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This story is a sequel to Book 1: Loose Ends

Prince Blueblood is taken by a mysterious entity that seems to enjoy watching him live like a commoner but the mystical figure insists that it would make him a better pony and he has a deadline: if he does not change his arrogant and selfish behavior in seven days ,he would fade from existence ….and become absorbed by a stupid black rock. Apart from becoming nothing in 7 days if he fails, Blueblood experience something he never experience before :love...…and sweat(apparently it is a by product of hard work) .
hi everyone
this is my first fanfic and I hope it is a story worthy to read and not a waste of time for you'll..I'm not the greatest writer and so don't expect me to write like Stephen king or Rick Riordan but I will try my best. Constructive criticism appreciated.

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Now this
I think I can get into this

Definitely needs an editor, all sorts of issues with punctuation, missing spaces after the end of a sentence, etc. But I'm willing to follow this

Very interesting,cant wait for more!😊

I like this, the story is very interesting, and have 1 good boy... bluey

A huge thanks to everyone who gave my story a chance....really appreciate it. Currently working on chapter 2

When is chapter 2 gonna come outπŸ™ƒ

Its highly possible that chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow.

If need a proofreader, I don't mind lending a hand.

Guys looks like chapter 2 is gonna be posted on Sunday..... Unexpected stuff came up

Story is good. You need an editor. Punctuation is all over the place and some things are not spelled correctly or capitalized where they should be.

Overall a great start to your first story.

Well this looks pretty interesting so far and I wonder what happened to Prince Blueblood and what is up with that black stone I guess we'll find out next time

Don't worry... You'll find out about that in chapter 2 !

Oh so apparently Prince Blueblood transport to the other side of Equestria what not just only that into a different Pony but then suddenly this unknown Pony told them that this is a trial for him to determine if he's worthy and apparently Luna knows what's going on sort of so that's why she's looking for Prince Blueblood and whatever it is apparently it's all up to him to somehow save the world this is very interesting so far

Well, this is interesting. I don't know what Twilight said or did, but apparently, this stone choose Blueblood. It also appears that Luna knows something about this rock and the guardian inside. I wonder how much. I noticed the guardian said nothing about Blueblood being turned back to a unicorn.

I do enjoy a good Blueblood reformation story :)

You have really good observation skillsπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Ž

Guys...... Next chapter is gonna be posted tomorrow...

Just so you know and to everyone else whose enjoying story... This story is only a small part of a larger story... Originally this story was supposed to be a side story but I thought it was better to start with blueblood

sorry guys......but chapter 3 is gonna be posted next week......schoolwork is crushing me......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

It's okay just take your time okay

Nice to see the story back again and no worries I'm sure you've been pretty busy anyway it looks like Prince Blueblood is still in the unknown Pony body still and somehow he was supposed to be the savior of Equestria and some point but apparently whoever this black rune is it's not making it any easier for him to figure it out and what that says he is still in jail at Appaloosa but it looks like the sheriff let him out but they were going to discuss a few things until Applejack came and it looks like blue blood is going to have some community service I wonder how this is going to work out guess we'll find out next time

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