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This story is a sequel to Imaginary Nightmare

Luna is a small filly with a friend called Nightmare Moon only she can see, who is apparently not just an imaginary friend. This story chronicles their experiences together.

(Cover Art by TheEdgyDuck)

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Luna's imagination now began to run a bit wild. If Nightmare Moon really did represent her feelings and was created from them, what would happen if Luna had hateful emotions like jealousy and anger? Luna let her imagination run wild for a few moments before Nightmare Moon snapped her out of her trance of thinking.

Bad Luna, not only are you reading between the lines of the story, your also doing it to a future story at least 500+ years out.

Also the long awaited sequel to Imaginary Nightmare. Nice.

I do not believe that in this story the nightmare moon was created from the emotions of the young Luna because in this case the nightmare moon should not be much superior to Luna intellectually.
so far, my theory that the nightmare moon came from the future or an alternate universe remains valid.

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