• Published 26th Jan 2021
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Married to a Goddess - mrmidnight

Shining armor wakes up with a woman in his bed who claims to be a goddess

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Look at the Bet and to buy a succubus

Do you have something against Rarity? Because this is actually the second time that you did her dirty.

The first time is obviously from the Amazon fic.

Honestly, I just needed a butt monkey and Rainbow Dash was taken. She just really gets the short end of the stick, cause writing her dialogue can be a real pain in the ass, so I figured screw it, She's going to be my butt monkey, and it was her or some random, and I figured that it was her or rainbow dash and honestly Rainbow Dash is just way too easy.

mrmidnight #7 · Sunday · · ·

Yeah a butt monkey, as in the character that always seems to get a short end of the stick, when that gets a kick in the nuts, that you just watch not have a good time, example, rainbow Dash in a lot of horror stories here, or Blueblood. I chose Rarity to be my butt monkey oh a good example Charlie Brown. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ButtMonkey


Oh, now I get it. Didn't know that it's another T.V./Storytelling Trope the first time.

I actually seen this MANY times in other stories in the past too. And it also includes Rainbow Dash, Blueblood, Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, sometimes Applejack, and Rarity too. And even either Celestia, Luna, or Twilight.

And there is another wording that I know of, to define all of this, and it's called "bashing". But that is basically making that certain character suffer, because you don't like/hate them endlessly. And give them a lot of karma, and punishment.

no, don't really hate her I just thought it would be funny, just figured screw it everyone has a butt monkey I need one, and I flipped a coin,


I still don't find it "funny". Especially in the end. Because unlike her traitorous amazon bitch version. She doesn't deserve all of that. :applejackunsure:

I'm not exactly a "huge fan" to Rarity. It's just the principle of all of it, and she was more "innocent" in here, and she still unjustly gets manipulated and dies in the end. :twilightangry2:

Just hope the sequel is better.

The thing was with Rarity's death, it was not meant as a harra or a funny moment, I used the butt monkey thing as a joke. But Rarity death was more used as a sign that, This Discord this God of Life, didn't value his position, he wanted to spread Chaos he wanted to cause harm and death which was his downfall. Especially with the gods. the actions were to show what was wrong and it effected the characters. Sometimes the characters are done dirty, sometimes It's just how the story goes.


I guess so. :applejackunsure:

I just didn't like sex/porn stories having such complicated drama/"plot" like this. And adding sad/tragic, even adding a bad guy/villain of all people in these kinds of stories. And caused pointless death on those that don't deserve it, is a major turnoff for me.

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