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Pinkie Pie is only clever when she wants to~!*<^3


Discord has an opportunity to finally tell his feelings to his only beloved, Fluttershy. But he is scared that she might not feel the same way for being 'different.' Little did he know that the little butterfly felt the same way as well but was scared what her friends would think.

Chapters (4)
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Keep up the good work and I mite mark yor work with a 10 or 200 mark .
And if yor interested I have some ideas for fanfics you mite like to rite

Ooh! That would be lovely :pinkiesmile:

10661243Hears some fanfic ideas you mite like to rite 1 broly and cheelai Hunnymoon in equestria 2 bevas and butthead do equestria 2.
3 farther of luna 4 rick and morty move to equestria

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