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Hmmm that image is pretty explicit... is it ok?

B_25 #2 · Jan 13th, 2021 · · 1 ·

...that's her tail

Good story. Don't care what the law states or how people feel, it ain't incest unless blood-related.

I'm referring to this detail here. You have to admit it looks meh.

B_25 #5 · Jan 13th, 2021 · · 2 ·

You have to be already perverted to see a dick there. It's the pink of her tail. Why would a dick be so curved and not even coming out of his crotch—or be so weirdly shaped and not even going inside of anything? Would his dick be going underneath her body for some strange reason? I dunno why people have a fetish for being 1:1 in cover arts being extremely law-abiding.

But please bro.

Drop it.

“Spike! You big dragon with a bigger heart! Celestia is sending us to Ponyville—together! I want to thank you for not leaving me to—OH COME ON! NOT AGAIN!”

Why you keep doing it with other mares?! Does my flank not good enough for you? :twilightangry2:

Una #7 · Jan 13th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Its hilarious . Lol


Honestly at very first glance I thought I saw the same thing as you. On closer look, though, it's pretty clearly supposed to be her tail. Just an unfortunate choice on the part of the artist to use pink instead of blue or green there.

Pretty sure the prequel to this drew a bunch of mistaken reports, too, now that I think about it. This artist evidently knows how to make people see what they want to see.


So Spike wants "a chance to get with a bouncy white flank", and for this he gets with another white flank, which is even bouncier?

... moar please ...

I love this story so much. You write Spike so well and I am all for this being a series hehe.

Hehe, this was great. I dunno why but the idea of Spike being the older of the two with Twi being his assistant is really cool to me. Hope to see that explored more in the future. Also hope to see Spike have his way with Rarity, that’s always great to see.
Either way, was a fun read, nice work

You do realize her mane doesn't have pink in it in this picture? Why would the artist put pink in her tail and not her mane?

B_25 #16 · Jan 15th, 2021 · · 2 ·

Except it does?

Fimfiction has trouble taking high and large images, and thus, it does not allow me to upload the full image. Here it is for reference. It is in both mane and tail. Harder to see in the cropped version, sure, so I can get that. What I can't get is why everyone has to be so aggressive and anal on something like cover-art for a story.

Why can't anyone ever be like 'Hey man. It might be my eyes but... something doesn't look right with the cover. Are you sure it's not explicit?' Then I will a kinder response with the same logic on the matter.

This is getting ridiculous now.

Comment posted by anomoly deleted Jan 15th, 2021

You do realize a literal moderator to this site has posted a comment saying the pic meets standards?

Might need to take a good look at the story tho, I noticed a LOT of places where the wrong word was put in place "look looked at each other' being an example

B_25 #20 · Jan 15th, 2021 · · 2 ·

Whoops. I'll take that one. Had the wrong document uploaded.

One sec.

Comment posted by Kontaro deleted Jan 15th, 2021
Comment posted by B_25 deleted Jan 15th, 2021

I hope there will be a sequel with Spike and Rarity?
or Maybe a pregnant Celestia?

 good work on the story

Ooh, nice to see a sequel! Incest ain't my thing, but I do like this Spike!

"So does that this is the place where it belongs?"

Spike accidentally a word here.

B_25 #26 · Jan 15th, 2021 · · 2 ·

Thanks homie!

He may fuck, other mares, but he really loves three!

Possibly four! As much as I like to think, Spike, is just naturally this hot. Somepony, could have been a teacher to him!:pinkiegasp:

You know who I mean!:pinkiehappy:

SEQUEL to explain. Prequel in the makinnnnnnnggg!!!:trollestia:
DO IT!!! Complete The Set!!!

This is amazing. I'm all for seeing more of spikes adventures in this universe.

Well this was a nicely unexpected sequel.

So it's a Holy Dragon Sword?

Ok who's the jerk bothering to dislike every single comment on this thread?

