• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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Saving Ponyville

"Ahhh! Everypony run!" Screamed a mare.

"A scary monster is killing us!" Screamed a stallion.

In Ponyville, the peaceful and friendly ponies of the cheerful town are facing genocide from an unknown metal creature. The metal creature was slaughtering all of them with a circular metal weapon that shoots out pointy metal projectiles that killed and maimed many of them. It also shot out some explosive projectiles that almost matched the speed of a wonderbolt flyer.

The metal beast is known as an Armoured Support Transport mech that was invented by the Atlas corporation. And inside the technology was an Atlas soldier known as Joseph.

"Muwahahaha!" Joseph laughed "You creatures are more frail than any enemies I have ever encountered!" He insulted.

"Guards! Detain it!"

Then, five unicorn guards ran up to the metal beast and pointed their spears at it while showing no signs of agitation towards it.

"Give up! Your outnumbered!"

When Joseph heard the threat, he shook his head in a disillusioned manner because of the guards temerarious statement and attempts.

"What is all this?" Joseph asked with an incredulous expression "You guys are terrible warriors." He insulted them.

When the guards heard the insult, they gritted their teeth in anger and prepared to attack. They aimed their spears forward and poked at the beast but, their wooden spears did not even inflict any damages to it.

"What in Equestria?" The guard asked with a traumatized expression.

"Your garbadge weapons are futile against my technology." Joseph told them in a hazardous tone "Now allow me to show ypu what my weapon can do!" He exclaimed as he held his mech's GAU-3/A machine gun up. Then, he fired at the five golden armoured unicorns.


The guards weren't even able to run away or react in time when projectiles from the metallic beast's weapon blew their heads up. After that, their headless bodies fell on the ground and they bled from their necks.

"Hahaha! No one can stop me now!"

At the other side of Ponyville, Twilight was seen hiding in an alleyway behind a house while looking at the metallic monster who has slaughtered and killed some of her subjects as well as stealing many of their resources. And the sight has horrified her completely.

"Oh my Celestia, that metallic beast is harming my subjects as well as stealing our resources." Twilight said to herself in shock "Me and Rarity have got to put an end to this chaos." She told herself. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy werent with her because, they have already taken refuge in someplace when the metallic beast arrived. But, Rarity was the only one still available.

"Rarity I ne-"

Twilight wasn't able to finish her sentence when she noticed that Rarity wasn't next to her anymore.

"Huh? Where did Rarity go?" Twilight asked with a bewildered expression.

Twilight then looked around the town in search for her friend. And when she looked to her left, she saw Rarity kneeling down and crying over at the sight of her devastated boutique shop and house.

"My shop! my house! It's ruined!" Rarity exclaimed. Then, she began to cry.

Twilight rolled her eyes in aggravation when she saw Rarity crying over the sight of her devastated shop as well as acting like a drama queen like she always does. Doesn't she know that her life is more valuable than precious and costly things? But, she does feel bad for her at the same time because, her shop is her home.

"Alright you monster, I'll make you pay for devastating our town as well as harming my subjects." Twilight said in a confident tone. After that, she walked out of her hiding place and ran towards the metallic beast.

At the top hill of Ponyville, King Thorax and Jack Mitchell have both arrived at the entrance of the town. When they did, they saw many things that scandalized them completely.

The town was in ruins as well as in flames.

"Oh my Celestia, the ponies!"

Mitchell scrutinized the town for a bit and saw that it was even more devastated than the last time he had a conflict with the four Atlas soldiers, he also saw some dead ponies lying in town as well. But, when he looked to his left, he noticed an Atlas soldier in an A.S.T suit battling the purple unicorn with wings he saw back in the Changeling Kingdom. And the purple pony seemed to have a disadvantage against the soldier.

"Oh no, Twilight!" Thorax yelled in horror as he took notice of the scene.

He then tried to run over and save her but, he was stopped when Mitchell grabbed him from his back stopping him in his tracks.

"Thorax wait, you can't just rush over there." Mitchell told him.

