• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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Mitchell has been waiting in his hospital room for Thorax for almost ten minutes now. And he seemed to have gotten bored and aggravated because, he should be hunting down Irons and his men right now so that he could answer for his crimes against the world. But, he promised Thorax that he would answer some inquiries that he has for him. After all, he did save his life, and he does owe him one.

"I hope that his questions wouldn't be very personal." Mitchell said to himself.

Then, the door to his hospital room has opened. Mitchell looked in front of him and saw Thorax coming up to him with a notepad and a pencil levitated in the air with hos magic.

"Sorry I'm late Mitchell, I had a rough time trying find my notepad." Thorax told him with a chuckle.

Mitchell didn't even reply to Thorax's statement because, he was focused on the green auras surrounding the notepad and the pencil. It was like one of those laser guns from his nation.

"Is something wrong Mitchell?" Thorax asked with a raise of his eyebrow in confusion.

"Oh uh nothing sorry." Mitchell said as he snapped out of his confusion "It's just that, the green auras surrounding your notepad and pencil has caught me off guard completely." He told him.

"Oh did they?" Thorax asked, and Mitchell replied with a nod "Well this is what is known as magic, only a few species like ponies and changelings can produce magic, some cannot. Plus, our magic can be very practical for many purposes." He delineated.

Mitchell was drastically astonished to hear that what Thorax was doing to hold his notepad and pencil was magic. Magic was a fantasy thong back in his world, he never knew that it was real in this world. Then, Thorax raised the notepad in front of his face.

"You don't have magic from your world?" Thorax asked.

"No we don't." Mitchell replied with A shake of his head "From my perspective, magic is a fantasy thing." He told him. And that made Thorax nonplussed and perplexed because, magic is quite common here in Equestria. But, he spoke the perplexity out of his head and moved onto the main topic. The interrogation.

"So anyways, shall we begin the questioning?" Thorax asked.

"Okay sure." Mitchell replied with a nod. "Wouldn't be good to keep you waiting right?" He asked, and Thorax replied with a nod.

"Okay let's start." Thorax said with enthusiasm "So first question, what kind of creature are you?" He asked.

"I am a human being, homo sapiens." Mitchell replied. And that caught Thorax off guard as well as making him bewildered. Never once in his life has he heard of a 'human being'. This is entirely new to him.

"A human? Homo Sapiens?" Thorax asked with a perplexed expression "Care to elaborate?" He asked again.

"Sorry but no, it's complicated." Mitchell said with a chuckle "But what I can tell you is that, we are a very intelligent and unpredictable specie." He told him. And that made Thorax nonplussed.

"Anyways, can we move on to the next question please?" Mitchell asked kindly "I don't feel comfortable sharing personal and classified information." He told him.

"Okay, I understand." Thorax acknowledged with a nod "For my next question, where are you from?" He asked.

"I'm from the United States of America." Mitchell replied. And that got Thorax very bewildered, he has never heard of such place like that.

"United States of America?" Thorax asked in a perplexed tone "What is that?" He asked again.

"The United States of America is the nation where I am born in." Mitchell replied "It is the most wealthiest and powerful country in the Earth in terms of economic and military power." He added.

Thorax was drastically flabbergasted by the description of this unknown nation. He must think that the people there must be rich considering that Mitchell has stated that it is the most wealthiest. But what scared him a little is that their military power is very powerful and mighty. In addition to that, what got Thorax perplexed was this strange planet called Earth.

"Um, what is this Earth that you speak of?" Thorax asked.

"It is the planet where I am from." Mitchell told him.

When Thorax heard this, he was very surprised to hear that Mitchell was from another planet, if he is not from Equestria then that means that he is currently establishing contact with a creature from another world. And that got him drastically exhilarated.

"Wow, what is your planet like?" Thorax asked with an eager expression to know.

