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Emerald, a changeling queen nymph finds herself abandoned in the middle of the Everfree forest. She learns her hypnosis powers and transforming powers before she transform herself into a foal. Applejack finds it and took care of it. As she discovers who she is in this world, along with Chrysalis, she realizes just what her name is, Emerald Iris.

Gore will probably be very rare, so this is just a story about a changeling who wants, —and will get— everything in her sight.

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Definitely needs some polishing, but an interesting premise... might want to get an editor.

Hmm.. Interesting so far

You know what funny? My first story was based of my favorite pony, Twilight Sparkle while a random Changeling Queen gets more view and likes.
Oh the Irony....

The grammar and word choice is a bit jarring sometimes, but definitely an interesting and unique premise. Excited to see this continue.

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I do agree, my grammar is becoming better but not perfect, also thank you!:twilightsmile::heart:

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I am planning for Celestia to shed a few tears and blood.

She grabbed him with her magic and twisted his neck.

Oh shoot

Applejack finds it and took care of it. And she names herself, Emerald Iris.

I'm a little surprised Applejack didn't just give Emerald Iris an apple-themed name.

5/10 Average story with interesting ideas but it needs serious polish.

my rating of 5/10 stands. This only just gets the tracking treatment.

its better than nothing :D Thanks for caring!

What made you decide to not make this story a dark fic?

I was quite new to FimFiction at that time so I guess that's the reason. I can change it though!

Applejack finds it and took care of it.

Why is Emerald referred to as an it in this one sentence, but is referred to as female everywhere else?

Poor grammar, but I'll fix it. After all, it's an early work of mine. Thanks for pointing that out!

I've decided that the reason there's errors is because Emerald knows words, but not the other things important in English/Equish/Ponish. This is definitely the reason.

It seems that Emerald now knows English/Equish/Ponish. From this chapter, (The Nest) onward. This is definitely the reason.

"I didn't know we had such incompetent generals, to not chase after them, and instead look for my help." she said coldly. "Assemble some changelings to chase over them, I'll be with you in a second." she said as she flew towards Canterlot.

"It's time to put our spoils of war to use."

Welp, I guess I have to say it now.

:trixieshiftleft:It look like there's some neighsayers in Emerald's hive.

I actually laughed at this! :rainbowlaugh:

What's the gore tag for?

I say the same, good ideas, but it urgently needs an editor, many transitions and dialogues seem a bit meaningless, also, the emotions that are to be conveyed feel empty

Though it's rare, I do usually add gore to the story, just like now.

Apple jack :ajbemused::ajsleepy::ajsmug::applejackconfused::applejackunsure:=> 🍌🍆🍽🇯🇵AssFlank
😂 😂 🤣 😂 😂 😂 😂 😅😂 😂 😂

"Wat du u men?" Big Mac mumbled.


Wa ar u takin lig dat?

A few minutes and spells later...

I hate this so much🤡🤡 why not write it properly?🤤🤢😷

A few close calls and years later...

💩😤and she avoided detection from :trollestia: that whole time, just like that?🤠🙀

The changelings in charge of keeping Luna were Ash Fang, Vemon Bite (Rainbow Dash), Peridot Wing (Rarity), Amethyst Hive (Flutter Shy) and Coral Fang (Pinkie Pie). Their determination drove them as they used her, not leaving a little bit behind. But as soon as the hour mark striked, some things happened...

Hey hey🤖 I renamed :scootangel: as worm chicken. Is is gut😜😛😋

"I was bored and they're temping me, like they wanted what was coming." Said Goozer. Goozer is a worker of the slave's department.

and Bobby is a worker of HR😍

A few days later...

Why are we still here🕵? Just… to suffer🤰? I still remember🙅🤦.,.. when we are still writing a proper battle scene🙈🙉🙊.

"Not all of that was from my beloved soldiers. Your so-called innocent ponies are wreaking havoc too, and killing off my children. But alas, they're losing. Badly."

They would go extinct👼🤷 long ago if they don’t kill👉🔫💣🔪 for survival🐶.
Survival of the fittest😎
Go read 👉science👈😤 or something 😎

That changeling, no, no changelings shouldn't have left the badlands at all. What went wrong?


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