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Larry Foulke AKA: Solo Wing Pixy.

A man who fought through the Belkan War with his buddy Cipher the Demon Lord. The Pair of them fighting as hired Merc’s for the Nation of Ustio. It was supposed to be like any other contract for him, a way to make a living.

But instead he found a new reason to fight.

His own reason to fight.

And so on one fateful day, the buddies would fight. And the Demon Lord would emerge victorious, his buddy and friend crashing down onto the barren wasteland below. All that remained of his plane being a burning wreck.

But by his own words.
“I should have died that day, but I didn’t”

Crossover with Ace Combat Zero.
Tags will be added as story progresses

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I'm loving this! I can't wait for the next chapter!

your not the only one! ^^

The fable will prevail as our heroes travel far!
In this cartoon universe you're a pest,
Now put me to the test!

awesome chapter mate keep it up:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Two explosions rang out as they passed each other again. Both pilots were shaken in their cockpits as they managed to hit the other with a missile.

Lol "shaken," more like "ground into dust"

Fire began to spread throughout the interior of his plane before reaching his fuel-tank, igniting it, causing a secondary explosion in the fuselage of his craft.

No. There are quite a lot of things preventing any external fire or piercing weaponry like bullets from causing a leak or igniting the fuel.

I know you're doing this stuff for the story, but I just wanted to say my useless ass 2 cents

Anyways, just finished it, and even not knowing any context of ace combat, I quite like it.

Well in the fight the only way Pixy can be damaged is via missiles to the front air intake of his plane. For me it was a logical jump that it would ignite the fuel. But since you can only really know that if you played the game it quite alright :D

Glad your enjoing it btw even if you have never touched an ace combat game

You might want to get another chapter out with mlp parts in it quick because some of the people running this site have been recently nuking stories that don't start right off the bat with the pony stuff and it's because of this rule.

Stories that are not related to My Little Pony. Your story must be related to the MLP universe at the time of submission, or else it will be rejected.

I'm mentioning this because I would like to see more of this story but am now paranoid that it won't be here tomorrow because a few of the mods are kind of strict about that rule in particular.

Ight guess ill be moving faster then

Well ain’t this cool, an Ace Combat Crossover, and I just got into the game series so sweet.

I already love this story.

Oh I just realized I'm an idiot I skimmed through the story instead of reading it due to being in a hurry so if what I just read after the V2 explosion was in the story before my last comment then I apologize for the misunderstanding on my part and ask you disregard my last comment. In fact I will out right delete my last comment if you want me to. In short I dun goofed.

<< This is what V2 was for! >>

Even though we only recently got into the Ace series (via 7 because we have no other platform other than PC to play them on) the name of Pixy immediately got us interested, and you kept that interest going. Really looking forward to another chapter.

<< There may be a resemblance, but we never face the same direction. >>
Immediate follow. Great first chapter!

"*chuckle* yo buddy. Who's the fastest flier now?" Pixy asked.

This gonna get any updates? Seems like you've moved on to other stories.

No I'm just full of too many Ideas

Try writing them all down on pieces of paper, put them in a jar and whichever one you pullout is the one you focus on.

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