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After dying in a car crash, (or whatever generic Isekai opening best suits you) Johan finds himself in the magical world of Equestria. Of course, magic is subjective, especially considering that Johan doesn't have it in the slightest.

This of course is a major breeding ground for jealousy, as Johan finds himself growing more and more jealous of his friend Derek, who has seemingly lucked out, arriving in Equestria as an Alicorn of all things. It becomes rapidly apparent to Johan that he is now nothing more than a useless side character in what is, for all intents and purposes, a terrible Isekai Anime.

It is now up to him to desperately struggle his way through life, in an attempt to break out of the mold of being a side character, but the universe seems to want to do nothing but throw bad anime/fanfiction trope after bad anime/fanfiction trope in his face. This is going to be hard.

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Good Luck on this one dude

hope johan gets some good stuff this time round

i have not read the first one as you have called if you're going to the isekai protagonist versus normal guy you have to flesh your protagonist.
A real person .... deer, with flaws (real flaws not flaws that turn into advantages further in to the story) and true to life reactions in your character. Be aware that if he flips his shit after something establish either what or give little signs he's about to do it.

this advice came from anime/light novel fan

I like it! I read the previous version and somewhat liked it, and this reboot is something I like even more!


Same here.

Hey! It,'s back!
*throws a fire work that is definitely not a surface-to-air missile*

Lets hope they wont let anything go too much to their heads too fast *knocks on wood*. And that ponies don't mess up everything in an instant 'because alicorn stallion' *breaks the wood from too much knocking*

And good luck in this version.

Let's see how it goes this time.

Seems good so far. Although with what Johan has in store for him, he really only has to say "Do X and let me out of this insanity/help me, if you don't you're just admitting you never cared about me at all and I'm just a tool to be abused".

I don’t know why but seeing the picture and title made me think of the deer from Infinity Train, Allen Dracula.

Alrighty. Interesting premise. A parody of the classic isekai genre, something akin to Konosoba, and Re:Zero. I’m definitely looking forward to his struggles in overcoming the dreaded Side-Character position. Makes me wonder if he gets into a fight only to be nearly killed but then saved by his alicorn buddy. Heh, maybe I’m thinking too far ahead of myself. Anyway looking forward to reading this iteration of the Deer. ^>^

Make it drama again, i will shoot my plasma Breath on you

Alright this got rebooted

The deer from the cover art looks adorable,

I read most of The last one and a song that kept comming to mi mind was this Song fair warning that the song contains some Hard language for some [only the F word but some may consider it a very bad word] I just wanted the moment johan had enough and just sang this to the others.

wasent alan draculas power that he could do whatever he wants?

The deer has returned, and we get to see the beginning of their story this time too!

Hoping Johan gets a bastardization arc.

He saw himself surrounded by pale blue and white fire, staring down something immense. It was but a silhouette, but he could easily make out two massive antlers, which somewhat resembled jagged crescents. Then he saw a flash of a horse of some kind. It was green and yellow and had both wings and a spiral horn. Finally, he saw a flash of another horse, cyan and white in color, though he lacked wings.

Is this some sort of vision?

He, as far as he could tell, was some kind of horse with green fur and a yellow mane. His hooves were black, and he had a marking on his... rear. It was of a sword with a lightning-bolt shaped blade. He had two wings, which seemed to emerge from his sides and when he looked up to see the color of his hair he saw a spiral horn.

What does his cutie mark mean?

"I dunno man. You are lookin' at a guy who failed high school biology. I don't even know if I can even use these things to fly. They seem a little... small don't they?" Derek responded with a grimace. There was an awkward silence before Johan cleared his throat.

If bees could do it, so can you.

"Yeah, one hundred percent." The pegacorn replied as the two set out, unknowingly walking deeper into the Everfree Forest. Neither of them noticed that they were being watched.

What’s watching them?

He couldn't help but chuckle. Reminiscing about the old days before the era of iconoclasm he now found himself in was something that always brought a smile, however fleeting, to his face. A better time. A better era. Before the primitive horses took over. Before their nullfidian rulers they dared call gods wrested control over the sun and moon.

What does nullifidian means?

Before they spread across the world that was rightfully his masters like a tumor, gnawing and deforming the once perfect flesh.

So the entire world is equestria?

With a growl, he charged his horn and antlers and disintegrated the map and the table it sat on in a flash of brilliant white light.

A horn and antlers?

" They have finally arrived." They said with a nod, their voice neither masculine nor feminine.

Then what are their voices like?

