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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Jack Mitchell a former United States Marines, Atlas Corporation now a Sentinel task force officer mysteriously finds himself in a mysterious land known as Equestria during his battle against Jonathan Irons. Now, Irons has planned a sinister scheme to conquer the land of its resources as well as to enslave the peaceful creatures along with his army.

Jack Mitchell must put down all of his might in order to protect the land and it's creatures from his nemesis along with some friends. Will he succeed?

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one! (This story will have Twirax shipping.) Also, I do not own My Little Pony or the Call of Duty franchise. Both belong to their respectful owners.

And the coverart I am using also belongs to it's original owner.

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I do like that you made a COD: Advanced Warfare Crossover. BUT, I have one issue!

I know that you need to find a way to transport Mitchell, along with that megalomaniac jerk Irons, and his Corrupt Altas Soldiers to Equestria.

But HOW THE HECK, can a frickin Grenade, plus a Shotgun Blast equals a Portal to Equestria?????!!!!!! That is so illogical if Shockwave saw this action himself. And even if it is Magic. It sounds ridiculous, sorry.


Unless, Discord is somehow involved. Then, I will believe that.

It's just magic bro and uh logic

Sweet Chapter.



Grenade Explosion + Shotgun Blast = Portal to Pony Land ( Equestria/Equis)?????!!!!!

:-\ :-[

Shockwave's response:


Hehehe, sorry about that, that's the best I could come up with. I took that inspiration from another fanfiction story.


A Experimental High Tech. Teleporter from a Secret Atlas Project would make more sense. :applejackunsure:

But, there is a issue by just one simple question? On WHY would Altas or even Irons need a Teleporter to another Dimension/World in the first place?

BUT, then again, they made Zombies in Exo Suits in a Alternate Universe. So a Secret Teleportation Device for probably using the New World/Planet for Resources, and a Secret Base as a "Escape Plan".

In case Irons/Atlas lost the War with the U.S. and Everyone, and the Toxic Manticore Missile Strike Failed. Which it did!!!!! ;-)

So, running away like cowards into a different World to escape Justice and the Total Wrath of the U.S., The Sentinel Group, U.N., and everyone else sounds like a 'reasonable' Escape Plan?


But, there is a issue by just one simple question? On WHY would Altas or even Irons need a Teleporter to another Dimension/World in the first place?

Oh you'll see very soon. I've got a plan in mind for this story.

Thank you so much my friend.

You're welcome.


A Experimental High Tech. Teleporter from a Secret Atlas Project would make more sense. :applejackunsure:

To be honest, I think that that would be very preposterous to some readers. There are no teleporters in Call of Duty.


I think you are a 'little' mistaken and have Inadequate information. Because they actually do have "Teleportation" Devices for a long time. I apologize if I come off as rude. Let me explain:

Well for One. Isn't the Atlas Corporation the Number One High Tech. Private Miltary Force in the World in the COD: Advanced Warfare Stoyline!!!! IF they can make very High Tech. Weaponry/Guns/Vehicles, Armor like the Exo Suits, Prosthetic Arms and Legs, and Giant Mech. Suits ( A.S.T. Mechs).

And even made a Deadly Bio-Weapon Virus ( Manticore) that can kill everyone through their Targeted DNA. BUT, Atlas's CEO (Irons) and his Soldiers/Employees are "Spared/Exceptions" of it. Because the Manticore Virus DOESN'T target Atlas's ( and even Former Soldiers like Mitchell, Ilona, and Gideon) DNA. So they are 'Immune' to the Virus.

And Atlas has a LOT of Missiles/ICBM's filled with the Manticore to destroy Hundreds of Cities full of Innocents. So, they got tons of money/funding, research, and the high tech. manufacturing materials to build Missile/Rockets of all things! To make the Villainous Plan for World Domination in the Finale!

And they also made nasty Manticore Human Experiments from the Prison Level ( That was once a 'Medical Facility' before the War). :pinkiesick:

Not to mention the fact that the Manticore Virus itself caused a Zombie Infection/Outbreak, and made some 'Special' Zombies with Exo Suits in a Alternate Universe in the Exo Zombies Timeline. And even made a Mutated Super Zombie 'Boss' out of Oz the 'Janitor', and a Ex-Sentinel ( John Malkovich.).

So basically, with the right Money/Funds, and Research. A Dimensional/Teleportation Portal can be a "Piece Of Cake" for Irons and Atlas. Just for a "Escape Plan" in case they lose the war. And have to avoid the wrath of the U.S. Government, U.N., and Everybody on Earth?

Also, remember the COD: Black Ops Zombies from World at War, and Black Ops 1-4 ( Treyarch/Dark Aether Mutiverse Timeline) ?

