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What is life but a story with an infinite possible endings. Care to see where yours goes?


It's said the Purple Dragon inn can do any request no matter how crazy or impossible. It's members are monsters and it's guild master a mysterious individual. But these are all just rumors....right?

After saving the world for the tenth time things finally calmed down for the triple S adventuring group known as Harmony. The party split to focus on personal goals but one member wished to avoid the fame they had gathered. What better way than taking up a guild as it's master, helping others grow famous so he could hide away. But as we all know the best laid plans never go perfect no matter what prep you have.

All characters are adults unless stated. Rule 63 discord (so they are Eris)
featured 3/6/21 let's go!

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Soooo, Spike saves the day and then ducks out ... :moustache:

at first i was hoping this was a spoof of the game red dragon inn and the whole thing would be them trying to drink eachother under the table

So I'm assuming this is slightly Fairy Tail inspired.

okay. Celestia and Luna act like assholes in this story. Spike saves the day and they ignore his existence almost like they hate him

For your summary, the gender bender rule is Rule 63, not 64.

Eh, pass on this story. Spike already seems like he's going God Mode Sue.

Actually it's not supposed to focus on Spike, It's on the people around him that he helps or trains.

Ponyfeathers! I was hoping for Angel to be Pooky.

Wait a minute... I know what this is based on. Can't remember the name, but its one of those light novel/manga about a powerful guild master and the adventures around him as he strives to fix things without being recognized as helping out.

Perhaps, though she doesn't have the magical prowess Zot does..... maybe Starlight or Sunset?
Oh! Flutters as Deidre!

Could you please post the recipe for bandit-style soup

Interesting.... Please continue.

spike could be my main, the expansion character 'wrench' the kobold techsmith
or spike the dragon mechanist in this case

Hold up, a few notes. Premise is good, not arguing that. It feels a little fast paced, maybe slow it down a bit. Establish the world a bit more, Celestia and Luna are coming off as abrasive to Spike. Maybe have it be a slip of the mind rather than just he’s said his piece let’s be done with it. Build up the characters a bit more. We know who they are, you know who they are. You don’t have to wait for them to call each other by their names in order write their names.

Alternate universe for starters and the problems and actions of characters get explained and fleshed out in future chapters.

isnt this a manga? Mods will be all over you like white on rice bud
yep. its a manga

inspiration yes but I'm not following the same exact story beats as it.

Dude. You literally followed the story beats so close I could find the manga from keywords alone. I'm not here to beat you down or anything, just warning you that right now, you're blatantly plagiarizing. Which is against site rules. Fact is, I think they idea has potential, but you HAVE to do something to really differentiate from the source material

First chapter to set the scenes. Let me get other chapters out so you can see what actually happens

I would like to submit an OC for the Inn. Repurposed from an OC I submitted for another story.

Name: Loki
Gender: Male
Race: Changeling
Physical description: His horn and most of body is a light crimson in color, his wings are a yellowish-green in color, and he has blue eyes. his hair/fin is a dull brown in color, with lines of white. Average height for a changeling.
Job: Infiltrator/Rogue/Assassin
Special stuff: Is incredibly talented at mimicking voices, even if he's only heard that voice once. Uses this to great effect on jobs.

Edit: Don't remember if this story had MLP skin colors or realistic skin colors. If it's realistic colors, he'd be a light brown.

not what I was expecting but not unwelcome

I would love to see my Tabaxi necromancer named Russel in this. He has the entertainer background and lived in a circus that uses the necromatic arts to bring joy to others.
As a note he does love to put on a show

Dash went with the 7 bonus attacks per round capability, and Pinkie went with Bison, cos you cant hold as much Blood for the Khorn Flakes in a Buffalo?:pinkiecrazy:

Not OC, but maybe an idea or suggestion for a Trader, Hauler Family? Characters like Lard, who deals with fats and oils from monsters etc, Fat, who handles the money, Haul who moves the heavy loads, and Tardy who handles the, delicate, loads, among others? :trixieshiftright:

They are human but have features related to race.

I'd like to submit an OC for the Inn

Name: Moon Hunter:
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Class: Melee ranger with some aspect of artificer
Weapons: hand and a half sword, Wrist mounted crossbow
Physical desciption: Silver Shoulder Length hair, Purple head band to keep hair out of his face, pale skin, Blue eyes, Tall for a Unicorn
Special: Has different Artificer gadgets that he can use
Other: Has a kind and brotherly personality

Symbole that represents him(if you want it): Sword and Bow over a full moon

I thought this story was a skiff on Legend of the Red Dragon Inn, a positively ancient online RPG. Like, released in 1989 ancient.

