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While on a mission on an Imperial world, the Lamenters were outnumbered by the Black Legion. The Black Legion was about to summon a warp storm to take the planet into the immiterium for there dark gods. But a space marine named Arael Toben interupted the ritual before it was completed.

However, the warp storm turned into a warp portal instead, and the chaos space marine legion and Arael got sucked into the portal before it could collapse. Now in a new world, Arael must defeat the chaos forces that came along with her and return the Imperium.

This is set in an alternate universe where Celestia is like the emperor. So thats why the pronouns are switched for space marines.

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Enaris #1 · Monday · · · Prolouge ·

Alright, you got my attention. This is a nice start to the story and i cant imagine where will you take it which makes me even more interested. :rainbowderp:
I cant wait for more.:yay:

I can't wait to see what happens next!!! encore encore!!! :yay::heart:

The Lamenter's chapter once walked into a bar...

Then 200 years later they found their way out of the warp only to be sent on a penitence crusade.

Its funny because they can't even go to a bar without something tragic happening to them

I'll read this later. You have good reviews so far. I'll give you my thoughts after I've spent a moment adding to my own fic.

A certainly intriguing start :coolphoto:

Now I am wandering which season this takes place now.

It would take place in between season 6 and 7

Can’t wait for discord
Oh I am just your friendly neighborhood god of chaos

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