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very good and interesting story, I hope there will be more chapters

Maybe the Merchant can send her home if she buys something from him. :rainbowlaugh:

Resident Evil 4.
Now featuring Diamond Tiara.

Funny, I worked on something similar with her once

So how long till either A she starts getting free stuff from the merchant or cheaper stuff B kicks Leon in the leg C nut shots someone with a earth pony uppercut

I hate Chief Mendez when he shows up.

It's Ada Wong :pinkiegasp:

I like that Hunnigan seems to be showing some concern for Diamond.
And that Diamond is reasonably observant and willing to do what is needed.
Plus the image of Diamond Tiara sitting on top of a pair of corpses with an innocent smile is one i will never get tired of.

Hunnigan is the best Navigator 😁

👍👍👍 I love this part very much and great work.

I'm surprised that you didn't mentioned the various treasures or the medallion hunt that you go through for a free gun.

I recently started playing Fallout New Vegas again and i had to STRUGGLE to keep my courier out of the events as they played out in my head.

Time for the best part of the game. Wonder how Salazar and Saddler are going to deal with a second loudmouth biting back at everything they say.

Luna's looking pretty sus right now.

I still say keep an eye on Luna.

You never know what might run through her head.

As funny as that is I don’t think this merchant will be a void dweller I think it’s just a basic guy from the game.

A bit late but maybe add a translation for the villagers at the end of the chapter in the author’s notes for people who don’t know what they are saying?

Hmm even though she is a filly she should still be faster then a human especially seeing as she is an earth pony

True, but Diamond isn't exactly athletic while Leon is. Plus he would have much longer legs.

I was thinking the same thing, and seeing as he already has Diamond using guns/knives I hope Leon is smart and gets Ashley a gun too

Methinks Luna is looking at a new Guard/student recruit

Ha ha ha of course she knows him :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Leon raised an Impressed eyebrow “Remind me never to piss you off.” she said. Diamond giggled slightly at that and they continued through the now open door.

I think you mean he said, unless Diamond is talking to herself

Uh, couldn't the magical unicorn just teleport the disease out of Diamond Tiara's system upon her return to Equuis? I don't think it would be able to kill anything then.

1, it is a parasite not a disease.

2, teleporting a living organism out of another living organism would be extremely hard especially on such a small scale that they could accidentally teleport part of diamond’s organs or worse.

3, even if they could accomplish all that safely she would not want to leave Until the mission is complete and she knows that Ashley and Leon are safe

Thank you for condensing the entirety of the last bit of the game into one chapter.

What or who caused "the merchant" franchise to start & to become the cancer that it is.

It was to stab those displaced stories wasn't it?

What a wonderful story, wish there was an Epilogue years after or maybe like a few weeks.

Anyways the story was Incredible, and very well written.
Hope you make another series!

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