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Alto Harmony

A beginner violist, a video game lover, and a language enthusiast!


After Alto practices her viola she feels something strange. When she comes back to practice again a new string is attached to the instrument. Alto decides to test it out but will soon regret it as she will experience hallucinations and voices.

Chapters (2)
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“Um Alto, I only see four strings. What are you pointing at exactly?” Her mother said looking confused. She went closer to her daughter and only saw four strings not five.

I this point the mom has no idea that Alto is seeing 5 strings so makes no sense to specify that she only sees four strings. Maybe change it to "I only see your viola." or just remove this tidbit. Or have alto mention 5 strings to her mom before this.

Anyway, can't wait to see where this goes.

Thanks for pointing that out. And those are one of the exact details I mess up on. I’m also glad that you’re looking forward to it:) I’ll work on another chapter eventually if I have enough time.

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