"Excellent," The larger shadow said, a dark smile of sharp teeth spreading across his face. "After fifteen hundred years of waiting, the time has finally come. Go Tril'ik, set our plans into motion. It's time for our species to return from the brink."

Is the one saying that the one that blew up the map?

There was a moment of quiet before the first silhouette started to quietly laugh in the shadows. "It's time... It's finally time... After so long, we shall finally be reunited, my Kes'kel'kes. I shall see you... returned."

What’s a kes’kel’kes?

Thinking of going a little more adventure-esque this time around.We are goin full anime with this one, for better or for worse, y’all can decide![/quite]

I just got done reading the last one.

This time around a certain someone will have an extremely different personality and character. No longer shall he be a selfish sociopath.

I wouldn’t say sociopath, but I didn’t really mind.

Alright, friends! We all know what we must do: Get to writing it's own stories to create a shared universe built on the concept of, "I'm stuck in a magical world of adventure, friendship, and love, and it's fucking bullshit."

Or I guess we could, you know, not? I'm a washed up hack, I don't write anymore.

Hey if you want to do that, I won't stop ya lol

The marvel cinematic universe, except instead of Tony Stark and others we have;

A defeatist deer, an overpowered mary sue alicorn, and a bunch of other horses.

The dream right there XD

Comment posted by bluerock66 deleted Feb 14th, 2021

I like it, just make sure Johan becomes a main character by the end.I personally wouldn't mind seeing Derek fall into something like how you originally portrayed him since power corrupts and all that.

"Someone screams really loud and gets stronger:"

The creature must have known not to mess with a princess of Equestria, at least not alone, and quickly turned around and retreated back into the woods.

Does this take place after season 9?

"What was that thing?" the slightly higher-pitched voice said, prompting Twilight to turn back to them with a sigh, wiping sweat from her brow.

She didn’t even do anything.

"No. We are a theocratic monarchist magocracy lead by immortal rulers." Twilight replied without a second beat. The awkward silence returned.

Politics are weird.

A green and yellow alicorn stood atop a mound of dirt and stone, holding a spear which he pointed at a 45-degree angle upwards towards... something. A deer laid at his hooves, bleeding from dozens of wounds, an antler shattered and his eyes closed. What the alicorn was pointing his weapon at was, sadly, part of the gap in the carving. All they could tell was that it was massive, as evidenced by the fact that all that could be seen of the creature were its hooves. They were large and metallic, most likely armor. They were cyan in color.

You are the children of prophecy.

Johan was less interested in the carving itself, and more in the message it seemingly carried. That being a wounded deer at the foot of a spear-wielding alicorn. "Oh my god... you don't think this thing is prophetic, do you? Why else would a ruined building know about us? I'm gonna die here! Oh god I'm gonna die here!" He cried out to himself, his hooves coming to the side of his head.

We don’t know if that’s him.

"This is an old ruin. One thousand five hundred years old, to be specific. There are similar ruins like this dotted all over Equestria. Nopony can read the hieroglyphics, thus we have no idea who built them. As far as everypony knows, these things have just always existed." Twilight said with a shrug.

Are supposed to read them?

"No. They are only a thousand years old. These things predate both them, and the foundation of our nation, by a rather wide margin." Twilight responded, approaching a section of the wall covered in hieroglyphs.

Then, how come they are just discovering them?

One particular marking attracting their attention. It was a head with two jagged crescent-shaped antlers, then something that vaguely resembled an elegantly carved hyphen, then another head with jagged antlers.

So that mean four creatures are revealed in the hieroglyphs?

We got contact. And now we wait what ponies do next, that just might screw over the main characters... Or just one of them.:unsuresweetie:

This time around Derek is not as much of a massive asshole, alongside everyone else.

While there will be moments where Johan is certainly left behind and shizz (you can't have a story centering around a side character who has it rough without things like that) this time around things will not be so hopelessly miserable.

If you think up any more lemme know and it shalt be added to the list.

Child prodigies who are better than their more experienced but oddly incompetent elders for no apparent reason.

Being better not through skill or practice, but rather just having more “willpower”. no wait, you already did that

"No. We are a the ocra tic monarchist mag ocra cy lead by immortal rulers." Twilight replied without a second beat. The awkward silence returned.

Thanks , I hate the equestrian government.

Comment posted by A Predatorial Horse deleted Feb 16th, 2021

Good to know. Still kinda expecting (equestrian)ponies to mess up somehow someway that "just an apology"/"being extremely sorry" does not instantly fix. That they would need to put an actual genuine effort to getting forgiveness...
But for now, we patiently wait for the next button.

