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For everyone seeking guidance, I recommend looking up Ravi Zacharias, he's gotten me out of some dark times. His FULL sermons are available online for ALL...


This story is a sequel to Planet Express's Package Pony

Adopted with permission from MrAquino! Nothing's normal with Planet Express, a local package delivery company in the year 3000. They already have a cryogenic frozen delivery boy, a karate knowing cyclops captain, a foul-mouth robot that wants to be a chef, a bureaucrat who never shuts off, a cute Chinese pretty girl from the richest family on Mars, a lobster alien that acts as their doctor (despite not knowing anything & is homeless), a super old professor that should be dead, and a janitor that no one knows. With all of these people, what happens when they receive a package from an anonymous sender? And what happens when said package contains an adorable gray pegasus filly with crossed eyes and a love for muffins? The whole Futurama series recreated with Derpy as one of it's main cast, that's what! Don't like it!? Well bite my shiny metal ass!!!

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I'm so glad that someone is taking this story up again and working on it, I can't wait to see what you got planned for it.

Man, I haven't watched Futurama in a while. I enjoyed this first chapter though. Good job.

Haha let them have muffins

I think I remember reading this story before back when original author had it.

It’s been nearly 10 months I’m calling this dead but not forgotten if you do ever update it I will be the first to read it I salute you sir

If you actually bothered to write new chapters instead of copying content from the already existing stories this project would have been more interesting.

Sorry, lot of issues..got laid off for one thing...

To be fair, I copied them with the authors permission. But I take your point. Fear not, IF I continue this...I have plans to deeply diverge from cannon...focus a lot more on the Doctor Whooves bits for one thing...

Hey man did you actually read my comment it’s OK that it’s dead because at least we got what is there if it’s ever thrown into a Lazarus pit I’ll be happy and excited but I can live with the memories I have of it

You open to outside Assistances?

Oh, thank you. Okay. I'm game. How do you want to go about this?

I sent a PM on the subject. Use thzt.

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