• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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A strange land

Ponyville 10:30am

It was a bright sunny day in Ponyville which is the happiest town in Equestria. The ponies were chatting, doing their work, playing and many more. Everything seemed very peaceful and normal for the exuberant and happy ponies.

In Twilight's oak library, Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Friendship, the leader of the elements of harmony as well as Princess Celestia's most faithful student was seen reading a book along with her special somepony Thorax, the King of the Changelings.

Twilight and Thorax have been special someponies for four years now and nothing has ever went wrong between the two. They went on dates, read lots of books based on astronomy, science, genetics and many more. However, Twilight did get some sarcastic insults from her friends and brother saying that she views Thorax as a handsome and smart King. She did get angry by those comments but, she managed to disregard them with the help of Thorax.

"Wow, the stars sure are intriguing." Thorax thought with an astonished expression.

However, his reading was put to an end when he heard a soft sigh from Twilight. He looked up forward in front of him and saw that she had an anxious expression while reading. Thorax must assume that Twilight is very edgy because of her meeting she must attend with her subjects in Canterlot.

He then got off of his chair and walked towards Twilight. Once he got to her, he wrapped his left hoof around her neck, and Twilight blushed slightly from the action.

"What's wrong Twily?"

"Oh uh... nothing it's just that I'm feeling anxious about the meeting that I have to attend in Canterlot tomorrow." Twilight told him "I just, don't know what to say to my subjects." She finished.

"Relax Twily." Thorax said in a soft voice "You can just talk about how me and your species can befriend each other and make a difference. I know you can do this." He told her in an assuring tone.

Twilight took a second to think about Thorax's suggestion as well as his assuring support. It is true that she would talk about the past conflict the ponies and changelings had during the Canterlot wedding, and it would enrage some of the ponies and changelings. But, if she talks about how they all can make a difference by befriending each other and looking at the bright side, just like what Thorax had said.

"I guess you're right." Twilight said as her stress began to disappear. Then, she turned around and looked up at Thorax with a grateful expression "Thank you so much for your support Thory, as well as helping me remain equanimous." She said as she stood up and embraced him in a hug.

"You're very welcome Twily." Thorax said as he hugged her back.

The couple embraced each other for a brief moment then, Twilight released from the hug and placed her hooves on Thorax's shoulders. And that caught him off guard. Then, Twilight raised her back left hoof and held it on the right side of Thorax's torso.

"Care for a short dance handsome?" Twilight asked with a loving expression.

When Thorax heard this, he blushed slightly. But, he managed to remain composed because, he and Twilight have had some dances before during their dates.

"Sure Twinkle's."

Then, Thorax held Twilight's right hoof with his left hoof and placed his right hoof on her back. While Twilight grabbed Thorax's left hoof with her right hoof and placed her left hoof on his shoilder. Finally, the two royals got close to each other in a dancing position preparing to dance.

At first they did a few simple steps back and forth in the room. After that, Thorax raised his left hoof up and helped Twilight do a twirl. Then, the two royals got back into their dancing positions and resumed the dance.

Thorax and Twilight then released their right and left hooves and spread them to their backs. After five seconds, they both held each other again.

Then, Thorax decided to end the dance with a simple twirl. After the twirl, he concluded it with a dip.

"Wow, you sure are good." Twilight said with an impressed expression.

"Thank you Twilight."

After that, Thorax helped Twilight up and the two royal stood up normally.

"Ah anyways, I think that should conclude our reading and dancing session for today." Thorax told her "I have to return to the hive and fulfil some of my duties." He finished.

"Understandable Thorax." Twilight said with a nod. "Well, I guess I'll see ya then handsome." She told him.

"See ya beautiful."

But, before Thorax and Twilight left, they both shared a tender kiss. They held each other for a second then released with a puckering sound heard. After that, Thorax turned around and faced Twilight's library door. Then, he walked towards it, gripped onto the handle and pulled it open. And finally, Thorax exited the library and started to walk back home.

