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Rain Fall

Hello! I'm Shay, and I'm a speed-painter on YouTube, and the writer of the stories posted here. Hope y'all have a wonderful day/night!


Princess Twilight Sparkle has just been married to King Sombra, but something seems wrong. Princess Luna wants what's best for her beloved Twilight, but her with Sombra doesn't settle. Join in the story in both Luna and Twilight Sparkle's minds as you find out how they came to be.

**This is my AU, it is NOT canon. I just wanted to share my AU with y'all.**

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

If this is a T rated story, then why is there a non-con tag?

I gave it a non-con tag because technically, Twilight didn't give consent, Sombra was messing with her head, so she agreed. Because I didn't want to end up getting flagged, I put it there.

A blue heart appears infront of sombras chest who looks down in confusion only to go flying into a wall. The doors to the room are blown open as I walk through Dusttale Megalovania blaring...

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