"Why?" Thorax asked "Twilight is in danger and I need to save her!" He exclaimed in a desperate tone.

"I know but, you're currently facing against one of my enemies." Mitchell informed him "And if you charge over there, you will be killed instantly." He said in a straight thinking tone.

Thorax took a sentence to think about Mitchell's words. After a brief moment, he has decided to listen to him.

"Okay, but what else do you have in mind that could help?" Thorax asked.

"With this." Mitchell said as he grabbed a tactical grenade out. He also cycled it into flash mode. And the sight has made Thorax bewildered.

Back in town, Twilight Sparkle was battling relentlessly against the metallic beast that was annihilating her town as well as killing many of her subjects. She has blasted many magical beams at the metallic beast but, it didn't seem to inflict any damages to it.

Joseph on the other hand was having an advantage against the purple unicorn with wings all thanks to his A.S.T suit which can withstand tons of bullets and some missiles. But, he was also getting a bit irked because, everytime he has fired bullets at the purple horse, it kept dodging by flying and teleporting.

"Grr, this purple freak is getting on my nerves." Joseph growled in an aggravated and enraged tone.

"How can a creature like him withstand my magic?" Twilight asked while taking some breaths. She has used too much of her strengths.

"This time you will die purple freak!"

"Bring it."

Joseph then aimed his chain gun forward and directly at the purple horse, while Twilight charged her horn.

But, before the human and alicorn could even make their moves, a yell was heard.

"Watch out Twilight!"

Twilight wasn't able to look to the source of the noise when somepony tackled her which made her grunt in return.

Then, a metal canister rolled in front of Joseph. After a brief second, a bright flash illuminated. That resulted in Joseph letting out a grunt and shielding his eyes.

Twilight and the figure tumbled forward a bit then came to a stop with her on the bottom. She looked up and saw Thorax on top of her.

"Thorax?" Twilight said with a nonplussed expression "How'd you get here?" She asked.

"Ah well, saw a black smoke streaming out of Ponyville and figured you were in trouble." Thorax replied as he got off of Twilight.

"Yeah, and who's that?" Twilight asked taking notice of Mitchell.

"A friend." Thorax replied simply, and that got Twilight surprised. She tried to ask him about this friend of his but, Throax immediately cut her off "No time to explain, I gotta get you to a safe shelter." He said as he helped her up. After that, Thorax began to bring Twilight to sugarcube corner for shelter.


"Yes me." Mitchell said in an composed tone. Then, Joseph decided to change the subject because, he didn't even cared about battling Mitchell.

"Get out of the way Mitchell!" Joseph demanded sternly "I have some resources to steal and ponies to kill." He told him.

"Well then, I can't let you have it your and Irons way." Mitchell told him. And that caught Joseph by surprise. How did Mitchell know that Irons was here? But, he did desire a battle.

"Well then, I was getting bored!" Joseph exclaimed.

Then, Joseph aimed his gun forward and attempted to shoot Mitchell. When Mitchell noticed this he ran past the soldier. And that resulted in Joseph having to lower his gun and turn around.

"Die!" Joseph yelled as he fired bullets at Mitchell.

Mitchell was able to duck into cover in time behind a house. And the bullets collided with the wall of the house.

"I can't just fire bullets at him." Mitchell said in a logical tone "The bullets won't even faze or stun the mech." He finished.

Mitchell began to ponder about this hypothetical situation for a bit. Right now, he needed some weapons of destruction in order to bring the A.S.T mech down. Then, he remembered that be had his grenades.

"Wait, my grenades." Mitchell said.

He then placed his assault rifle on the ground next to him and pulled out a lethal grenade. He then cycled it to smart mode.

"Hope this works." Mitchell said. After that, he pulled the pin of the grenade and threw it up in the air marking the target in the process.

The grenade floated up in the air with its thruster and flew towards it's target which was the A.S.T mech.

Joseph wasn't even able to spot the grenade because he was too focused on shooting at Mitchell who was hiding behind the house evading his bullets. Then, the grenade collided into his mech and exploded.