"Thorax is so handsome and sweet." Twilight said with a dreamy expression.

Everfree forest

"Ugh... my head." Mitchell groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. At first, his visions were blurry, but when his eyes worked again, he noticed that he was starring at the nose of a deer. And when the deer noticed the creature waking up, it immediately turned around and ran away "What the heck happened?" He asked as he slowly sat up.

Mitchell then scrutinized his surroundings and saw trees, rocks and grasses around him. He must assume that he is in a forest.

"This is a forest." Mitchell said to himself. While he is looking around him, his eyes widened a few seconds later because, he has just remembered something "Wait, Irons and his men were in that colourful vortex with me!" He exclaimed.

"Wait hold on, where are my stuffs?" He asked with an anxious expression.

He then looked down on him and saw that his weapons were still strapped onto him.

"Thank goodness." Mitchell said with a relieved expression. After that, he began to check what he has as well as how much more ammunition he has left.

HBRA3 assault rifle 26 clips
Atlas 45 18 clips
Five lethal grenades
Four tactical grenades
Combat knife

"This should be good enough to help me." Mitchell told himself. After that, he placed both him hands on the ground and pushed himself back on his feet "Alright, time to venture through and out of this forest to find some citizens for help." He said.

Then, Mitchell walked into the forest and began to hopefully find any citizens that can help him on telling him where he is right now.

Mitchell has been walking in the Everfree forest for forty minutes now and things seemed to get very strange and bleak for the sentinel officer because, there were no signs of civilization anywhere. And the trees in the forest were extremely dark in colour. No shadows in the world can cause something to be that dark, except during nighttime.

"Man, this place is dark." Mitchell commented while observing his surroundings. "Is there anyone here?" He asked himself.

Mitchell was going to shout and call for anybody that could hear him but suddenly, some rustling noises prevented him from doing that.

"What the?" Mitchell said with a perplexed expression. He then turned around and saw that there is a bush rustling in front of him. "Something must be behind there." He said.

Mitchell aimed his assault rifle forward and looked through the scope of his gun in preparation of whatever was behind that large bush.

After ten seconds, Mitchell saw something very unique. Three wolves made out of wood appeared out of the bush growling in hunger.

"Is those wolves made of wood?" He asked with a bewildered expression.

But, he wasn't able to get the chance to study the wolf when the alpha let out a roar and charged towards him hastily with a ravenous expression.

When Mitchell noticed this, he immediately gripped onto the trigger of his assault rifle and fired one shot at the wolf.


The wolf was not even able to detect the projectile with it's eyes and it immediately pierced through it's head killing it in the process.

The two other wolves were enraged when they saw the creature murdering their alpha. They then let out a roar and charged towards the bipedal creature. When Mitchell noticed this, he prepared for their attacks.

Once the second wolf has closed it's distance with the creature, it bent it's legs and pounced towards it with its jaws wide opened.

When Mitchell noticed this, he swung his arms back to the left and smacked the wolf in the face with his assault rifle. That resulted in making wolf whimper and fall to the ground behind him.

The wolf tried to stand up and fight the creature again but, he wasn't even able to get the chance when Mitchell shot him in the face. And that resulted the wolf getting it's head exploded.

Mitchell then felt some presence close behind him. And he must assume that it was the last wolf. So, he let go of his gun and unsheathed his combat knife. After that, he turned around and stabbed the wolf by it's left eye.

The wolf let out a pained whimper from the excruciating blade and it began to struggle to get itself free but to no avail. After ten more seconds of constant wiggling, the wolf eventually succumb to the knife and died.

"Holy crap now those were some tough animals." Mitchell said with a shocked expression. He then pushed the wolf off of his knife and sheathed it back into his knife holder. After that, Mitchell held onto his gun again.

"Okay, now that I've finished that, it's time for me to resume on my task in finding civilization." Mitchell told himself.

After that, he turned around and started to walk deeper into the forest. But what he didn't know is that, his task would be granted fulfilled.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!