It is Long and complicated. But, basically a Secret Nazi Germany Scientific Group called: Group 935 ( Which also have the Original German Empire back in WW1, Japan, and even Russia are all involved. Due to knowing this reading the Wiki). Found the Element 115 in the 'Dark Aether' Dimension. And THEN:

A Giant Zombie Outbreak happens. And doing that chaos. The Four Main Characters: Edward Richtofen (Nolan North), "Tank" Dempsey (Steve Blum), Takeo Masaki (Tom Kane) and Nikolai Belinski (Fred Tatasciore), fight the Zombies and use Teleportation Devices to go to different places. And even to the Moon with a Secret Moon Base of all things.

Then, Samantha Maxis somehow Mind Control the Zombie Army. Then Earth got frickin destroyed by a screwed up reason. Then Time Travel gets involved. Now, we have Two Versions: The Primis crew ( Modern, and experience Versions.) and the Ultimis crew (Original and the 'Past' Incarnation of Primis). And in the End. The Entire Dark Aether Mutiverse/Timeline got 'banished/destroyed'. Which kinda sucks.

Then, the New Timeline/Universe in the Black Ops: Cold War was made. Then, another Nazi Germany Scientist Group ( and later a Russian/Soviet Union Research Team called Omega Group, show up.) in a Server Bunker dubbed 'Projekt Endstation' in Morasko, Poland. And both found a rift that acts as a gateway to the Dark Aether dimension, responsible for other dimensional breaches happening across the world. And then cause experiments with Reanimated Zombies again. And we now have another Zombie situation:


At least the Rift is closed, every Zombie is dead, and the Research Bunker is destroyed. So the 1980's Earth is Saved, for now I think?!


What I'm trying to say is. IF a WW1/WW2 Era Secret International Experimental Research group for Nazi Germany ( Along with the German Empire in a different timeline: Dimension 63, and Japan/Russia being involved). Found Element 115, and made insane experiments with it.

And then a Zombie Apocalypse happens. With having Teleportation Devices to various places, and a Moon Base. Time Traveling Shenanigans, with Past and Future Versions of the Four Main Characters. A teenage German Girl 'Mind Controlling' the Zombie Army? And even have Mysterious and Ancient Apothicon Race or the 'Dark Gods' be involved in the 'Dark Aether' Dimension. And a entire Mutiverse got Corrupted by the Dark Aether, and the ridiculous time travel stuff as the result??!!

I think a High Tech. Private Militia Company in the Number One Spot. Can make a simple prototype of a Dimensional Teleportation Device as a "Back Up Plan to Escape". Of course. I hope they didn't screw up to go to the Dark Aether Dimension, and make another terrible Zombie Apocalypse. But, with having the Treyarch/Black Ops Zombies, and the Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies mix together.
:twilightoops: :twilightoops: :twilightoops:

Comment posted by Godzilla66655 deleted January 18th

Sweet chapter.

You need some proper grammar working and double checking to do. Also the story is kinda cringe.

Welp, he just got blown off into Equestria? Uh... How does that work?

Aside from that, nice start!

The guard was killed instantly when the bullet collided in his face. He then fell on the ground and began to bleed from his head.

That's a declaration of war, harming them first, welp, ur to blame

Oh apologies, I sometimes get too excited when writing action and fight scenes.


Thank you, thank you so much. And what were your favourite parts of the story? If you don't mind me asking?

Nice. I'm glad Mitchel met Thorax.

Uh oh, wonder what happens if the bad humans find their way here.

Indeed, thank you for reading! Speaking of which have you played any call of duty games before?

I have played Call of Duty WW2, and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Probably something detrimental would occur. And again, thank you for reading!

Good. Thorax Question Mitchel.

Good story so far I give it a 7 out of 8 .
Ps let's ther be a happy ending

Yeah I know, a very nice questioning indeed. Again, thank you for reading!

Thank you so much.

And we'll have to see.

I'm guess Thorax treat Mitchel with kindness.


You mean Irons, and the Corrupt Atlas Corporation? Not just called "Bad" Humans.

In a cave on the other side of the Everfree forest, Jonathan Irons was seen sitting at the very back of the cave with two-hundred and fifty Atlas soldier personnels trying to figure out where they were right now. And three were in A.S.T suits. Irons has also sent four soldiers into the forest to look for any signs of civilization.

So the Grenade + Shotgun Blast "Portal" somehow teleported Irons, Over 250 Atlas Soldiers, and 3 A.S.T Mech. Suits??!! And the ONLY Good Guy from COD: AW to Equestria is Mitchell??!!

HOW is this possible???!!! And it sounds so Unfair for Both the Ponies, Non-Pony Creatures, and Mitchell??!! :facehoof:

Indeed, he is his friend now. Also, what is your favourite part of this chapter?


HOW is this possible???!!! And it sounds so Unfair for Both the Ponies, Non-Pony Creatures, and Mitchell??!! :facehoof:

Well, Irons needed to be prepared in order to face Mitchell and Gideon again so, he gathered 250 men in order to prevent them from escaping once again.

My favorite parts is Thorax and Twilight held each other in a dancing position.


Your are right about that!!! To the Four-Man Team Atlas Soldiers:


And Timothy, I hope you can read this as well. And no hard feelings. But, I was upset on what happened.

