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"A genuine closeted-furry,who dosen't like huge social gatherings,and dosen't like to share public information to strangers"


"Two hearts made of stone, will their heart stay afloat from all the chaos they accidentally brought in..?"
two outcasts,lost in Equestria..wait for their punishment to be finally finished...unable to know whats the actual punishments.
Not a very good writer so bear in mind with my writing skills. My grammar skills can be good, my english is probably bad. I'm using my two ocs. which you'll learn who they are very soon.
Viewer discretion is advised. Cause it has some violence and mature themes in some chapters.

Chapters (2)
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I would suggest rewriting this. You have a lot of grammar errors. Put some paragraphs in here to make the story flow better. The background you give is interrupting the story. Save these bits for the first chapter. Maybe give a description of the throne room or environment they live in when you get to that part. Instead of giving us an info dump in the authors note about these characters, include some tidbits of that info in the story as you go along. You keep saying ”or something” it dosen't seem to be fleshed out enough. English isn't your first language huh. I’d volunteer to be a proofreader if you want.

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