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I'm a 24 year old autistic fat man struggling with depression and anxiety that loves Video games too much.

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I am now no longer the only person to have done a Displaced Link.

yes, especially pumpkin pie. Pinkie will probably drown him in pie trying to find his favorite

Oh, oof... You're working with a limited plot if you're going with the main mlp plot. I do hope you don't plan to copy it word per word, otherwise you're not offering anything new to readers who already know the plot.

Na man, things change after they get the elements, don't worry.

Hopefully you having all of the OOT equipment won't complicate your chars growth since he's starting out with so much.

you're right, I might lower the amount of stuff he has, for balancing reasons, but right now, he's only used the Bow and Fire arrows... so I may just remove stuff and let him keep the minimum required things to beat oot without glitches,
Edit: And Now he has the Minimum!

Not bad so far, you have a track on this story.

Not a bad start. First time reading a Displaced Zelda story so I look forward to reading more

Not bad boss fight.

Ooooo. A pony mask and some Twili magic. Nice

Michael waves the Hylian shield to disperse

Wasn't he supposed to have the Mirror Shield instead in this version?

Dang, can't believe I forgot to change that, thanks for the catch, it's fixed now

Pretty good. Glad he has a fairy companion. Now he is the hero of time

um, didn't he mention last chapter that Fluttershy and Twilight already knew about his diet?

SHIT, it's been a while since I rewrote that part, must have forgotten, i'll fix it, whoops

EDIT: Fixed the continuity error, hope it sounds right, been awake for about 20 hours and it's starting to effect me, good night/morning! it's 9:02 AM as I'm writing this...

EVERYONE STOP... ... ... ... has anyone noticed that the name of the story has an error in it? Equestira?

thanks for noticing, fixed it, when I redid the title I kinda rushed it,
almost everytime I type Equestria it either come out to Equestira or Equestrai or other random mispells, and that one doesn't have spellcheck on, so thanks again, I can't believe I never caught that...

Oooo. Very cool chapter, Love how Link gets to relax for once.

Not bad. Love how he has the rupee's. Hope he gets the other wallets.

He may or may not, Not really planning on doing anything in the dragon lands as of right now and Rupees are really only a snack for Spike and a thing to give Rarity

“Uh... Yeah, My favorite color is Cyan blue, so make at least one Cyan blue the rest are totally up to you, but no pink, thanks,”

Give him one in black and charcoal grey (Dark Link)

Whoa! He turned into his wolf form! Nice! Also yay new clothes!

Bro, I am going to favorite your story not only for the fine writing but also because you put a link on everything. (It also makes a great joke when I point it out.)

😢 Why? 😢
Rhetorical question, everyone's allowed to have an opinion, but a reason would help more than just saying you're disliking the fic bro.

The worst thing about displaced fics are the crossovers with other displaced fics. They bog everything down, introduce characters that the audience will only ever care about if they read the origin story, and usually turn into prick-waving at some point or another. Then there's the displaced fics that are written only to serve as crossover fodder and don't update otherwise. I'm not up or down-voting it yet either way.

valid point, just doing it for, hopefully, fun and it won't really impact the story other than maybe learning new moves or obtaining new items. I am not going to turn this fic into a Cross-over every chapter kind of thing, there are no current plans for any cross-overs right now anyway, I just wanted to get the token out of the way. Thanks for your input.

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