• Published 10th Feb 2021
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Legal Troubles - Blue Aurora

Twilight gets a task from celestia it says to get drunk an have fun twilight is very confused

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The gold plated ponys crashed through the door to the back room. The drunk ponies inside giving them cross eyed stares. The first pony to speak up was pinkie the only slightly sober pony in the room. She said to the crowd around her "scatter," every pony in the room snapped to attention this one word the only thing that could be registered in their hazed brains. Suddenly as if a grenade had been set off in the vicinity of the guards the ponys rushed to the Windows scrambling hastily to escape capture. The guards looked on in awe as about 100 ponys cleared a room in 10 seconds flat , the only equines left were 2 groaning unicorns one was a pastel purple and the other a ocean blue.

The Royal guard captain shouted out commands and the other armour clad ponys picked up the groggy twilight and trixie. Hoof cuffs were placed on the drunk brawlers and surpression rings on their horns, the low hum of the rings sounding like a generator. In any other circumstance twilight would have been elated to see such a magical device but now all her groggy mind could say was "hah I won," but her reality fas far from it as the guardhouse came closer.

The grimy halls were all twilight could see as she woke up, a massive migraine racked her head. To her it felt like a stake was forcing its was through her skull. The purple pony could hear shouts. She acknowledged the magic suppressor on her head because of the constant buzzing it was making creating a mundane tune of buzzbuzz buzzzz on repeat forever. The shouts could be heard more clearer now due to the shouting pony being carted away in a cage. Passing right by her cell twilight recognised the pony occupying it, it was trixie.

The realisation of what happened hit her like a speeding train the fight and the alcohol the arrest. The thought of why the guards has stormed sugar cube corner was confusing as why would a sweet shop/ nightclub be raided by the police. Twilight waited for a few more hours, time slowed by like a slug, it's continuous nothing never stoping until a distraction takes that away.


A deep red Unicorn stallion in gold plate mail walked over to twilight sparkle his pen enveloped in its telekinetic grasp,as well as a pad propped up on a shield wall. This stallions name was Upside and his job was to write happy story's much like his name and cutie mark shows. His cutie mark was a lot like Celestias if you look at them as both show Suns but where the alicorn princesses is regal his has a smiley face on it.

The princess mentioned has a protégée this star child was sitting right before him forearms on the bars staring into nothing. Upside waved his hoof in front of her face and no response. He tapped her still slightly blood crusted nose, no response. In a final last ditch effort he reached out with his magic and gave her a small electric shock. As if he had just jumpstarted a car, twilight began to twitch then move slightly and finally snap out of her blank haze.

Upside put on his most serious voice and asked, " twilight sparkle we have reason to believe you took excess amounts of illegal drugs, instigated a bar fight and took part in an illegal party as of decree 456 that states all party's that include illegal substances or promotes extreme violence." Upsides face tried to remain stoic as he got an answer from the purple peeved off pony. " I didn't do that" she said to the journalist blankly. Upside frowned and snickered a bit. The intellectual scholar has no defence other than I didn't do that.

Twilight gave upside a deadly glare and practically shouted at him" under decree 401 a pony is not held responsible for actions done under influence. Under decree 238 it states that a pony is not held responsible if being tricked to break the law, also under decree 3 it states that the show must always go on and finally under decree 599 it states that if an item is cursed or made different in any way this is now a destructive class object and outside the duritictions of conventional laws if the item is not the reason behind the rule breaking this rule is changed see discord laws number 1273"

Twilights factual rambling was being speedily written down, this story is going to be my career saver upside thought, but his hopes were shattered as a bright ball of light descended from the sky and disappeared into a tall white alicorn. Celestia towered over upside as he looked at the sun goddess in awe. She looked down to Upside and said " leave," in a commanding tone. Upside slinked into the corner out of sight and listened to what celestia had to say to twilight. He thought that If the alicorn caught him he would probably be in great trouble but he wanted to keep his Job though so he stayed silent.

Celestia lowered down to twilights level and whispered," my dear pupil you have exceeded my expectations, at first I expected you to just leave my task or send for a knew one but in the end you plucked up the courage to go out and get drunk, but what you didn't know was I was the one to set this up your downfall was because of me. Over the years I came to realise that you were just too powerful. I glimpsed into the future and saw you wearing my crown the symbol of rulership over equestria. I came to the conclusion, I had to get rid of you to keep my place as the ruler, goodbye twilight." Celestial then raised her voice " guards take her away she deserves no trial, to the depths of the canterlot mines for her and the solitary confinement save no chances for her to escape."

Upside crept away with a look of terror on his face

Author's Note:

I have decided to actually turn this into a story now