• Published 11th Feb 2021
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Wolf of the Everfree - Undead Equestrian Writer

A wolf awakens and is destined to become the protector of the Everfree forest, and maybe more.

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Author's Note:

After the long wait, I have returned... and probably with a poor chapter, but I wanted to give everyone a little bit of something while my depression isn't kicking my ass, so enjoy!

Kai stared confused at the text box. For Wolf Tongue, he just needed to hit level three to be able to communicate with his family, but for Equestrian Tongue, he was level four and could only understand the language instead of speaking it. He closed the pop-ups and looked at the pegasus, as she looked at him waiting for a response.

"What am I going to do with you," the pegasus sighed as she began walking back in forth in her living room, an occasional sniffle or cough coming from her. Kai closed his eyes, sinking into the darkness of his mind that helped him focus on things, like pausing a game or going into your inventory in RPGs he barely remembered from his previous. The sadness and depression of seeing his family dead in front of him weighed heavy on Kai's mind as the image of his father struggling for life as he had his chest and stomach torn out by the manticore.

"I'm sorry, I should have been there, I could have protected you," Kai whispered as he continued watching over the memories of his family throughout his life. Vision's of him playing with his siblings when he was younger, being licked by his mother. Kai sighed as he looked away from the memories, if he couldn't protect his family, he would protect this yellow pegasus to the best of his ability, even if it means he died to protect her. It's the least he could do after she sheltered him.

"That's commendable, you know," a voice spoke to him from the darkness of his mind, a feminine voice that seemed nearly angelic. Kai looked around nervously, the voice having seemingly originated from everywhere around him. As if feeling his confusion, a tall pony stepped forth from the black veil of his mind. "My name is Princess Luna."

"Luna..." Kai spoke softly as he stared at the pony, her hair waving even without any wind, as she approached the wolf. Kai could stare into Luna's eyes from a sitting position.

"Hmm, you're very interesting, Kai, you can understand me and even speak Equestrian, I can detect you even when we both are awake, and to top it off, you're an Everfree wolf, but if you swear to protect Fluttershy, then I will consider you a friend," she gave a small smile as she stared at Kai. "If you ever come to the Canterlot Castle, I will have many questions for you."

As quickly as she had appeared, she was gone again, but the feeling of her presence leaving Kai's mind kicked Kai out of his own head, making him fall over slightly in Fluttershy's cottage. Fluttershy looked over and couldn't help but giggle as she saw the wolf fall over.

"Well, let us see," Fluttershy began approaching Kai, sticking her hoof out. "Can you shake, Kai?"

Kai stared at her hoof, and quickly lifted his paw to it, and proceeded to shake her hoof as best he could. Fluttershy smiled and pet Kai's head for his excellent shake, and this continued for a while as she tested different tricks with Kai.

"Wow, you're a smart guy, ain't ya!" Fluttershy praised Kai as she scratched his side and back, causing Kai's tail to wag back and forth. Fluttershy stopped and approached a small closet that was neatly organized with different objects. Before grabbing a box with the word 'Canis' written on the side in black marker, she looked around for a little while. Walking back out to Kai, she placed the box down and opened it, inside being many different collars and handkerchiefs. "Which one you wanna wear, buddy?"

Kai looked into the box, a thin layer of dust covered everything inside, causing Kai to sneeze as he breathed in. As he searched the box, a single item caught his attention. He reached in and grabbed a plain white handkerchief, pulling it out of the box and lifting it. Fluttershy grabbed the simple handkerchief and began to tie it around Kai's neck, just barely managing to fit it around his thick neck. Fluttershy painstakingly tied the handkerchief into a knot and stepped back, staring at Kai, who was sitting still waiting for her to finish.

"That looks good on you, the white helps accent your dark grey coat," Fluttershy smiled as she inspected Kai. Unbeknownst to Kai, as he stared at Fluttershy, the handkerchief around his neck began to change. Changing from a handkerchief to a necklace, the silver chain emerging as the white cloth burnt away. Kai felt the heat of the fire but felt no pain as he remained still, trying his damndest not to panic. After a long minute, the fire stopped, and in the handkerchief's way was a silver necklace with a large ruby seemingly embedded into Kai's chest, the large gem dimming as the fire flickered out. "Sweet Celestia... I've never seen anything like that before, are you okay, Kai?"

A soft woof came from Kai as he tried to stare down at his own chest, unsuccessfully. He gave up trying to look at his chest and looked over at Fluttershy, who was still a bit in shock. She seemed mystified at the appearance of the amulet but quickly regained her composure.

"I know she probably won't want to look at it, but I think we should go visit Twilight," Fluttershy quickly ran upstairs to her room, leaving Kai all alone in the living room, the amulet vibrating softly as he waited for Fluttershy to return.