• Published 17th Jan 2021
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Call of Equestria: tech and magic warfare - Timothy1509

Jack Mitchell of the sentinel task force mysteriously gets sent to Equestria during his operation

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Atlas command centre in New Baghdad, Iraq.

In the Atlas command centre, it was all out in war between many Atlas soldier and two sentinels officers in A.S.T mechs. But, the soldiers in the A.S.T mechs were having the most auspicious advantage over the rogue Atlas soldiers, all they have to do is just fire their chain gun and rockets at the soldiers in order to eliminate them.

In the two mechs were Jack Mitchell and Gideon of the sentinel task force. Both officers were seen trying to head to the rocket launch base area of the headquarters to stop Irons vile intentions of launching a manticore strike in every major military bases in the world.

"Give them all you can Mitchell!" Gideon exclaimed while firing bullets at the Atlas soldiers.

Mitchell did what Gideon told and began to fire at every single Atlas soldiers in the area. The Atlas soldier tried to fight back with their gun but, their bullets posed no threat to the A.S.T suits.

Mitchell then clicked on another button and fired rockets at the remaining Atlas soldiers. The soldiers werent able to move out of the way in time and the rockets all collided on the ground near them and exploded killing them all in the process.

"All enemies in the area have been eliminated Gideon." Mitchell told him.

"Well done Mitchell." Gideon said with a proud smile. After that, he turned around and faced a metal door which was the door that leads to the rocket ship. He then got into a stance and kicked the door down with his mech "Through here Mitchell, the rockets just through here." He told him.

Mitchell then followed Gideon through the door and into one of the control rooms. They then made a left turn through a door and noticed a circular hallway on their right.

"This way Mitchell." Gideon told him "The rocket is just through this hallway." He finished.


Then, the two sentinel officers made a right turn and started walk through the white hallway. But suddenly, they have encountered an Atlas officer in an A.S.T suit.

"Oh crap!" Gideon exclaimed.

The Atlas officer was going to fire rockets at the two sentinels but before it could do that, Mitchell charged forward and delivered a kick to the mech's chest. That resulted in the mech falling over and ceasing it's attempt in firing the rockets.

The Atlas soldier in the A.S.T suit attempted to get back up but, it didn't get the chance when Mitchell aimed his chain gun forward and shot at him. The chain gun bullet broke through the glass and collided in the soldier's head killing him in the process.

"Well done Mitchell." Gideon said as he walked up to him.

"Thanks." Mitchell said.

PA: Launch in t-minus one minute.

Gideon and Mitchell's eyes widened in apprehension when they heard what the PA had said.

"Oh shoot we gotta pick up the pace!" Mitchell exclaimed.

Then, Mitchell and Gideon started to go as fast as they could while in their mechs.

After going into the white coloured hallway for ten seconds, Mitchell and Gideon made a left turn and saw a large hatch in front of them. And the hatch leads to the spacecraft.

"There's the hatch. Mitchell I need you to grab the right piston and attempt to pull it up." Gideon ordered.


Then, Gideon walked to the left piston and grabbed it with his hands while Mitchell grabbed onto the right piston. After that, the two soldiers started to pull the pistons in attempt to break them.

After ten seconds of hard pulling, the two officers have managed to break the pistons and they were bent by the pull force from the mechs and the soldiers.

Gideon then bent down and pushed the hatch open. After that, he looked at Mitchell.

"Go!" He ordered.

Mitchell did what Gideon told him and jumped down into the hatch and to the vent section of where the rocket ship was launching. He descended slowly by placing his armoured hands and feets onto the sides of the elevator shaft. Some sparks flew but, Mitchell safely descended to the ground.

Five seconds later, Gideon came down after him.

"Gideon, the launch is starting!" Ilona warned them.

"Beginning primary launch in Five... Four... Three... Two... one." Said the base computer.

Then, a sea of fire gushed towards them.

"Brace yourselves!" Gideon exclaimed.

The impact of the fire has knocked Gideon and his A.S.T suit to the ground but, he managed to recover quickly and push himself back up.

