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wait when did I turn 19?!


Yes, the Cover image is cringey but that's all I can do for now. any suggestions for a cover will be VERY appreciative.

this story is in the first person.

tags that aren't in Fimfiction include:
suicide, the word Anon, Depressing, isekai, Transported to another world,

You are anon, you have had one of the worst life ever to take place on earth. in fact, if you don't commit suicide now you will probably be tortured by the mafia for not repaying your debt.

but as you are falling to your death with the pavement filling your vision you are suddenly moved from a city at night to what seems to be a farmyard at day supposedly levitating mear centimetres of the dirt ground, you have somehow transported to the land of blindly colourful ponys!

And these friendly ponies want to teach you that having friends isn't the worst thing in the world.

Don't expect regular updates, depression stops me from doing work T~T

[Edit] WOW this was cring!
I was SUPPER depressed when writing this. still am but I'm dealing with it better.

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Damn, not even anime characters have it that bad.

“Well, its got one heck of a mouth whatever it is.” the cow...pony? Yeah, cowpony. The cowpony said with a smug grin on its face. “Hay, are you lost?” the pegicorn ask with what seems like genuine concern. “I’m I dead?” I ask myself more than them. “No, but if Apple Jack and I weren’t here you may have been.” she said in a grim tone. “How in the heck did you even get up in the sky?” the cowpony ask looking up as if she would see something to explain my unexpended arrival.

They know he’s swearing?

“I ah... Well...” Unsure whether you should tell the ponys that you were trying to kill yourself, hell they might be angels and this is a test to get into even or the afterlife of some kind. The orange cowpony looks at me waiting for my answer. I fell like I should be honest with her as if I lied she would know instantly. “I... Jumped off a building.” I said no louder than a mumble as I bring my knees up to my chest, bringing me into a sudo fetal pose. She flinched a bit seeming to know my intentions but then it seems like more questions filed her mind, the pegicorn had the same look on her face but seemed like she wanted to know more.

Aj, please tell me you didn’t.

the idea behind the swearing is that in the pony world swearing is a thing but is not used as much as we use it in our wold.
And I personally sware ALOT so I needed to make up some reasons to have anon to swear like a sailor... besides there depression.


Damn, not even anime characters have it that bad.

I'm guessing you haven't seen Redo of Healer or goblin slayer :p
(p.s don't watch Redo of Healer, its good but like R rated good, I can barely stomach it)

I have seen goblin slayer.

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