• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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Second attack


King Thorax and Princess Twilight Sparkle were seen sleeping on Thorax's bed in his bedroom while snoring calmly after their private moment together after their romantic dance.

A brief second later, Thorax was the first to wake up. He moaned softly and slowly opened his eyes. At first, his visions were blurry, but when his eyes worked again, he saw his special somepony Twilight Sparkle still asleep in front of him. Then, a warm smile appeared on his muzzle.

"She's so adorable when she is sleeps." Thorax said quietly.

A brief moment later, Twilight began to wake up. She let out an adorable yawn and stretched her hooves and wings. After that, she slowly opened her eyes. And when she did, she saw her handsome King Thorax in front of her.

"Morning beautiful."

Twilight giggled and said "Morning handsome."

"Wow, that was quite the time we had in the last two hours." Thorax commented.

"Indeed." Twilight agreed with a nod "And you do know how to satisfy a mare." She said as she rubbed Thorax's chest with her left hoof.

"Thank you Twinkle's."

"You're very welcome Thory." Twilight said in a cute tone. After that, she has decided that it was the time for her to go home "Well anyways, I have to go home now." She told him with a depressed expression.

"Oh okay, I'll walk you to the front doors." Thorax told her in a loyal tone, and that made Twilight giggle.

"Thanks Thory."

After that, Thorax and Twilight both sat up straight and got off the bed. Then, Thorax walked up to his bedroom door and gripped onto the handle with his magic. After that, he pulled the door open and Twilight walked out with Thorax behind her. Finally, Thorax closed the door and started to walk Twilight to the front doors of the Changeling Hive.

After walking through hallways, going downstairs as well as waving at many Changeling drones for ten minutes, Thorax has officially finished guiding Twilight to the front doors of the Changeling Hive. He activated his horn and pulled the two doors open. After that, Twilight stepped out.

"See ya tomorrow Twily."

"See ya tomorrow Thory."

But before Twilight left, she shared another tender kiss with Thorax. They held each other for a moment then released. After that, Twilight turned around and started to walk back home.

When Thorax saw that Twilight was leaving, he closed the doors and sat down on the floor letting out a sigh in the process.

"Twilight is amazing." Thorax said with his cheeks flushing slightly.

Thorax was about to stand up but then, the sound of somepony clearing his throat stopped him. Thorax looked up and saw Mitchell standing up in front of him.

"Oh hey there Mitchell." Thorax greeted with a wave of his hoof "How did you get here?" He asked.

"Oh well I just walked out of my room and followed you." Mitchell replied simply.

"Really?" Thorax asked, and Mitchell replied with a nod "Well that's interesting, and it's a good thing that Twilight didn't see you." He said as he stood up from the floor.

"Indeed." Mitchell agreed with a nod. Then, he decided to change the subject "Anyways Thorax, I have something to tell you privately." He told him.

"Really? Then let's take this in the meeting room." Thorax told him.

"Lead the way then your highness."

Thorax nodded and walked past Mitchell. After that, he began to lead him to the meeting room on the fourth floor.

Everfree forest

Back in the Everfree forest, Twilight Sparkle was seen returning to Ponyville after a romantic time with her special somepony Thorax. Although unfortunately she couldn't specify more about the incident that happened in Ponyville hours ago but, at least she did get cheered up a little from Thorax. He sure is a kind, brave, generous, wise and strong stallion.

"Thorax is such a sweetheart." Twilight said with a dreamy expression.

But suddenly, her daydreaming session was put to an end when Twilight bumped into a tree. And that resulted in her falling on the ground on her back.

"Ugh, just when I was having a nice daydream." Twilight said with an irked expression.

She then placed her hooves on the ground and pushed herself back up. After that, she patted some leaves and dirt off of her hooves.

"Okay, back to Ponyville." She told herself "And I guess I can't keep daydreaming otherwise I will get injured." She finished. After that, she ran into the Everfree forest on the track that leads back to Ponyville.

But unknown to her, there was a creature watching her from not too far.

Behind a tree was an Atlas soldier in an Armoured Support Transport mech suit spying on the purple unicorn with wings who was headed straight back to the town which was heading back to this so called town called Ponyville from what he had heard.

The soldier was sent by Jonathan Irons. And he was given specific orders to snatch some resources and food from the town that Gregory, Johnny, David and Benny encountered and fought in.

"Jackpot, now I just need to follow that purple unicorn thing and I will make it to town and fulfill my obligation." The Atlas soldier said to himself in a menacing tone. "All I need to do is to follow that purple thing." He told himself.

After that, he walked out of his hiding place and started to follow the track that the purple unicorn with wings is taking to Ponyville. During that, an apprehensive smile was forming in his mouth. That is an expression that he was ready for his mission.

"Horses of Ponyville, prepare to be maltreated by the one and only Atlas operative Joseph." Joseph said in a detrimental tone.

Back in the Changeling Hive, King Thorax and Jack Mitchell were seen talking about some topics that were based on Mitchell's mission before he was mysteriously sent to this land.

Mitchell had delineated about his nemesis Jonathan Irons atrocious plan to destroy the Earth with a biological weapon known as the 'Manticore'.

"Manticore?" Throax asked with a perplexed expression "What? Does he want the manticore to eat every single human beings?" He asked again. And he was referring to the manticores that exists in Equestria in the Everfree forest.

"Uh... no." Mitchell replied with A shake of his head "It's not an animal or whatsoever, it's a biological weapon." He corrected him.

"A biological weapon?" Thorax asked with another bewildered expression "Is it a relevance to science?" He asked again.

"Precisely." Mitchell said with a shrug "But, it can kill millions of people." He informed him.

When Thorax heard this, he was truly scandalized. He didn't know that a weapon like that could provoke such harm to these humans.

"Oh my."

"Yeah, and my priority right now is to hunt him down and to put an end to his vile plans." Mitchell told him.

"I see." Thorax said "And it would seem that you need some help, can I be your succour?" He asked.

"You want to help?" Mitchell asked with a raise of his eyebrow.

"Yes." Thorax replied with a nod "After all, that's what friends are for." He told him.

Mitchell began to ponder about this hypothetical situation for a bit. Tagging him along to the mission would be very frightening for him. And judging by his expression and structure, he doesn't look like he has any combat or military experiences. But, it was veracious that he needs some help.

"Okay Thorax, you can help me."


But, before they could shake hand and hooves, a loud explosion was heard in the distance.


"Whoa! What was that?!" Mitchell exclaimed, he was startled by the explosion.

Thorax walked to the window of the meeting room and saw a long stream of black smoke coming out of Ponyville. Then, his eyes widened in horror.

"Oh no, Ponyville!"

"Pony what now?"

"No time to explain, I've got to save Twilight and her subjects!" He yelled. After that, he rushed to the meeting room doors and pulled them open. Then, he started to rush to the front doors of the Changeling Hive as quickly as possible.

"Thorax wait!" Mitchell yelled as he too also ran out of the meeting room. He then turned to his right and started to catch up to Thorax. Thankfully, he still has his weapons on him.

Author's Note:

Another chapter accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!