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A 18 year old girl, still watching ponies...Yup. But I am not great a writing. Hope you like my stories!


Princess Celestia had been alive for many centuries. She had learned many things...Not all of them good. Her problems began when she defeat Sombra, she didn't know it at the time but he managed to poison Luna's mind just before he banished. Her problems only got worse when she had to banish her sister...To the moon.

Then she heard a voice. The voice was easy to ignore at first...But then...It started hurting her physically and emotionally. All it asked was for one thing to make it all stop. She refused. Suffering in silence. How much more could she possibly take?

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I love this premise.

"The voice." Nightmare Moon growled. "The voice told me the truth. The truth of the evil terror that you are. You seek to make everypony hate the moon. You selfish, controlling, pathetic pony."


Before I read this, I must know: How can a voice hurt her physically?

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