and one that he never received a notification for, as well as never seen before on his skills list.

Wolf Tongue, Level 5, Max Level

Equestrian Tongue, Level 4

Equestrian Writing, Level 1

Mana Control, Level 1

Before he even had a moment to think about that fourth skill, Fluttershy returned downstairs, her quiet and controlled demeanor returned after the shock of seeing a handkerchief turn into a gem embedded into the chest of this massive wolf. Kai noticed her and seemed to get shook out of a silent shock as he stood up and followed the pegasus as she left the quaint cottage.

The short trip to Twilight's castle was nice in the late morning, the wind blew against Kai's body, ruffling his coat and making the insides of his ears tickle. Twilight's castle was visible from anywhere in the large town, reaching up to the sky, the crystalline shell of the building reflecting the sun's rays over the town and fields adjacent to the town. Walking through the town was weird, as ponies were either wary of Kai or open towards the large wolf walking beside the yellow pegasus.

Walking up the front steps of the massive crystal tower, the front doors opened before they could approach them, and a small lizard stepped out, standing at about chest height for Fluttershy. He looked at me nervously before glancing over at Fluttershy.

"Hey, Fluttershy, what's with the massive dog?" the lizard asked softly, throwing side glances at me as he spoke, looking for changes in my attitude.

"It's a wolf, firstly, but I came to talk to Twilight about something, were you going somewhere, Spike?" Fluttershy asked the small lizard, Spike. He sighed softly, before showing Fluttershy the small stack of posters. On each of them was a picture of a weird-looking pony, with chitinous-looking skin instead of fur. The writing underneath the profile of the pony was a garbled mess of characters and symbols that Kai didn't understand, but he could guess what the posters were meant to be. Wanted posters.

"Apparently a changeling rebel escaped captivity, and the grand guard is on the hunt for it, so I'm putting up wanted posters," Spike replied with a soft sigh, before walking past Fluttershy and down onto the road, approaching a building and posting up one of the posters, then moving along to the next spot.

Fluttershy walked through the slightly open door, and Kai followed along. The two enter into a massive foyer, stretching several stories up, with several chandeliers hanging from the ceiling at different levels. Balconies overlooked the foyer, and a few guards wearing armor in the same color as Twilight's coat, most of whom wielded long spears. The guards glanced at Kai as he followed behind Fluttershy, but made no move towards the massive wolf.

"Ah, Mistress Fluttershy, how gracious of you to visit," A stallion dressed in a formal suit spoke as he bowed before Fluttershy. "May I inquire into why you have graced us with your presence today?"

"I was hoping to speak to Twilight about something, if that's alright," Fluttershy spoke after clearing her voice. She seemed uncomfortable at the cheery mood of the servant. Without another word, he signaled for Fluttershy and Kai to follow. He brought the duo to a large room, with a large circular table in the middle, surrounded by seven chairs, each with a symbol embedded in the headrest. Twilight sat in a chair that was more regal than the rest, appearing more like a throne.

"Your highness, you have guests, and I'm sorry for not informing you of their arrival before hoof," the servant spoke, before bowing and standing off to the side. Twilight glanced up from the book in her hoofs, and upon seeing Fluttershy, her expression changed from boredom to happiness. She signaled for the servant to wait outside, before closing the large book and standing up from her throne.

"Fluttershy, I wasn't expecting a visit from you so soon after our talk several hours ago, what's going on?" Twilight asked her friend, as she walked over to the two standing before her. Twilight glanced over at the wolf but didn't let any discomfort puncture her expressions.

"Well, I came to you because of an issue regarding Kai," Fluttershy answered as she turned to Kai, who had sat down on his haunches. "I was trying to put an identifier on him, a handkerchief to show that he was one of my animals, but then it turned into this gem, I've never seen anything like it and it seemed like something you might know about?"

"A gem?" Twilight looked back over at the wolf towering over her, examining him once more, seeing the red gem embedded into his chest. Her eyes widened as she approached the wolf, examining the gem with great intrigue. "I've never seen anything like this, but I've read about it."

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked quickly, her expression a mix of concern and hopefulness.

"Well, I'm not certain, and I'd like to discuss this with Celestia before I make this claim," Twilight told Fluttershy, before glancing at her. "I hope you are alright with a trip to Canterlot because we need to leave immediately."