Firstly, the Atlas Soldiers are in another World/Country ( Equis/Equestria), and are NOT on Planet Earth. So, the Ponies have NO Association with the U.S., or the U.N.. So, the Ponies aren't Enemies to the Irons and his Atlas Corporation in anyway. So, the Ponies "could help" Irons and his Atlas "Employees" to go back to Earth. But, that is now FRICKIN ruined by a Trigger Happy IDIOT named 'Johnny'!

And the 'Lieutenant' wasn't any better. Instead of just running back to Irons, or a 'Tactical Retreat to Command'. He just ordered to Attack/Massacre a Peaceful Town full of INNOCENT Ponies, that DIDN'T do CRAP against the Atlas Corporation in anyway! And will just ruined their CEO's ( Irons ) chance to make "Peace/Befriend" the Ponies. That the Ponies, and other MLP Creatures MIGHT help Irons and his Soldiers to find a portal back to earth. But, NNNNOOOOOO!!! They just act typical/cliche "Evil Soldiers/Nazi German Soldiers/Terrorist Knock Offs" against Poor Equestria! :facehoof:

Why didn't "Johnny". INSTEAD of petty Insulting, and down right Unjustly killing the Pony Guard for No Dang Reason??!! Why didn't he or the Lieutenant himself could have just:

A. Knock Out/K.O. the Guard with your Exo Armor Strength. B. Use the Invisible/Cloak Ability from the Suits to hid, and escape back to Irons. C. Use a Smoke or the Flash/Tactical Grenade to disoriented the Pony Guard and then get the heck out of their.

Or D. Use Democratic Tactics to "Convinced" the Guard, that they are just "Representatives" to a 'New' Private Military Organization that "Just suddenly pop up". And then do the "Take Me to your Leader" thing. Thus, having Irons meet Twilight, Throax, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and the other Leaders. And Irons will use his "Mister Nice Guy" Persona to them. ( Just like he did to the U.S., U.N., and the World BEFORE he revealed his True Colors). And tell them a "Tragic" Story, that he, and his Soldiers "accidentally" got teleported to their world. And needs their help to go back to Planet Earth. The Ponies, and the other Leader will gladly help the "Poor" C.E.O and his "Employees".

Then they use the Mirror Portal or something. And find a way back Earth. Then Irons thanks them. And he and his Soldiers will actually leave Equestria, and go back to Earth. Then Irons will finally rule Earth with a Ironfist. And IF the Ponies, and other MLP Characters somehow founds this out. They will be guilt ridden that they unintentionally Doom an entire Planet full of Innocent Humans/People. By helping the Corrupt and Very Evil Private Military Organization like Atlas. And Irons will have a Smirk on his face that he have won.

BUT, that is now ruined by a unprovoked attack against Ponyville and Pony Kind. And the Four-Man Altas "Stealth" Team are just Insane and Killer Versions of the Three Stooges ( With a added member as the unofficial "Fourth" Stooge) that kills it innocent creatures just for the heck with it. And they just have declared a Very Unnecessary War against Equestria. And Irons and his Atlas Soldiers are now "Enemies" to Pony Kind, and other Creatures . And I HIGHLY Doubt Jonathan Irons himself will like to have a unnecessary war that he DIDN'T want in the first place. Or want the Ponies and their Allies to be his New Enemies, that he DIDN'T want to fight in the first place.

Irons is after the U.S. Government, U.N, and basically Humanity itself. but, NOT these "Colourful Ponies, and other Mythology Creatures" that have No Beef with the Atlas Corporation in anyway, until the attempted massacre against Ponyville happened. And it is all over a simple, and very stupidest, over typical "First Contact Gone Horribly Wrong"!!!

Due to Atlas's Incompetent, Undisciplined, Naive over Peaceful/Democratic or Deceptive Options. No Personality or Morality, Stupid and Idiotic, No mercy over Neutral, Third Party Countries like Equestria. And Robotic-Like, Henchmens/Goons, and Terrorist/Nazi Knock Offs. Trigger Happy Soldier Dumbasses!!!!!!

Jonathan Irons: :flutterrage: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

Hehe, quite a description and yes, Johnny was a moron back then when he shot the guard, and that resulted in alerting the whole town and having the four soldiers to kill the ponies.

Also, Irons has been seen taking a keen interest of the land because of it's natural resources from what he had heard from one of his soldiers.

Yep, that was the romantic part. And thank you for reading.

You're welcome.

Yeah indeed, a very cute scene. And thank you for reading!

Comment posted by The_Friendly_Devil deleted January 23rd

Oh sorry if it was presumptuous to you my friend.

And it's good to see you reading my stories again my friend! Thank you so much!

Aw SHIT! Here we go again

Uh oh, I hope Thorax and Mitchel get to Twilight.

No it's just that no just walks In on that they completely oblivious I'm surprised the door wasn't even locked

Oh yeah, Thorax forgot to lock the door before the romantic session with his Twilight Sparkle.

Again, thank you for reading! And it's good to see you back in my comments section my friend!

Indeed, havoc will ensue.

Welp, he got some explanings to do.

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