"Augh!" Joseph grunted as he was pushed back by the grenade. It made him fall down on his back as well.

After that, Mitchell got out of his hiding place and looked at the Atlas soldier with a satisfied expression on his face. A brief moment later, Joseph placed his mech's hand on the ground and pushed himself back out. After that, he looked back in front of him and saw Mitchell standing there. Then, he shot him an angry glare.

"Why you! You're going to pay for that!" Joseph yelled.

After that, he aimed his mech's left rocket blaster directly towards him.

When Mitchell noticed this, he aimed his assault rifle and focused on one of the missiles.

"This is for devastating the town, killing the ponies and attempting to kill millions of innocent people on Earth." Mitchell said. After that, he pulled the trigger on his assault rifle.


The bullet flew out of the muzzle and flew at an incredible speed towards one of the missiles in the A.S.T suit. When the bullet made contact with one of the missile's, a huge explosion erupted.


The huge explosion made Mitchell shielding his eyes with his assault rifle, debris flew everywhere too and thankfully, none of them hit him. Twenty seconds later, everything returned back to normal.

Mitchell looked in front of him and saw an obliterated A.S.T mech with it's parts scattered everywhere. The explosion also caused some small fires to scorch the grass as well.

"Well that was easy." Mitchell joked in an amusing tone. After that, he walked up to the A.S.T mech to investigate it as well as to see if there are any helpful evidence for him to find Irons.

Once he got to it, he began to scrutinize it. But, all he found were parts and electrical circuits of the mech, the ponies stolen resources, bullets and a helmet from the Atlas operative.

"Great." Mitchell said in a disappointed tone "Guess I'll have to find Irons the hard way then." He told himself.

"Okay, time to get to Thorax." Mitchell said "He must be worried about m-"

Mitchell wasn't able to finish his sentence when he saw a shadow in front of him.

"Huh?" Mitchell said as he turned around. But, he was immediately met with a magic blast to the chest.

"Oooof!" Mitchell grunted as he was sent flying against a wall of a house. The impact was so strong that he got knocked out from the fall.

Princess Celestia one of Equestria's rulers has just arrived at Ponyville after hearing something about an attack happening there. Once she has arrived, she noticed a strange bipedal creature standing in the centre of town who she assume was the enemy.

"Time to make the creature pay for it's crime against my subjects."

Then, Celestia started to walk towards the bipedal creature. But, she wasn't even able to get close to it when Thorax came in and blocked her in her paths. Her student Twilight was next to him as well.

"Princess Celestia wait!" Thorax said.

"What are you doing Thorax?" Celestia asked "Step aside, I need to teach this creature a lesson on what happens if any creatures harm my subjects." She said bitterly.

"No you can't! He's not the enemy here."

"What do you mean?"

"Because he has saved the ponies here." Thorax replied, and that surprised Celestia.

"He what?"

"He saved the ponies." Thorax replied again "There was a metallic beast attacking Equestria and killing many ponies as well as stealing your resources. And this creature who is my friend barged in and put an end to it's vile ambitions while I rescued Twilight. At the end, you blasted him." He delineated the entire story.

Princess Celestia was extremely nonplussed, perplexed and shocked after she had heard the entire story Thorax stated to her. The creature she shot rescued Ponyville? He is Thorax's friend? And what kind of creature is it? But, it still cannot roam this town.

"Even if that is true, I can't let it roam around town." Celestia told him "I need to interrogate it in Canterlot." She finished.

Thorax wanted to objected about this but, he couldn't argue because, Celestia is the ruler here. And he didn't want to upset his Twily by refusing and objecting against Celestia's order.

"Okay Princess Celestia."

"Wonderful, now I need you to drag the creature to Canterlot."

"Got it." He said in a depressed tone.

After that, Thorax turned around and started to walk towards Mitchell. Once he got to him, he activated his horn and grabbed onto Mitchell's right foot.

"Sorry Mitchell." Thorax said.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!