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Pinkie Pie is only clever when she wants to~!*<^3


After Rainbow Dash had signified her sonic rainboom but extended up a bit and thought she could do a double rainboom as she is awesome. A lightning struck erupted her which made her memory gone. Her friends did all they could to find a cure to memory loss.
Unfortunately, they failed.
Now, it is up to Scootaloo to save her practical sister, but will she do it alone?

Chapters (2)
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Come on, Rainbow Dash . The rainbow pegasus tapped herself on the head. Why are you so nervous? You have faced so many challenges before. What is it you got to lose? Her wings, to when she was trying to perform a sonic rainboom for the second time for the 'best young flyers' competition and nearly snapped her wing as she crashed into Twilight's Golden Oak Library.

Wow, you would think she’d be more careful.

She took her final breath for the last time and started off by flying fast. She liked the wind flowing through her rainbow mane. The cool breeze swiftly flying through her face. It was refreshing. If she can do a sonic rainboom then she can do a double one. She is Rainbow Dash, the most awesome flyer in all of Equestria.

I’m pretty sure no matter how good of a flyer you are it’s not possible.

She pushed herself a little further and...BOOM! BOOM! She did a sonic rainboom twice at the same time. That was impressive until she flew down towards the ground. She couldn't control how much her wings held so much strength and power. She clipped her wing onto something and prepared to doom right into the ground.

Nevermind. Keep forgetting they’re in a magical world.

A nurse came inside the room with a trolley full of bandages and medicine to put under her wing. She walked across the room to the patients bed, ignoring the mares shocked faces.

She does not care. She’s just there to do her job.

Maud and Mud Briar from outside had to swim away back to their room with a saddle boat. The reason why they were in the hospital was because Pinkie Pie accidently stepped on Twiggy and Boulder. ( I know, right? A little bit dramatic if you ask me. )

Shouldn’t have them on the ground.

Twilight waved him with her tail. ''Hush, Spike. Don't say that. We will get her back, after all we had done challenges in the past before.''

''That's exactly what the mare that is now lost said,'' Spike reminded unpleasantly.

Is he talking about rainbow or twilight?

She moved the suitcase out of the way and found a pink pony with a deflated uncurled mane. She only knew it was Pinkie Pie because of the eye colour, mane colour, voice and skin colour that was turning grey due to her lack of sobbing.

Lack of sobbing?

''But we travelled all the way here and even your smart parents don't know a cure to it. I guess we have to live with the new Rainbow Dash and make memories with her again starting from scratch,'' Twilight said as she swayed her head pensively.

I mean, just because they don’t know that doesn’t mean there’s not a way to fix it.

''It is easy for you to say, Applejack,'' she responded. ''You don't know what it is like to have some pony forgetting about you or gone.''

She does. You’re not the only pony she forgot, pinkie.

Applejack started up a positive conversation to light up the mood.

''So do you prefer chocolate milkshake or banana milkshake?'' she asked.

''Oh, well...'' Pinkie Pie responded.

Well, that was easy.

It has been a week ever since the incident that caused Rainbow Dash's memory loss happened. Everypony was in their depression state. Twilight had never even once left the castle library for some fresh air. She was re-reading every book on the subject again, looking for a cure but unfortunately, she didn't find anything. Rarity hadn't left her bed in days nor ate, either. Applejack was broken inside but never showed it. Pinkie Pie was sobbing into fountain of tears in her bedroom and didn't get enough sleep. She kept thinking about her memories she had made with Rainbow Dash.

Come on. It’s not that bad.

Fluttershy was also close friends with Rainbow Dash as they went to the same flight school together and Rainbow Dash had always had Fluttershy's back till the day they met. If anything happened to Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash would always be there and kick butts. That meant the same with Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash.

Till the day means she stopped doing it.

''Wait, Discord. Can't you just use your magic to give back her memory? I mean, you did erase all of our memories before when you first made an introduction.''

''I'm sorry, my dear Fluttershy. But not even my chaos magic can do anything about this.''

So you can turn clouds into cotton candy and make it rain chocolate milk, but can’t bring back memories? That’s pathetic.

''We will just go along. I mean, we did go alone to the Crystal Empire and that is so far away.''

They did?

''How about to Zecora's?'' Sweetie Belle suggested.

''No!'' the pegasus filly exclaimed, ''I don't want to get frustrated by her rhyming.''

Her rhyming isn’t that bad. It’s easy to understand.

Spike wiped the sweat off his forehead. ''Thank you so much, Applejack. You don't know how hard it is to make Twilight go to bed. She hasn't slept in over a week and is stuck in her library, searching for a cure.''

Don’t worry. She’ll go to sleep real soon.

Meanwhile, the cutie mark crusaders were hanging posters with a picture of Rainbow Dash and a caption saying ' if you have a cure to memory loss, please find us at the cutie mark crusader clubhouse! ' Scootaloo was driving her scooter with a red box that had Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sitting on top. They drove all over Ponyville to drop off posters. They had just made the posters fly into every ponies' faces.

Really? That’s their plan?

''QUIET!'' Rainbow Dash yelled. ''Look if I don't know you then maybe you shouldn't...oh, I don't know. TORMENT ME AND JUST LEAVE?''

Ok, I get they’re annoying, but calm down before you lose your voice, next.

Rainbow Dash was on the verge of tears. She couldn't hold it in so blasted a waterfall in the whole room. The doctor came in and slipped on the water. He saw people needing to use saddle boats in the hospital again.

Damn, she could water a whole field.

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