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Death smiles at us all; all a man can do is smile back.


Enigmatic Equus is the premiere magazine dedicated to all things strange, paranormal, and supernatural. Written by Bizarre Symbols, the magazine takes aim at all sorts of things mysterious. This is issue #2,021 and is a special one as it not only contains a whole 50 new mysteries ready to be looked into, but is free! So come along and take a deep dive into the world of the fortean, dear reader!

Meanwhile, outside the pages of the magazine, a magazine writer struggles with his work.

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Why isn't there an anthology tag?

I dunno. Shadow of Nightmare Road is a harmless name. Same for Helltown and Pissville, but I will admit that Icicle Massacre Avenue is definitely almost as intimidating as The Scene From Marathon Man Where The Protagonist Gets His Tooth Drilled Without Anesthesia While The Nazi Dentist Antagonist Repeatedly Asks "Is it safe?" Street.

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