"Keep going forward!" Gideon ordered.

Then, Mitchell and Gideon started to walk forward with their left arms shielding their faces from the intense scintillating of the fire that is shooting out towards them. And the fire has slowed down their movements too.

After walking for thirty seconds, Mitchell and Gideon have reached the engines part of the rocket, and they noticed that it was commencing to launch very soon.

"Hit it with everything you've got!" Gideon yelled.

Then, both Mitchell and Gideon began firing bullets and missiles at the engines of the rocketship.

"Take out the missile's engines Mitchell!"

Mitchell and Gideon were firing bullets and missiles at the engines of the rocketship with everything they've got in attempt to prevent it from launching and dooming the world, and they did manage to damage it a little. After ten more seconds, the rocket's engines exploded. The explosion also knocked out their A.S.T suits.

"That's it!" Gideon said proudly.

Five seconds later, the rocket's engines shut off and both Mitchell and Gideon collapsed on the ground because of their damaged A.S.T suits. Mitchell was dazed a little from the impact as well.

Gideon was the first to get out of his suit by pulling the eject switch. After that, he walked up to Mitchell.

"Mitchell hang on." Gideon told him. He walked up to the back of his suit and pressed the ejection button, after that, he pulled him out of the suit "We did it Mitchell, we stopped the launch." Gideon said proudly, but Mitchell was too dazed too reply.

"I'm gonna get you out of here, stay with me." Gideon told him.

"I don't think that's possible."

When Gideon heard the familiar voice, he looked behind him but, he was met with a kick to his face.

"Augh!" Gideon grunted as he fell on the ground in pain of the attack.

Mitchell looked up and saw Irons looking down at him with a soldiers in a red suit standing next to him with an assault rifle in his arms. Mitchell looked in front of him and saw that there were lots of Atlas soldiers standing behind him armed with many guns, grenades and many more. They were also in their exo suits, while three were in A.S.T suits.

"Great work, you have stopped the launch." Irons said sarcastically "Pretty damn impressive I gotta say." He growled in anger.

Iron's then lifted his right leg up and attempted to stomp on Mitchell's chest with his right foot. When Mitchell noticed the attack, he delivered a kick to Iron's chest. And that resulted in his grunting and falling in the ground.

When the soldier noticed Mitchell injuring Iron's, he aimed his assault rifle at him. But, Mitchell responded by pushing the assault rifle away from his face. After that, he stood up and elbowed the soldier in the face.

The soldier grunted from the attack and he pulled out his hand grenade. He then pulled the pin and prepared to explode along with Mitchell.

When Mitchell noticed the grenade as well as the soldier's plan, he kneed the soldier in the chest and grabbed his grenade. After that, he looked at the crowd of soldiers in front of him and pulled his right arm back. Then, he threw the grenade directly towards the soldiers.

One of the soldiers immediately took action and aimed his shotgun forward. He then pulled the trigger and shot the grenade.



At first, the soldier thought that the worse was over but, he has thought too soon because, the explosion of the grenade appears to be expanding.

"What the? What is going on?" Iron's said with a surprised expression from the expanding explosion of the grenade.

The explosion kept expanding and expanding its size like a balloon for a while now. And just as it expanded in a medium size, it began to make a loud noise which caught everyone off guard. Then, the explosion started to suck everything in.

"Mitchell grab onto something!" Gideon exclaimed as he grabbed onto a pole.

The grenade explosion was sucking everything in the area and all Gideon could hear were screams and objects flying all over the place.

Twenty seconds later, the chaos has ended and everything went back to normal. Objects rained down on the floor and Gideon fell on the ground. He then looked behind him and saw that Mitchell, Irons and the Atlas soldiers were gone along with the explosion.

"What the?" Gideon asked as he stood up from the ground "Mitchell, where are you?!" Gideon called but, he didn't get a response back.

"I have to look for him." Gideon told himself. Then, he ran and started to look for his fellow comrade.

Little did he know, he was in another dimension.

Author's Note:

The first chapter of my new story has been accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!