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Wow, this story seems primed for a continuation! The idea that some species simply refuse to forgive the Changelings is a realistic one. In many ways, River is worse than Chrysalis. He fully intended to commit genocide over his village. Even Chrysalis, insanely vengeful as she was, never intended to wipe out the ponies, “just” subjugate them.

river seems like the kind of threat that never stops until dead or minds wiped. maybe death the only answer to make others back off cause river might be the first trying to get their pound of flesh might mean the lings have hidden enemies.
ooh, poor Ocellus but what she did was very naive lucky she alive sometimes life not that black and white a good lesson sometimes evil or little grey choices happens and it doesn't have a black or white side from justice to vengeance turn into malice and madness mistrust encourage misdeeds.
you have to ask your self was the changeling queen born bad to be bad was she not a leader of a race who looked like monsters first? did the world kill her heart first or witness enough of her people being killed or harmed before she decided to be just as mean? or was her very nature too alien for others to tolerate and lash out at her and her kind? putting them on survival
the early days for the queen and kin finding out things as a new race was not fun I guarantee it.

A well-written story. Thoroughly impressed with the action you've managed to convey throughout this entire piece, with a particularly important reminder of the true hideousness of hatred against not just another, but an entire group. I'd love to see this story continued.

I really would like to know what happens next. This was just great.

River unfortunately will have to be stopped "hard" because he's give up on justice and seeks only retrebution and will harm anyone he needs to get his revenge and once he "punishes" the repentant Changelings who caused the fires he will "punish" the innocent Changelings who had nothing to with it, then thier allies. Revenge is a fire that demands to be fed more and more, burning away the revenge seeker's empathy, morals and reason.
Unless stopped River will become a greater monster than Chrysalis

Sadly in reality people fail to get that revenge is never satisfyed and only leads to an endless cycle or revenge and counter revenge.

The question should be: did the Kirin send him to destroy the Changelings, or is he acting on his own?

The most vicious killers are one without conscience. I'm not sure if I'll continue it, at least not directly, potentially this idea would come up in other pieces that are set in the future.

I would've loved to see Chrysalis' background discussed more in the show, we never got a good answer!

This is very well written, but feels incomplete with the questions it raises. Did the Kirin know who they were sending? How would the princesses react? Just how full of hate is River?
I get the feeling that he would only realize he is wrong after a torment of mockery. Something forcing him to truthfully answer over and over what happened to his village, who exactly did it, what caused it, what he did, where will he stop, if he would be known as someone good, then mocking laughter before the questions begin again.
They seem so self-centered in their reasoning that to take his viewpoint off himself would drive him mad. But he is acting genocidal, so may he be driven so. I just hope once he's there he can slowly find his way into friendly sanity.


The author is dead. And I killed him. :p

Ah, River has truely become that which he hunts, there is no truth or justice in what he seeks ...

As for how River got selected, pyschopaths, by nature, are very good actors ...

Revenge for a fallen family is a Fickle thing. You strive to be the Great Hero only two set out to become the thing you hate.

While I don't blame River for his actions, I don't exactly condone them either. Hopefully he'll get the Justice he deserves.

He became the very thing he swore to destroy.


Just kidding I know joking 🤣

the comic is cool especially near the end! she was born an adult I think or at least hinted at along with the first changelings being born as adults it was the kind of mythos you expect from Greek mythology!
VVVVV check it out VVVVV
chrysalis comic

Well, he's going to run face-first into an enraged Pharynx, most likely. I can't see it going well for him.

I wouldn’t consider that to be her official backstory since the comics are more than likely non-canon. This is evidenced by the inconsistencies between the two.

eh it 50/50 I thought it was cool with neat little tidbits of history sure it could be a tall tale but it fun!

An interesting idea to explore, though I do find it weird of how die hard this guy would be considering the other creatures were literally talking about how they defeated Chrysalis at the beginning. But you could say that he either doesn’t care or he doesn’t know that.
You can feel the paranoia in River’s word though, saying that all Ocellus friends were changeling started showing that his guys probably not alright in the end with such a leap in logic.
Was a fun read all the same.

Sometimes, the illogical mind is the most destructive.

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we need a blast of brainwashing rainbow laser!

Happy one year anniversary to this story!

*neck snaps from whiplash*
wow, i can't believe it's been a year w h a t

Time sure does go by.

By the way, how is Definitions coming along?

Chapter 2 has been pre-read, just needs a couple more edits

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