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The Red Parade

One for the rocks and one for the scary.


Filthy Rich is no stranger to the ways of life, but that doesn't mean he's the right pony to help Feather Bangs through his first struggle. It's too bad though, because he's the best Feather can get.

A last minute 2020 Jinglemas Breezie Fic for LibertyDude! Check us out here! Edited by Sweetie Belle wishcometrue, HapHazred, Emotion Nexus, and Silent Whisper.

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“You wanna know something? Spoiled was the same way,” Filthy replied with a bitter grunt. “Lookin’ back, I wonder what I ever saw in that mare. But it’s all in the past now.”

That is always been the question I've always have when she made her appearances in season 5

Well this was a pretty interesting story and also pretty interesting combination between Filthy Rich and feather Bang and again the first time we saw a filthy rich I thought he was going to be one of those stock up rich people or ponies but he was a decent Pony and he actually does care for his daughter and it looks like he does care for his employees and even his friend feather Bang which turns out that he actually having a bad day having his girlfriend dumped him and he gave him a pretty good pep talk about how life can be very hard but sometimes you just have to move on and keep trying or if something and that's a pretty good lesson this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Loved this from start to finish!

Great job! Filthy Rich is unironically my favorite character in MLP, and seeing him get a chance to shine as the hero in his own story really butters my bread. You made him still have that gruff personality he had throughout all of his appearances, but gave him enough of a heart without seeming too schmaltzy for his character. I also really liked how dramatic you made Feather Bangs, and making the dude who could pull tons of mares suddenly realize somepony could and would dump him makes his predicament all the more sad. Filthy Rich actually becomes the best guy to talk to, given how Filthy is the stallion with everything except romantic love, while Feather had nothing but romantic attention until that was pulled away. It's two dysfunctional dudes who were largely defined by their romantic relationships trying to live without mares, and this dynamic makes the story super interesting.

There were some choices I initially was skeptical over. Having Filthy divorced from Spoiled initially felt a bit sudden of a character shift, and having Feather so anguished over a girl felt odd given how easily he let go of Sugar Belle in his episode. But as I read it, I grew to realize these were actually really wise choices. Filthy Rich needed to have a more sympathetic edge to his personality, and sticking around with an emotionally abusive spouse (if not towards him, then towards Diamond Tiara) might've made his statements about getting over a lousy relationship ring a bit hollow. It also makes his interaction with Feather a lot more emotionally charged, since while he's mostly gotten over the separation, he now is forced to comfort a guy who didn't even get a chance to build up that marital relationship to begin with.

I also realized that having Feather so distraught over a mare actually makes a lot of sense given this is several years down the road from Season 7. This is no longer the too-cool-for-school heartthrob who could attract a mare without a sweat, but an older stallion whose had to make sacrifices to keep on his hooves. Why else would he be working at Filthy's Barnyard stores if his real passion was music? Plus, as anybody who's suffered a break-up before, breaking up with someone you've known for years is way different than some girl you had a crush on politely turning you down after a few days of wooing (like in "Hard to Say Anything"). And given the fact Feather is a bit of a drama queen, I could totally see him reacting like this was the end of the world.

In short, I really like all the choices this fic made in portraying Filthy and Feather's relationship. I was kind of worried that whoever would get this story would go for a basic comedy (the reason I specified no Filthy/Feather shipping was because I really didn't want a crackship) or make Filthy Rich the antagonist (which I've always found kind of lame and ruins the deeper nuance I feel the character has). Not that these are bad story ideas necessarily, but they just would've taken the story further away from the way I would've liked. There were so many directions you could've taken this, and the fact you somehow chose the perfect one makes this story all the more better.

Thank you so much!


Thank you! Glad you liked it!

It was definitely a challenge to figure out a way for these two characters to interact in a believable way while still doing what I wanted to with the plot so I'm glad that everything turned out alright, especially with the decisions I ended up making with each character!

Aww, I love depictions of Mr. Rich like this. He has always been shown to be a somewhat charming and friendly character so it’s refreshing to see stories that recognize that, since he’s so often written as a villain.

This was one of the reasons I loved this story too. Filthy Rich is a very nuanced character, so seeing him portrayed in a sympathetic way really buttered my bread.

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