"Well, it's a planet that is formed 4.5 billion years ago." Mitchell told him "In the past, there were prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth before us, we first appeared in this continent known as Africa. And after centuries, we apparently became the most dominant specie on the planet." Mitchell replied.

Thorax was left with an astonished and shocked expression after hearing all of these neat informations presented by Mitchell. But what traumatized him was when he said that he and his species were the most dominant creatures on the planet.

"Oh my what have you and your kind done?" Thorax asked. But, Mitchell decided to not disclose any information.

"Yeah sorry Thorax, I don't know much." Mitchell said with a shrug.

"Okay." Thorax acknowledged "Anyways, next question, what are those metal things that you're carrying? And what is taht metal skeleton that is wrapped around you?" He asked.

Mitchell was a bit bewildered by Thorax's inquiry. But, after pondering for a brief second, Mitchell has understood what the question is about. Thorax must be asking about his guns and his exo suit.

"Oh these?" Mitchell asked pointing at his guns and exo suit. And Thorax replied with a nod "These metal things that I am holding in my arms as well as strapping them in my gear right now are known as guns or firearms. And here's how they work, when I pull the trigger button here with my fonger, a loud sound will be produced and a small metal projectile called a bullet will fly out of the muzzle of the gun here. If flies at such a high speed that even the naked eye can't see. And once it hits you, it will go through your body and make an exit hole. The bullet doesn't always make an exit hole, some bullets sometimes get stuck in your body which is more excruciating. Bullets also comes in with different calibers. The smaller calibers can wound you, and the larger calibers has a higher rate in killing someone." He delineated.

Thorax was truly petrified after he has heard of the description if the weapons that Mitchell is carrying. He never knew that a weapon like that could pose such menacing harm to somepony.

"Wow, that's extremely brutal." Thorax said with a traumatized expression.

"Indeed it is kid." Mitchell said with a chuckle. After that, he decided to delineate about the exo suit "This metal skeleton here is what is known as an exoskeleton or an exo suit for short. It is a mechanical technology that gives us the abilities for increased movement and speed as well as for tactical purposes. It essentially gives us the ability to increase our physical abilities." He told him.

Thorax was flabbergasted by this technology. Having the abilities to increase you physical feature is like magic charging up your powers.

"Wow, that is cool."

"Indeed it is kid." Mitchell said with a smile anyways, any other questions?" He asked.

"Nope, that should be all." Thorax replied with a shake of his head "Thank you for all of these wonderful informations Mitchell, they were very astonishing." He told him.

"You're very welcome." Mitchell said. Then, he has decided to ask him his question "Hey uh Thorax, if you don't mind, I have an inquiry that I would like to ask of you if you don't mind." He told him.

"Shoot, I'm all ears."

"Okay, so here's my question. Where am I?" He asked.

"Why you're in Equestria, the nation that I live in." Thorax replied "But, you're currently in my hometown tight now known as the Changeling Hive." He told him.

Mitchell was very astonished and perplexed when he heard that he is now currently in this weird nation called Equestria. If that's true, then that's means that he is no longer in Earth anymore.

Mitchell was going to ask Thorax some inquires about this nation that he is in but, the sound of the hospital room door opening stopped him.

"King Thorax!"

When Thorax heard the voice, he turned around and saw a doctor.

"Hello doctor, what is it that you require."

"Sir the change-"

The doctor immediately froze in his sentence when he took notice of Mitchell standing behind Thorax.

"Uh... who is that?"

"Him?" Thorax asked pointing at Mitchell, and the doctor replied with a nod "This is Jack Mitchell, he is a human being from the planet Earth, and he's a friend." He finished.

When the doctor heard the King' s statement, he was a bit petrified to hear that this creature was not from here. But, before he could get scared even more, Thorax changed the subject.

"Anyways, why are you here?"

"Oh right, about the topic." The doctor said regaining his composure "Your special somepony Twilight Sparkle is here." He told him.

Author's Note:

Another chapter accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!