• Published 11th Feb 2021
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Wolf of the Everfree - Undead Equestrian Writer

A wolf awakens and is destined to become the protector of the Everfree forest, and maybe more.

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Author's Note:

Hello, this story is gonna be in the same style as something like "That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime" or "Solo Leveling". I'm not gonna call this a crossover story with one of those, but it will be a LitRPG genre story. Just FYI

The teen slowly opened his eyes, he was sat at an ornate dining table. He didn't remember how he got here, but he did remember what happened. The hatred and betrayal, the pain, the wind whipping past his face as he fell, the feel of his body hitting the ground. He had jumped from the top of his apartment building, but he couldn't remember what drove him to jump. Everything past jumping was missing, he didn't remember his life, name, family, anything. He reemerged from his thoughts and looked forward. The room was as ornate as the table, though it had very little in the way of any furniture. Gold trim lined the walls which were painted a clean white. On the table, was a very reflective plate, showing his heterochromatic eyes, one being red, and the other blue. At the table were seven chairs, excluding his, held another person.

"Welcome," The figure at the opposite end of the table from him spoke. The figure wore a clean white suit, each wrist had several watches, each a gold or silver color. As he looked up at his face, he felt his breath catch in his throat. The figure's face was constantly shifting, changing appearance and shape, never stopping to change. "I'm the god of creation, and you are dead, but you are a special being, you have a rare gift within you."

"You always have to be so cryptic," a feminine voice spoke up to the left side of the boy. Glancing over to the voice, the teen saw a woman, her body was dressed in a red dress and her face didn't shift rapidly between forms. "He means you're going to be reincarnated to help save another world."

"I think you might be mistaken," the teen spoke up softly but was quickly shut down.

"No, you're the correct being, you have a special ability engraved into your soul that will help you, and we will unlock this ability for you, as well as a little extra help from us," The woman smiled, as 6 wings sprouted from her back as she felt pleased with her response. "My name is Sil, and I'm the god of life, I will be one of the few gods you have continual interaction with and this god here is my counterpart or sibling if you wish, is Val, he is the god of death."

"I'll also be interacting with you on a regular basis," Val spoke up, his pitch-black suit rose up into a small mask that covered the lower half of his face. Blood was specked onto his forehead.

"I'm Delphia, the goddess of nature," the woman next to Val spoke. Her voice was soft and sweet, her dress was a mix of light and dark greens like a forest in summer. "I rule over everything to do with nature, from microscopic entities to plants and animals."

"Yes, great, wonderful, now, my name is Milatios, and I am the second strongest god here," the god sitting to the left of the teen spoke up, his suit was a shifting hue of purple and blue. "I'm the god of magic, mana, and anything to do with magicks."

"Forgive Milatios, he's a bit egotistical, my name is Telas, and I am the goddess of the elements," her introduction was mixed with different views, her tone was aggressive, but her speech was fluent. Her dress seemed to be made up of fogged water, the shape rippling with her breaths.

"I'm Invas, the god of knowledge and learning, I grant creatures differing levels of learning, or I give creatures a hard cap on the amount of knowledge they can learn," the god had a pair of rimmed glasses and a two-piece suit. Despite his nerdy appearance, he had an inspiring aura.

"And finally, I am Astelo, the god of creation and time," the god from the beginning spoke, finishing introductions. Each god looked at the teen, before closing their eyes and reciting a small chant in a language that hurt the teen's ears to listen to like his body rejected the sound entering them. Before long they stopped and looked back up at the teen. "Your ability has been unlocked, as well as the gift each god here wishes to grant you, mine is to help while fighting, for your reaction to increase and for the world to slow."

"My gift was the knowledge of every edible ingredient as well as any potion creatable by those ingredients," Delphia smiled as she bowed her head, and Delphia vanished before saying. "I wish you good luck, hero."

"My gift is one of the most important you just obtained, your past life will adapt it to what suits your memory the best, my gift gives you the ability to raise in skill and ability, to allow you to rapidly exceed in power, strength, intellect, and prowess of any other creature to help your goal," Invas spoke, before also vanishing with a final farewell.

"My gift is the ability to learn any magicks in all the universes, as well as master any and all magicks in the universe," Milatios spoke, before vanishing without another word.

"My gift is that I made your body heal much quicker than most, even from serious wounds and injuries, over the course of several hours, depending on the severity," Sil waved before vanishing with a wish of good luck.

"I've granted you resistance to extreme cold and heat, anywhere from -100 Celsius, to 300 Celsius," she nodded her head before also vanishing without another word.

"Finally, my gift is that when you kill prey, you will gain the ability of the creature you killed," Val vanished with a wave, leaving just the teen and Astelo alone in the room.

"Any questions, being?" Astelo asked as he stared at the teen.

"What is my special ability?" The teen asked as he stared at the morphing face of the god.

"You are a god killer, the only being in all the universes to have this ability, yet, you aren't strong enough to kill any god right now, so get strong, and save this world," the god spoke, before snapping his fingers, and the teen's vision blacked out again.

With a soft breath, the baby wolf took its first breath along with his brothers and sisters. The warm cave was hidden away from many main walking paths for ponies or more dangerous animals, like Timberwolves, manticores, or cockatrices. The litter of five wolves lay quietly against the belly of their mother as the father stood guard at the entrance to the cave, as snow showered down outside.

The alpha wolf sat content at the entrance to the cave as he kept an eye out for predators or prey. His thoughts were very streamlined and consisted of protecting the last wolves of his pack, and continuing his species. After being attacked by several stronger predators, the Grey Moon Wolf species was done to the seven wolves in this cave. Thankfully, the alpha had found this cave, a geothermal vent gave off enough heat to keep the cold winter winds out so his kin wouldn't die.

The alpha, growing tired, slowly approached his mate and lay next to her, making sure to keep himself between the entrance to the cave and his pups. The mother had already begun cleaning her pups, as one pup slowly opened its eyes, showing off its beautiful red and blue eyes. With a soft yip, the small pup slowly closed its eyes and fell back asleep.

The soft crunch of snow made both the alpha and his mate's ears perk up, and caused the alpha to stand up and prepare to fight the incoming invader. The crunching got louder and louder before a single figure could be seen. A thin pony, whose yellow coat and pink mane was wrapped up in a thick layer of winter clothing. The pony stopped at the entrance to the cave as she saw the mane wolf was ready to attack, but the pony only grabbed a small basket on her back and placed it down at the entrance to the cave, before slowly backing away. The alpha cautiously began moving forward, as he listened to the steps and crunching snow become quieter and quieter.

Keeping his guard up, he sniffed at the wicker basket and quickly began trying to open the basket, ripping the wicker basket open, several types of meat fell out onto the cave floor. The alpha, although starving, looked back at his mate and carefully dragged the basket over to his mate, like dragging a dead animal. The mother smiled and began to eat at the slabs of raw meat, so she could feed her babies.