The resent trope of the actual hero/chosen one/whatever(Johan) is overlooked for the more obvious looking pretty boy/young maiden/alicorn(Derek). The actual hero is then ignored, mistreated, imprisoned, exiled, some combination of those, etc. while the worshipped fake protagonist doesn't know this is happening, doesn't care, can't do anything about it, or actively makes this happen.
And then the story lines following it have several events happen where the true protagonist somehow discovers there true powers/potential and make friends with the few people who acknowledge them powers or no powers.

That's a pony specific one, but it needs be said: Twilight Sparkle testing (and fudging) a spell, thus creating a "find the cure" type quest.

Wait, does that means he'll get to save the door?

Is derek being dick again in this rewrite?
Johan get power upgrade?

(for Derek)not intentionally this time apparently.
(for Johan) eventually

If I hadn't put a ton of effort into doing stupid stuff like making fake language for the antagonists of this story,

I totally would have fuckin done that holy shit XD. Genuinely wish I thought of that beforehand.

And now we wait for the townsponies to lose their minds I think. And what other things might happen on the side...

im just looking at the last thing on the checklist and thinking that johan being terrifyed and screaming his way to god of nature accidentily would be funny

"That name sucks," they replied in perfect unison.

Hahahaha, it really does

"Oh my god... I'm a deer?!?"

You missed an opportunity to mentally torture your readers...deer.

Chapter 1:
I like it so far. Classic cartoon humor. Nice.
The awkward moment caused by the small wings made me smile with nostalgic amusement.
The very start is not very...original, but standard is gud nuff. I think they should have spent an hour or so before being able to actually move, but nothing wrong with that either.

Chapter 2:

"But if I do end up dying here, I am going to haunt your ass."

I wonder how annoying that would be and how the exorcism would be performed. :pinkiecrazy:

Chapter 3:

I've ever heard of a sentient deer before.

Twilight is one of those characters who should use the correct word. I might be splitting hairs... :twistnerd:

Johan and Derek turned to each other with raised eyebrows. "Humans exist in this place?" Derek asked, stopping and turning back to her.

"Yes! Well... kinda... sort of." Twilight stammered. "I can certainly take you there just... not yet. I have to get you to my castle. There is this magical mirror there that I can use to take you home. It just... only actually activates once every thirty moons."

*sigh* Opinion: Why cant we have stories without that blasted mirror? You can put EqG on that checklist. :trixieshiftright:

Mmmyeah, I think I will keep reading... :raritywink:

Not gonna spoil much, but EQG will play such a small role in this story that they are only going to have a single chapter appearance and then be promptly abandoned due to reasons that I will not spoil.

The small form of a young one scurried through the glimmering halls of a castle. He was equine in shape, yes, but a cursory glance would confirm that he was anything but. He had a cyan carapace which was smooth and shimmered in the light, not a single crack, gap, or imperfection was visible. A curved horn jutted from his forehead, which gently sloped upwards. His compound eyes were a platinum white, shining with innocence and life, and his backplate, which periodically opened and closed in excitement as the young creature ran. A platinum circlet sat around his head, a cyan gem in the middle, just below his horn. Two small bumps emerged from the sides of his head. They were pure white, and looked jagged, like the tips of mandibles.

Is it a changeling?

"Never in a million years would I have considered one of my line being a Vurion, or even perhaps a Kes!" He said, reaching down and tussling his son's head. "This is such good news my son, you would not even believe how I feel."

A what?

"Wait a sec..." Johan came to a stop. "Sixty weeks? That's over a year!"

I thought I was 2 weeks.

Eventually, the party left the forest, and after a short walk, they arrived at the top of a small hill, overlooking a small town with thatched roofs. A massive crystal structure, that wasn't keeping with the village's rustic aesthetic in the slightest, towered over everything else. It was in the vague shape of a tree, with a massive gate in the middle.

Is this a different version of the castle or something?

"Gentlecolts." Twilight started with a smile, gesturing to the town. "Welcome to Ponyville!"

The two former humans blinked for a couple of seconds, turning to each other than to her.

"That name sucks," they replied in perfect unison.


1. Maybe
2. Will probably be explained later
3. A moon is 2 weeks. She said that it would take 30 moons.
4. I don't know
5. 'Cause it's a bad horse pun like Manettan or Neighpon. It would be like calling a town with humans in it "humansburg" or something

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