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"Yeah, or maybe it's just, like, a feeling, you know?"


Photo Finish didn't want to go to summer camp. Neither did Blueblood. Spending three weeks in Ponyville muck with a bunch'a lowlifes? No thanks. But Ponyville is full of surprises, and the two of them quickly discover that there's more to life than what lies in Canterlot.

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This one's a nice piece - you establish things well, it's a plausible situation that you set up and adds some interesting angles to two infrequently used characters.

Kudos to you on a piece well written.


This is so good! The little dark coffee thing with Photo Finish was nice. I'm sure I missed a billion other references though, since I was so caught up in the story.

because she knew deep down that Blueblood could be kind if he chose to be. But that choice was his.

That is quotable material.

Honestly, I could see the Adventure tag being switched for tragedy. Because one of the core elements of tragedy is a hamartia in one of the main characters, is it not? Which would fit perfectly.

And responding to your author's note, I see you have something else published now.

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