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Double Diamond has always been forced to hide his true nature. Behind the affable mask he wears lies a stallion colder than ice and crueler than steel, only just in control of his darker impulses. That's what makes living among the changelings, who can sense all of his emotions - or lack thereof - such a delicious challenge.

Written in one hour for the Quills and Sofas 'Black Sunday' contest.

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This was a delectably disturbing short story. I've still got chills!

Nooo, Ocellus!

Omg Shas, this was amazing! Double Diamond was the perfect pony for this, turning him into an icy cold psychopath is just, oooh I have chills! This hit all the right notes for a good horror imo and even the shortness of it can’t detract from the final product. Amazing stuff, really

If he hurts ocellus I will kill him.

My grim dark mind want to see another chapter on how his plans play out. Either succeeding or failing since Ocellus isn’t like other Changelings.

Wonderful work. Just the right amount of disturbing without going overboard.

I love this story! There needs to be more story with the citizens of Starlight's village. I did a reading of this story on my YouTube channel, here's a link if you'd like to check it out.


Aahh what a great reading! I love the menace in your voice, and Kevin's voice was a great little appearance.

Poor littlebug! D:

Short, to the point, chilling, and downright disturbing. Fantastic stuff, I remember feeling outright angry at Diamond during the contest and it's no easy fate to garner unconditional hatred from a reader while keeping the piece compact. Well done!

Nuuuuuu!! Ocellus is like the Fluttershy of the young six! I can't bear to think of... Nope!

the symbolism is so good! the character just fits perfectly, he's pure white and always among clean white snow
(rip mittens)

Lmao rip mittens

Thank you for the comment, gave me a good laugh

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