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Time has passed since the deer of Thicket successfully reclaimed their lands from Well-to-Do's encroaching 'progress'. Prince Bramble no longer calls his father 'papa', but he remains small in stature, both physically and —according to him— in regards to his royal standing.

Soon, the longest day of the year will dawn and with it, the deer will celebrate another Ambershine Festival. The prince was given charge of the event's preparations, but fears it to be a meager test apt for a buck weak of spirit. Little does he know that the coming disaster will test not only his resolve and that of his friends, but their ability to learn and to forgive.

"The trees bear witness to all that transpires, and their roots grow from all that we leave behind. Their memories, and ours, are petrified in amber. Let the morning cast a new light upon the past, and let us find in its glow the path to the future."

This story takes place an indeterminate amount of time after IDW's comic issues #27 and #28 (The Root of the Problem) and, though centered on Bramble, makes extensive use of original characters as well as some of my personal headcanon. I've never written fanfiction before (or really anything involving characters that didn't belong to me, hence the overreliance in original ones) and it's an entirely new genre for me. I hope that you enjoy it.

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Comments ( 2 )

I noticed a few grammatical errors here and there, but overall, not bad for your debut! Looking forward to seeing this continue.

Thank you! Would it be too much asking to point me to at least a couple of them? I'll give it a re-read now that I'm here, but some of these might be bad transfers from Spanish and I'm liable not to spot them on my own, if so.

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