• Published 9th Feb 2021
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Clearly (not) a King - JBukharin

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Aww man, I really was hoping Luna and John just remain friends. I love how they decided to almost indirectly prank Cadence on how 'they look like a couple even though they are not'

Hmm perhaps they can still do that, realized there isn't any genuily love and they are just too close friends. And just love to mess around with Cadence.

Also, that is so sad for Celestia for her to simply have gave up in love. It will be best if Cadence doesn't find out or Celestia will become her moby dick.

I will help my dear aunty found romance once more…or die trying!

Funny. Yesterday I was sorting out my library. Glad I hadn't moved this story yet.
It's good to read something from you again.

I was beginning to think I'd not see another update, glad to see I was wrong.

So, in a way, she could somewhat sigh in relief when Velvet mentioned planning a week-long trip in the Crystal Empire. Celestia knew the young deer wanted to sulk around and perhaps ‘soften’ a deal with Equestria by befriending the new ruler of the Empire, but she knew for a thing John was too rational to try and risk peace with the Changelings without having finished consolidating those refugees he took in and the

think this was left a little unfinished.

John's gonna be doing a lot of consolidating and damage control. I definitely must reread all this from start to finish to remember everything.

It's going to be funny if everyone continues to expect them to get together only to continually watch as both John and Luna do not and continue to stay friends. Wonder if King John is planning to follow the book of Machiavelli if he has to face off against the changelings. I mean, he has the replacement hidden away with the perfect justification for moderate stance on his empire. Either way he has an excellent source of spies and crowd instigators.

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Fixed. You should reload the page as sometimes the changes take a while to appear.

Yes. I should. Didn't see sicklyhare post it allready...
Did delete it. Don't need it 2 times.

“Interludes” are not always handled adroitly, but this one was well placed and stayed focussed. Very well done, I look forward to your next effort!

Wouldn't it be funny if they played them all, pretending to be deeper but actually not? That wouldn't be cruel, would it?

Nice interlude, my dude

Legitimately pleased to see an update, huzzah

I am pleased to see an update

so all the chapters are great can't wait for the next one

And… that’s Luna’s stress ball. I guess my investment of buying a couple of thousands of those was indeed worthwhile.


Scurra #14 · May 2nd · · ·

Thanks for the update!

Hope you are doing well.

Nice, and because i readed your dxd fic before reading that, i have now the image of another john working at canterlot high and being the adopted parent of sunset since she arrived there
Just a amusing scenario

The portal to the human verse?

A really nice read, hope it continues.

Please, if anyone has similar "nationbuilding in Equestria" titles, please link me some as I am in a thirst for those.

Also hold on I think I saw your name around the EaW discord before I went idle from the server. Your name seems familiar, and I kinda remember you discussing something on the fanfiction channel with some other people.

One, they're not the same humans as our universe. They have coloured skin, different proportions, but mostly anthropomorphic is a good recipe for uncanney valley. I'd even predict John being more against having romantic relationship with them due to the sheer uncanniness.

Two, even if John might one day get the chance to enter, also consider that the portal transforms a pony from MLP-side to human on EqG-side and vice-versa; there's no telling whether John wouldn't end up as an Earth animal across the portal instead.

Three, John is a sovereign of the Crystal Empire, not Equestria. Remember two things: the mirror was originally stored in Canterlot before Cadance becomes the princess of Crystal Empire, and the events that leads to the discovery of the humanverse portal happens after the Sombra episode. John knowing such a thing exists in Celestia's closet will raise massive suspicions, and even more so as he doesn't really have an explanation on how he would know. It's just not politically worth it for him to pursue human companionship this way, not with an entire Empire's life potentially at stake. Plus, Luna not commenting on it most likely means she doesn't know of it yet, which means Celestia is still actively choosing not to tell her of Sunset Shimmer. This risks a fallout on relationships, which turmoil is something that Crystal Empire cannot bear yet as it is still relying on Equestrian aid.

Four, John is a guy that thinks with his head, not with his "other head". And to reiterate, actively pursuing something like a same-species romantic partner when the very country he's running isn't even far from done repairing yet is a fallacy of epic proportions, one that I bet he knows not to do. Plus, running a full-on interspecies country kind of requires you to realize that even if they look like Earth animals, they're just as sapient as humans are, and after a few months or a year of doing that, John would've eventually accepted that romance with a pony or whatever else is possible. Maybe not comfortable yet, but definitely in the stage where going out of his way to find/reach another human is just not worth the effort if it's solely for romance.

Five, I get the impression that John looks (or will be looking) of Luna like an older sister instead of a romantic partner. Considering Celestia's comments on John-Luna interactions, and the difference in culture of both our protagonist human and out-of-time princess, they probably won't be having romantic interests for mayhaps around a year.

Six, I get the feeling that John doesn't know much about the show beyond fanfiction stuff, much less about the movies and whatnot. Seems like he mostly knows about Equestria from the Equestria at War mod, which doesn't exactly deliver much into the whole EqG-verse. Coupled with his lack of mentioning anything regarding that, he might not even know such a thing exists, let alone imagining of such a device. Mayhaps he even thought of EqG as fanon, who knows.

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