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When Twilight first comes to Ponyville, she was excited to interview Derpy regarding her husband. The mysterious scientist Dr.Whooves has invented time travel. However, it seems for the past five years; he was reverted to a newborn foal every year on New Year's Eve. It's a mystery that he's kept hidden regarding the details on why this occurs to him. Twilight intends to figure out the story and get every last detail. However, the truth is more revealing of how the universe works beyond a silly story of a great scientist turning into an adorable foal.

Cover artist: Pridark

Chapters (4)
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Not bad at all. I can't wait for the next chapter.

It just occurred to me. By any chance was this story inspired by that idea I told you ? About a regressed inventor being taken care of by his own babysitting android.

Sorry I don't remember that idea but its a rather intresting idea.

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