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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Why am I here?

Beats me! I just write and post the stuff!

Huh, I THINK this is the first time you've done Zebradom, at least in a while. Good shit as ever. Thanks for the fun read, Leech.

Now to see if Emerald Sea gets involved somehow.

At least the zebradom was light and the unfortunate implications were noticed. A nice bit of MILFery with some easily dodged elements.

Is there a description of Glamour’s looks? Hair color, fur color, eyes?

Heck, I may've neglected that.
I'll go back and add it this weekend, but she's a snow white mare with a black mane and tail.

Kind appeared in a previous story, right? Hope we can see more of him.

Damn... Nice little stress release with a happy ending. Let's hope that was mostly pillow talk :duck:

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