Also great read. Tia is best princess and Spike always deserves some love. And for some reason I always enjoy repressed Tia getting the affection she deserves, be it Discord or Spike.

Love the amount of effort the disliker is putting just to be that one dude needing amusement

Nice story.

"Personally, I like both flanks instead of the one and—HEY THAT ISN'T THE WHOLE REASON!" Spike crossed his arms and turned his head and huffed like the kid he was underneath that teenage body. "It's PART of the reason. A round, juicy, and bouncy part. "But there's a good reason for it, too!"

Just a hint, ya got 3 “ for one speech part

He leaned in, with a breath of steam, allowing it to drift across her face. She offered him a playful glare, and he chose, in that, moment to strike. Setting his lips on hers, with eyes coming to a close, to infuse the kiss with the genuine love it needed to succeed.

I'm sure this would work well on Chrysalis, too.
(Maybe in a sequel?)

Celestia lapped at this place while peeking over from the side of his meat, seeing, far away, the head of her son, now thrown into a stack of pillows with claws pressing into his face to repress from blowing too soon. He peeked out from between his digits to see her, still licking, looking at him from down between his legs.
And all the dragon could do.
Was whimper.

:moustache:: "Uhm, mercy?"
:trollestia:: "Nope."

It was like the world itself wanted to fuck Spike the Dragon.
And for good reason.
He really cared for the female's pleasure—even more than his own, sometimes.
Spike had a good heart, even in the most naughty of times.

:moustache:: "And you better don't forget it."
:trollestia:: "Don't worry, I won't. In fact, I decided on what do do with you?"
:moustache:: "Let me go and spread the love, right?"
:trollestia:: "Of course not! I'm going to keep you here forever!"
:moustache:: "Eeeep!"
:trollestia:: "Just kidding!"

“Spike! You big dragon with a bigger heart! Celestia is sending us to Ponyville—together! I want to thank you for not leaving me to—OH COME ON! NOT AGAIN!”

:moustache:: "Why not? Jealous?"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Found a few typos:

None else could do it like him.

Should probably be "No one", right?

His knows were swelling until swollen

Should be "knots", right?

:trollestia:Spiiiike ! I wamnt to to fuck me like you did your aunty . :moustache: You do ?
:trollestia: Yessss and pound your dragon meat hard into my depths !
:moustache: You do ?
:trollestia: Yessss and I want to cum deep inside me like you did into my7 sister amnd youre aunty Nigbhtmare Moon .
:duck:*Whispwers in Spike's ear* Don't forget about us darling . We want that magnificent dragon cock too you know .
:eeyup: eeeyup
:pinkiegasp: Big Mac ! ? You too ?
:eeyup: eeyup ! I want to feel what a Dragon's cock is like too you know .
:applejackconfused: :yay: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: We all do Spike !
( HAAAY ! Don't forget about ME! By the way Spike can you also fix me up with a girl dragon er Dragoness ? 😅 * I Put ion some lipstick* 😚 I maybe a humanmaler but I love dressing as a female amnd like to have fun too .
:raritystarry: You and me Darling I want to fix you up and make you some beuatiful clothes to wear and show you off to the other mares ! :raritywink:
( I know I'm getting ahead of myself here , but I'm a little crazy as :pinkiecrazy: ) Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy: Oh ! Oh ! can I be your
Aunty Pinkie Pie ? Puweeeeese ?
😚 Yes Pinkie Pie you can be my Aunty ! :pinkiegasp: I can ? :pinkiehappy: WEEEEE !
😋Just don't give me too much sweets okay ? Oh I Love cookies and camndy and cakes but I don't want t get fat !
:raritywink: How righnt you are my darling wedon't want you ( my new human sister to get all fat now do we ?

( I Know I'm getting a little crazy here ,but ... :pinkiehappy: Don't worry my little niecey wiecy
Your not so crazy as me .

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