In Seth Robinson's honor (He made L.O.R.D.), I suggest the following NPC:
Dink Smallwood
Adventurer extraordinaire! Not so good with the reading bits, though.
Unicorn. Red coat, Orange Mane, maniacal grin. Fights mostly with a sword.
Only knows three spells. Fireball. Bigger Fireball. Burning Rain. (To put out the aforementioned fireballs.)
Hates boats, has an issue with getting horribly seasick.

Here's my OC submission

Name: Great Alchemist Terry
Gender: Male
Race: based on Diamond Dog
Physical description: Over 6ft tall human who has a slight slouch to himself. Massive amounts of hairy and chemical burns over his body due to experimenting on himself with his potions. Wears a dirty stained trench coat which has inner pockets for all of Terry's different potions.
Job: Alchemist
Special stuff: Speaks in the third person all the time and keeps a pet slime creature he named Gibby that he tosses out against enemies while in dire situations. Gibby tries to consume Terry all the time but due to all the chemicals in his body consumption can't happen thus Terry thinks Gibby is just very affectionate.

Nice! Glad to see another chapter! I look forward to what you’ll do in the future!

And as for your author’s note... Uhh... Gerald, the undead mage, who constantly gets dismembered on quests and has to constantly use his magic to fix himself?

Oc incoming

Name: Mizer "Tombstone" Red

Job: High Necromancer

Description: Unicorn male 6'7 height red fur scared body a fractured horn body has stitches along it in areas.

Unique characteristics: He is mute and he uses his ghouls he summons to speak for him they refer to him as The master.

Role: mercenary for hire will work for whomever pays the most however he will not harm children if asked to he will turn on the client.

Weakness: On holy grounds his influence over the dead is weakened making his ghouls less resistant to damage. Another as mentioned prior his soft spot for children he will put himself into harms way to protect them.

Backstory: He grew up in a small village where necromancy was a death sentence. When he discovered his abilities the chief ripped out his tongue and targeted him and his family for death. On that day a village burned, innocence died, and a father mourned his daughters death in silence....

I hope you like him I wrote this while on the job so it may be sloppy have a good one and I can't wait to read more.

I got a guy his name is
Mar the goblin monk a goofy little guy who was dropped on his head when he was younger leaving him to be a all around good guy who still loves his gold coins
Details: he is short green and loves his baggy pants wears wraps on his arms and has a big dent on his head

The driver frowned at the large woman. Raising a hand they held up two fingers. "Two things. I told you to cut back on the sweets, you'll ruin your teeth before you hit your thirties. Second, I told you not to call my Fizzy. Makes new people think we named the party after me." He listed with Shakes giggling the way a child barely listening would. "As for what we are doing is getting rid of those bandits as quickly as possible. We'll start by meeting the village chief outside the place's outskirts as the request stated." Fizzilton Worf started to explain. "After that we are hunting these criminals as fast and clean as we can. Remember folks, this request will bump us up into B-rank as a group." He finished, catching everyone's attention.

Shouldn't it be me here?

Got a character. Rhonaar Myxeth, The Draconian Bard. Has no eyes but instead sees with two magical horns that glow purple. This let him see any traps, illusions, or magic. This leaves him unable to read faces and is socially inept cause of this. He uses physical music that let's him change physical things. Like levitate stuff is easy, and changing the laws of physics will surely kill him from loss of mana. Can change into a larger four armed form for 2 minutes an hour and is very taxing for him. He hates sand because it gets stuck in his scales.

P.S. you can make his magic do anything as long as he sings it. No weaving spells but he can sing somthing like, "pull that arm from it's bearer." Or "a stone rises up to trip this enemy." Or even "fill this cup with fine ale" but the more complicated it is the more taxing it will be.

I know this is supposed to be mostly slice-of-life and focused on the members of the guild, but I just can't wait for the time when Spike's past catches up with him. It's bound to happen at some point.....right?

Terry is pleased with his introduction. He and gibby will do their best to become better acquainted with the guild and not blow anything up(no promises).

With how much he has done and contributed to Equestria, I do not think it is a question of "if" but "when".

The Main Six with likely find him one way or another. And when they do, I want to look at their faces as they see all Spike has accomplished.

Getting into the extended class... Nice. The story’s great thus far, keep it up!

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