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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

While in the Dragon World, Discord has given the two Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta a chance to further test their abilities. While Vegeta had one path, Goku would be sent to Equestria to do battle against the strongest in their world, including Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle, with help from The Avengers and The Princesses. Equestria is about to behold a different type of power and a whole different kind of warrior.

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Okay, Goku's more of a jerk here. Akin to what he was in DBS.

Peter cant win

He couldn't even beat magneto and sabertooth in the previous stories without help

Okay this is really one sided, Goku is literally god level and Peter at most is Maybe Nappa's level of strength and I'm being very generous saying that too. It's just very outrageous you know... especially when it comes to shows like Dragon Ball, you literally have to find people on their level. Team Ups would be a different story, but that's not what this is.

Still entertaining and interesting and I look forward to seeing more. :)

Yeah, that’s still REALLY generous to Peter, Roshi during the 21st Budokai could destroy the Moon in one shot, both Goku and Piccolo at the Start of DBZ would make short work of that Roshi, then Raditz comes in and bodies both at the same time, then there is Nappa, who treats Raditz like an absolute joke

If you wanted to put Peter up against a Goku and give him a chance at victory, it would have to be Kid Goku when he first met Bulma or when he first begins his Training under Roshi, cause Goku even at the Start of Original DB and when he fights the Red Ribbon Army, he could already do similar feats to Peter, Goku as a Kid took down an entire Army lol

Noice chapter, also when cap said one punch,I thought it will be cool to see one punch in Equestria

Interesting take

I hope other jump worlds can appear

I really want Cloud to team up with Naruto

Imagine if Goku shows them ultra instinct or even better yet, imagine Discord were to bring in DBS Broly

So sephiroth lives on the moon now?

So he could easily wait until the heroes except twilight and thor die from old age

You've opened the jumpforce multiverse

Hey can you have the mlp cast meet fat buu that would be cool and cute well for pinkie at least

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