• Published 13th Jan 2021
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Classroom Changeling - Someguy458

In the middle of Biology Class, Rove Hummel turns into a Changeling.

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Chapter 4: Fly On The Wall (And On Social Media, Too)

Hours passed without a single word being spoken; we were too deep into our tasks. She was making a priority list of people to tell, while I was doing research on the family computer (I had to be careful about it, but thankfully, I was still able to use my hooves to press the keys and move the mouse).

That research? Watch any episodes of My Little Pony pertaining to Changelings, and observe them. Through this method, I learned quite a few things, including:

1. They could be INCREDIBLY creepy when they wanted to.
2. They could walk across walls (not gonna lie, that had me excited).
3. They could shape-shift into just about anything, even inanimate objects.

Alright, now that I had a good idea of what I could do, all I had to do was figure out how to do it myself.

But a rumble in my stomach alerted me to a more pressing matter — something I'd been dreading since I learned what Changelings ate.

I hesitantly walked out to the kitchen, where Mazarine was poring over the list. She looked up and began, "Alright, Rove, I've got a basic list down; is there anyone else you'd like to—"

"M-mom, I'm hungry," I stammered.

She blinked. "Well, why didn't you say so? What do Changelings eat, again?"

I gulped. "L-l-love..."

She raised an eyebrow. "Love?"

I nodded, wilting uncomfortably.

Her expression softened. "Are you worried it'll hurt me?"

I nervously nodded, eyes glued to the floor.

She smiled. "Don't be. Even if it does, I'l gladly let you."

I blinked. "R-really?"

In response, she got out of her chair, knelt down, and gave me a warm hug, her aura turning bright pink. Brand new instincts quickly took over, and I found myself inhaling some of that aura. It was incredibly sweet, like chocolate-covered strawberries.

Finally, I stopped, satisfied. To my relief, her aura barely seemed depleted. "Th-thank you," I smiled weakly.

She returned that smile at full force. "I always have love to spare for you."

Mazarine continued to hug me for a moment before she went back to her list. "So, is there anyone specific you want to tell about this as soon as you can?"

I thought for a moment, then replied, "Osmond and Lily. And, uh... I'd like to tell them today, if at all possible."

She nodded in response, writing them down.

I was sitting in my room, further testing my wings, when the front door opened. "Mom, I'm home!" Bea's voice caused me to lock up out of fear.

It was time.

I heard Mazarine's voice, serious as she began: "Bea, something happened earlier."

Bea paused. "I'm not in trouble, am I?"

"It's nothing like that," our mom clarified. "Something happened to Rove."

She didn't need to say anything else; the sound of quick footsteps rapidly approached my room, signalling Bea's approach. I cringed as my sister appeared in the doorway and immediately froze up at the sight of me.

"H-hey, Bea..." I smiled awkwardly.

If it were at all possible, Bea's eyes grew even wider. "R-Rove?"

I nodded hesitantly.

She stood there, frozen for a moment, before she slapped herself in the face. She shook off the impact, looked back at me, and gasped. "I'm not dreaming..."

I chuckled a bit. "The lack of rainbows didn't give that away?"

She gave out a snort of amusement. "Glad to see your sense of humor's still intact."

I shrugged. "It took a bit of adjustment, but it certainly appears to be back now."

She approached me, looking me over. "So, uh, how did this all happen?"

I shook my head, "Absolutely no idea."

She gasped. "Wait, is this why your eyes were so blue this morning?!"

I blinked. "How did I not register that until now?"

She giggled a bit to herself, before taking a good look around my new body. "How are you feeling about this?"

"I wasn't too thrilled at first, but after learning what Changelings can do, I have to admit that this may not be all bad."

She smiled, "That's the spirit."

Then she seemed to have an idea. "So, can you use your magic yet?" I shook my head, and she deflated a bit. "How about your wings?" I twitched my wings, and she nodded. "Have you tried walking on walls?"

I paused. "It shouldn't be too hard, right?"

She shrugged, "Only one way to find out."

I turned to face the nearest wall, and took a deep breath. Reaching out with my hoof, I placed it completely flat against the wall.

It didn't work.

At first.

But once I began to picture the act itself, I found myself sticking to the wall like a suction cup (except not actually, because of all the holes in my hoof). I blinked, then placed my second hoof higher onto the wall. When it stuck, I lifted a back hoof and planted it onto the wall.

My sister watched in nervous excitement as I psyched myself up before finally lifting my last hoof off the floor.

I stuck.

I could hardly believe it; I was standing on my wall! Granted, I could still feel gravity trying to pull me towards the ground, but I was seriously, legitimately standing horizontally!

"You're doing it!" Bea exclaimed, clapping. "You're really doing it!"

I chuckled, "I am, aren't I?!" I carefully began to inch my way up the wall. It took some effort to pry each hoof off the wall without having the others come off as well, but I steadily made progress upwards.

"What's with all the—" Mazarine came into the room, drawn in by Bea's excited cheering, but gave pause when she saw what I was doing.

I craned my neck to look to her, grinning like an idiot. "Look at me! I'm—"

But in my excitement, I lost my focus and came off the wall, falling to my rump. "Ow..."

"That was awesome!" Bea was hopping up and down out of excitement.

Even with my flanks sore, I chuckled. "Yeah, it was exhilarating!"

"Aw man, I'm so jealous right now! If we figure out how this happened, do you think I could become a Changeling, too?"

I frowned. "That's not something you should take so lightly, Bea; this isn't all sunshine and roses."

She groaned, but didn't argue. "So, do you think you can make it to the ceiling?"

I stood back up, sizing up the room. "It might take me all day, but I should be able to do it."

Mazarine smiled, thankful that our spirits were lifted (even if temporarily), and left to get back to her list.

Eventually, she returned. "I've contacted Mrs. Bellamy, and she's agreed to bring Osmond over. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

I nodded from my perch on the wall, still feeling slightly nervous. "He's my best friend, and he already likes MLP. Besides, I'll have to tell him eventually."

She nodded, something still clearly weighing on her mind. "If you say so..."

I wanted to ask what was on her mind, but I already knew fully well what it was. "Still thinking about what happened with Ms. Finch earlier?"

She flinched, then nodded. "It didn't feel right to lie to her like that, especially with how willing you are to show Osmond."

Now that I wasn't as tense, I was able to find my words. "It's only temporary. Hopefully, we'll be able to stop lying before long. Besides, Ms. Finch is just an acquaintance, while Osmond is my best friend."

She seemed at least placated at that, nodding slightly before leaving.

Bea looked at me and asked, "What happened with Ms. Finch?"

Eventually, the time came. I heard their car pull up, Osmond left the vehicle, and the car drove away. He gave three sharp knocks, and Mazarine answered. "Glad you could make it, Osmond."

"Thank you for inviting me, Mrs. Hummel. You said something happened to Rove?"

She silently stepped aside, allowing the bend that led to the hallway to come into view.

And standing there, peeking around the corner, was me.

His eyes widened. "Wait, that was you?!"

I blinked, honestly not expecting that at all. "You- wha!?"

In response, he pulled out his phone and opened a social media site. After a moment of searching, he held the phone to face me, displaying a picture of me.

Me as a Changeling, that is.