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This story is a sequel to Different Ways

(Art pending)

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle have long known that they will have different ends. They've faced their inner struggles, they've become better people, and they've completed their training as demon hunters. They made it through high school. It's now time to move on, for them and all of their friends, but unfortunately, the two cannot move on in the same direction.

As they enjoy their last few hours together, there's one last thing on their minds that they need to resolve.

This story takes place in the same universe as The Sun Never Sets, and though it doesn't necessarily require context of said story to understand, it's recommended to read it and the prequel stories, Different Flavors and Different Ways for the full effect of the moment. Without context, this is a just somewhat bittersweet scene between alternate versions of Sunset and Twilight.

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...fitting that Sunset would name her shop after something Twilight said. I really was hoping Twilight would come back with Sunset at the end of SNS but....maybe there's hope for redemption later down the line. Vergil eventually came back through...dubious plot elements, so....yeah.

Unless I never come back to this storyline (unlikely), it's definitely not off the table.

I think Sunset wants Twilight back just as much as the rest of us did, and that would be probably be the major thing to delve into if I come back to her. I have no idea where to take that right now, but thats the kind of stuff I thought about while writing up this last side story.

nice work.

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