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Please Read The Following Story First Before Sending A Dislike, Because I Know How The Dream Fanbase Works And I Don't Need More Toxic Dream Stans Destroying Me Lol

After lighting some fireworks and achieving his victory in ‘Minecraft Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters GRAND FINALE’, Dream was left craving for more. But what could they do? A consolation match to see if he was worthy of going against 5 Hunters? Jump right into the next series and invite someone else like Techno? Whatever their next move was, Dream knew there was so much more they could do. 

His answer would come in the most unexpected way when he and his friends got sucked into an unknown world. Believing it to be VR Minecraft, Dream and the Hunters started a round of Manhunt, eventually leading up to him killing his friends. But while everything seemed well with the Hunters respawning, this would set a chain of events that would lead Dream to become the most wanted creature in Equestria. 

Will Dream be able to fight off both the Hunters and Equestria long enough to get kill the Ender Dragon, and find a way to escape? Or will he be doomed to rot away in a prison for the rest of his life, if not worse? 

Cover not owned by me

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Thanks. It's been an idea I've been wanting to do, and with Dream posting the grand finale to the 4 Hunters Series I knew it was time.

With all the dream in MHA or however it’s fully called, I knew I would see Dream here in equestria eventually. Can’t wait for more.

Yeah I've been waiting for when Dream posted the 4 Hunters Grand Finale video.

I've read this too many times than i should, I LOVE IT!!

Hey this has gotten me excited your better make more chapters I can't wait to see what you do with this story keep it up

Kinda confused, did their Minecraft character get transported or their physical self?

Oh! I've yet to really explain that. Basically, their physical self is being transported, but they'll be changed into an interpretation of their avatars. Like what you can see in some animatics.

Ah, I understand now. Can't wait for more.

(Looks at the final half of the AN)

I think I see what you did there.

The Following Is A Fan-Based Parody. Minecraft Manhunt and the Dream SMP are owned by Dream himself, and MLP: FiM is owned by Hasbro. Please support the official release.

*ekhm* You protestant fuckbucket.

Thanks! This is an idea I had for a very long time. Too bad it seems some Dream stans are attacking me here. L!

The author note at the time of the chapter.

ah yes! a spin on what Dream says on the start of every youtube video.

I like this we need more minecraft content on here

yep. I only found a few Minecraft stories here and there, and only one related to the Dream SMP + Friends + Manhunt, excluding this one. It's called 'WE WIN THESE" I believe.

Imagine waking up to see a bunch of mad aliens continuously trying to murder each other, just how far will this go before dream conquers a nation or something?

HAHA! Yes! That's a very good point you made there! Now, Equestria isn't L'Manberg, and this is not Dream SMP, this is Dream Manhunt. But I think the Hunters would try to make Equestria join their side upon revealing the tale of how Dream blew up a nation three times in a row.

Everything changes when Dream comes to Equestria

Long ago, the world of Equestria was in harmony. Then everything changed when the Greater Dream SMP attacked.

Okay, this really looks like its going to be fun. I can't wait to read more! Screw the haters, this is an actually solid and funny story so far. And thats based on the first chapter. Who knows whats in store for the future but I CANT WAIT!

Yet again thank you for your support. I hope that this whole problem with the haters will eventually be sorted out by people who do like this story and appreciate it like you and the rest here.

And as for those who will be putting dislikes, please just considering dropping a like explaining why you disliked the story. It'd be helpful as I'd be able to tweak my story to make it better.

also there's another reference to the introduction, can you guess what it is?

oh? oh thank you! That makes me feel very happy! (even though currently the other story about Technoblade has more likes than mine, but I guess the toxic stans only apply to Dream's fanbase and not Techno's). Though I must admit their story idea is also pretty interesting, feel free to read theirs as well.

Thank you! You don't know how much your comment brings joy to me, as does the rest of you guys who support me!

Don't worry, I'll be here during the journey as support!!

Uhhhh no too focused on the dream reference.

Never watched DBZ or any of the abridged stuff.

I think this chapter is really good! Keep up the good work!👍

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