• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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First contact

Back in the cave where Jonathan Irons and his men were sheltering in, Jonathan Irons was getting drastically vexed and impatient right now because, the four soldiers he sent out to investigate the forest as well as to find out where they were haven't returned yet.

"Grr, what's taking them so long?" Irons thought with a frustrated expression. Then, one soldier walked up to him.

"Mister Irons, I have some good news and bad news to report."

When Irons heard this, his eyes widened in surprise. He then turned around and faced the soldier.

"What is it?"

"I'll start with the bad news." He told him "The four soldiers you have sent have been killed." He informed.

When Irons heard this, his let out a frustrated groan.

"Terrific." Irons said with a roll of his eyes "What's the good news then?" He asked.

"The good news is, before Benny's death, he has sent a message to me and stated that he and his colleagues have found a town filled with colourful talkinh horses. The town was also full of natural resources." He replied.

When Irons heard this, he was bewildered and shocked. What exactly were these colourful talking horses that Benny was talking about? And natural resources? Those might come in handy for him and his men if they want to survive.

"I also have another shocking news to tell you sir."

"And that is?"

"You see." The soldier said. He then took a deep breath and decided to expose "Gregory, Johnny, Benny and David were all killed by Jack Mitchell." He told him.

Irons eyes widened when he heard the reply. He didn't know that Mitchell was also here. And if he is here, then that means that he would probably try and hunt him and his men down. But, he disregarded the thought and regained his composure.

"Really? Then what's the big deal?" Iron's asked "It's just him only, and there's like over two-hundred of us, so we can instantly kill him if we encounter him." He told him.

"I guess you do have a point there sir." The soldier said with a nod "After all, we do have three soldiers in A.S.T suits with us." He added.

"Exactly." Irons said with a nod. Then, he moved on to the main topic "Now, where exactly is this town that Benny described?" He asked in a menacing tone.

Changeling Hive

In the Changeling Hive hospital, many changeling doctors and nurses were seen treating some sick young and elderly changeling drones just like how their work is like everyday.

However, in one room on the third floor of the changeling hive hospital, three changeling doctors were seen performing a medical operation on a strange bipedal creature that King Thorax has brought during his time at the garden area of the Changeling Kingdom.

The doctors did have some rough time on patching up his wound because, this is a creature that they have never ever seen before in their life.

"How's it holdin' up?" A doctor asked.

"It was complicated but, we have managed to patch up it's wound."

"I wonder what kind of creature it is." A doctor said looking at him "It doesn't look like a dragon to me." He finished.

"Of course it isn't you fool." The doctor said, and that made the previous doctor mumble in aggravation because of the offensive word said to him "It doesn't even have any claws or scales. In addition to that, it is quite taller compared to them, and us." He added.

"Yeah I know." The doctor told him with a nod "I just wonder-"

The doctor wasn't able to finish his sentence when he heard a groaning noise.

All three changeling doctors in the room all looked at the stretcher where the creature was and noticed that it's eyebrows were moving slightly. It's eyelids were slowly moving too.

"Oh crap it's waking up." A doctor said with an anxious expression.

"What do we do?"

"Let's go get the King."

The two changeling doctors nodded in unison and all three of them ran out of the hospital room. After that, they ran to the hospital waiting area on the first floor to get their King.

"Ugghhh..." Mitchell moaned. "What happened?" He asked.

Mitchell then slowly managed to open his eyes awhile in his frail state. At first, his visions were blurry, but when they worked again, Mitchell noticed that he was looking up at a rectangular light cover.

"Where am I?" Mitchell asked himself.

Mitchell then turned his head to his right and saw a door and a window with seats behind it. He must assume that he is currently in a hospital considering the textures and designs of the room.

"I'm in a hospital." Mitchell said with a nonplus expression "Who brought me here?" He asked in a perplexed tone.

But then, Mitchell heard some footsteps noises coming directly towards him.

"Someone's coming, I gotta pretend to be put cold." Mitchell told himself. After that, he lied back down on his stretcher and closed his eyes pretending to be unconscious still.

Five seconds later, Mitchell heard the door to his room opening as well as someone entering. A brief second later, the unknown person who has entered his room closed the door behind him and started to walk towards his bed.

"Wait for it." Mitchell thought. He needed to be patient in order to accomplish his sneak attack.

Once the footsteps got closer and louder, Mitchell immediately sat up from his stretcher and wrapped his approacher by the neck.

"Gah!" Yelped the creature.

Mitchell then looked at his approacher and noticed that it wasn't human. He was currently holding a green coloured creature with orange deer horns, a green horn, a purple shelled back with mosquito looking wings, and it's eyes were lavender coloured.

"Who are you?" Mitchell asked demanding an answer.

"M-my name is Thorax sir! I w-was t-the one w-who found you and brought you here!"

