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After The Storm King successfully conquered the lands and the cities of Equestria, he and his second-in-command Tempest Shadow gained all the magic of the alicorns with the Staff of Sacanas. Then Storm King discovers a new world full of rich resources he can utilize for his own tyrannical empire. Thus, he will not only rule one world but also two and much more. Batman must find a way to defeat him before the villain can accomplish his evil plan.

Note: This takes place during the events of My Little Pony: The Movie and after the events of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

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Finally, another crossover with DC

Because, why not! Also, batman beyond is my favorite. Especially the Joker returns movie...

Can't wait for the Storm King to meet Terry.

Not going to lie, I didn’t think the Gotham police’s guns would be useless.

This story ended sooner than I expected. Oh well, hopefully there will be a sequel to this story or another crossover with DC.

The Dark Knight wins the fight and finishes the Storm King’s rain of terror. We need a squeal story aka a Batman Beyond Season 4 where equines are brought to Neo Gotham City by Cobra and Twilight in her post Season 9 appearance sends her oldest daughter or son with the children of the Main 6 to go to Earth to rescue everyone and team up with Terry aka Batman to save Earth and Eques. Not to mention face enemies that faced and battle the original Batman aka Bruce Wayne like Clayface, Killer Croc, Penguin who is still alive somehow, and others including the enemies that Terry faced in the past like Shriek, Spelldlbinder, the minions of the Joker, and others including Cobra.

“Get ready for the Dark Knight of the new era to return! Warner Brothers and Hasbro Studios are proud to present…”

Batman: I’m back boys…

“The return of the hero for the new era!”

Cobra soldier (running for Batman and his new equine Allies with fellow members to stop them): Get the Batman!

Batman: Ok let’s see what you got.

“Batman Beyond Season 4! Watch it on Discovery Family and on Cartoon Network during Toonami. Return to Neo Gotham.”

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