When Mitchell heard this, he immediately released his grip from the strange insect looking creature. After that, Thorax held his right hoof on his neck area and began to pant for breath after the unanticipated surprise attack from the weird creature.

"What in the world are you?" Mitchell asked.

"What am I?" Thorax asked "Why I am a changeling." He replied.

Mitchell was bewildered when he heard the word 'changeling'. Not a time in his life has he heard about an animal known as a changeling.

"What in the world is a changeling?" Mitchell thought with a perplexed expression "Is it some sort of insect? If it is then, he is quite tall and big to be an insect."He added with a nonplus expression.

"Anyways, my name is Thorax, King of the Changelings." He introduced himself as he extended his right hoof to shake.

Mitchell was caught off guard by the time he heard that the creature in front of him is a King, he has assaulted a royal? But, he pushed the confusion out of his mind and introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you Thorax, my name is Jack Mitchell." Mitchell introduced himself as he shook his hoof with his left hand.

After three seconds, Thorax and Mitchell finished their shake with smiles on them.

"So Thorax, do you mind telling me where I am right now?" Mitchell asked kindly.

"Why you're in the Changeling Hive." Thorax replied. "This is my home along with many of my changeling subjects." He told him.

Mitchell was bewildered when he heard the name 'changeling hive'. Is it some sort of country or something? But, he shook the question out of his head and decided to ask Thorax about inquiries about how he got here.

"How did I get here Thorax?"

"Well, here's the full story." Thorax said. And Mitchell began to listen "After my reading and slow dancing session with my special somepony Twilight Sparkle, I returned to my home to resume with my work in running my Kingdom. During my garden shift, I spotted you lying on the ground near the hill of my Kingdom. I ran to your location and saw you bleeding severely from your waist. So, I brought you to the hospital and the doctors laid you down on the hospital stretcher to perform a medical operation on your waist, at the end, we managed to pull a tiny metal projectile out. It was a bit cumbersome for them considering the thick suit your wearing." He delineated the entire story.

Mitchell was extremely surprised and grateful after he has heard the entire story. He looked down on his waist and noticed that his waist was indeed bandaged up, and his bleeding has stopped. Then, he looked up at Thorax with a grateful smile.

"Thanks Thorax." Mitchell said in a grateful tone "I could've died without your help." He told him.

"Eh no sweat." Thorax said while rubbing the back of his head "You could've been killed." He told him.

"Also, I have moved your stuffs over there." Thorax said as he pointed at his metal stuffs placed at the left side of his room "They were quite hulking, and I had a difficult time moving and carrying them." He finished with a humiliated chuckle.

Mitchell then looked to where Thorax was pointing at and he saw that his assault rifle, pistol, combat knife, lethal and tactical grenades were stationed at the left side of his hospital room. Just like what Thorax has told him.

"Why thank you." Said Mitchell.

After that, he got off his hospital stretcher and stood up on the floor.

Thorax was truly astonishing and shocked by the height of the creature. He was almost as tall as him. But, he was more concerned about his safety.

"Mister Mitchell, you've just recovered."

"I'm okay Thorax." Mitchell assured him "I've been through worse." He told him. After that, he walked up to his weapons.

Once he got to them, Mitchell bent down and grabbed his grenades first and strapped them into his belt. After that, he grabbed his combat knife and sheathed it in his knife holder. Then, he grabbed his pistol and put it in his holster. Finally, he stood up and grabbed his assault rifle, strapping it on him in the process.

"Great to have my weapons back again." Mitchell said to himself with a smile.

He then turned around and to his great surprise, he saw Thorax standing in front of him.

"Say Mitchell if you don't mind, can I ask you some inquiries?" He asked kindly.

"Sure, by all means."

"Wonderful!" Thorax exclaimed with a smile. "I'm going to grab my notepad first!" He said. After that, he turned around and zoomed out of the hospital room in an exuberant way.

"Huh, he sure is fast." Mitchell said with an impressed impression.

Everfree forest 12:00pm

In the Everfree forest, Princess Twilight Sparkle was seen walking in the forest while following the trail of blood left behind by the mysterious bipedal creature that appeared in Equestria and battled his own kind.

"If I just follow this trail, I might just be able to encounter the creature." Twilight said to herself. "This will be easy." She said with a smile.

But, she has talked too soon because, the blood trail has ended at the side of a small hill.

"Oh terrific." Twilight said with an irked expression. "Now what do I do?" She asked herself.

Twilight then looked up and noticed that this path was very familiar considering the light green grass as well as the small hill.

"This is the path to the Changeling Hive." Twilight told herself.

She then walked around the small hill and saw her special someponies Kingdom.

"Could the creature be in the Changeling Hive?" Twilight asked herself with a perplexed expression. "I need to investigate, hopefully my Thory would know about it as well as understanding what had happened in Ponyville earlier." She said.

After that, she ran to the Changeling Hive.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!