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To The Beach

It had been a week since you joined the Self Defense club. You had trained with Sunset for most of the week, but you did do a little sparing with Aria and Rainbow. They were also a good match for you, it was always a challenge against them. Spring break was right around the corner and you were looking forward to it. One whole week of not going to school now that was always a good thing.

You were currently at the Self Defense club having a very intense match with Aria. She had just tried to hit you with a right hook which would of hurt if you didn't dodge it. Neither of you were letting down your guards. You had actually caught on to Aria's strategy, you were just waiting for her to fall for the trap. Normally Aria once a battle does an uppercut then she kicks you when you least expect it. You were going to trick her into thinking she hit the uppercut but really you dodge it last second. Then when she tries to kick you, you do exactly the same thing you did to Sunset.

The moment you were waiting for had arrived. Aria goes for the uppercut, by a split second you dodge it making it look like you got hit. Aria kicks you or at least tried to, you caught her leg and you trip her making her fall to the ground. She had fallen for your trap card.

"That was a good match Aria." You said as you handed her a hand

"You to Anon, I didn't expect that." Aria said

As Aria got up you looked back to see Rainbow and Sunset also in a very intense match. Sunset was currently attacking a tired Rainbow Dash. 'Guess Rainbow fell for Sunset's trap' You though. As you were looking at them a whistle went off. It was Luna whistling her bell to tell us that class was almost over. Changing out of your gi you head to your last class of the day before spring break. As you head to your final class you ran into Flash.

"Hey Anon, what's up?" Asked Flash

"Nothing much, headed to class." You said

"Hey so I asked the others but do you want to go to the beach later?" Flash asked

"Who are the others?" You asked

"Sunset, Adagio, Aria, Sonata, and Twilight. It'll be the old days just the seven of us." Flash said

"Old days? I ain't that old. But yeah sure, I'll come it's been a while since it's just been the seven of us." You said

"Awesome, I'll come pick you up at 4:30. We're going to stay at a hotel so bring some money just in case."

You rolled your eyes. "Yes dad." You said sarcastically

As you headed to class with Flash you started to think about the beach. It had actually been a long time since you went to the beach with Flash and the others. A year or two you think. It had been even longer since you, Flash, and the five girls hanged out with each. With it either being because of Sonata hanging out with Dusk Shine or the other five were around, it hasn't been just the seven of you since middle school.

Your final class went by a flash. (Pun... possibly intended). You walked home with Flash to get your stuff for the beach. You had already called your mom telling her about the plan. Thankfully she said it was fine just as long as you stayed safe. You knew she was going to say yes but it was good to at least call her to let her know. You went into your room to pack your things. You still had a while before Flash came to pick you up so you just decided to waste time by playing some video games and watching some videos.

You hadn't payed attention but it was 4:30. You picked up your back and headed to Flash's car. As you got in the car you saw Sunset and Twilight in the back. 'Guess Flash picked up them on the way' you thought.

"Hey, guys." You said

"Hey Anon, how are you?" Sunset asked

"Ready to go to the beach and chill." You said

"I think we all are Anon." Twilight said

The drive to the beach wasn't a long one in fact it was pretty short with how Flash drives. It wasn't like he's a bad driver it just that like his name he goes by a Flash. You guys were suppose to meet the others at the beach since they left before you. As you guys started to unload your supplies you finally found the others thanks to Adagio's big hair. You waved your hand to get their attention which they saw. You didn't see it at first but when they got closer you saw it or should you say him. Dusk Shine was with them, Flash saw it to.

"I thought this was just the seven of us." You said

"So did I, guess Sonata had other ideas." Flash said

It wasn't like Dusk Shine being there was a problem. You just thought it was just going to be the seven of you. Out of all of five girls Sonata was the one with the least amount of skin showing. Even Twilight had more skin showing. Adagio and Aria had a two piece bikini. Adagio's being black and Aria's being purple. You had actually caught Flash looking at Sunset. You were going to have to tease him about it later.

"Hey guys." Aria said

"Hi Anon." Sonata said

"Hello Sonata." You said

"Sorry we're late, we would of been here early but someone had to stall the bathroom." Aria said

"Well it is my job, to look my best." Adagio said

'Normal Adagio actions.' You thought

"Hey Flash, Anon want to have a swimming race." Dusk Shine said

"I'm in, what about you Flash?" You asked

"You know, I could never say no." Flash said

"One whole lap across the beach and back." Dusk Shine said

"Ok." You and Flash said

The water wasn't that cold. In fact it was pretty good, the perfect temperature. Dusk Shine and Flash looked at each other and back at you. You understood what they were doing so you shacked your head up and down. And with that the race was on. You were a fast swimmer so you were able to keep up with them. The race was a close one but sadly you came in second. Coming right after Dusk Shine by a second, then Flash coming in last place.

"Good race, almost had me Anon." Dusk Shine said

"You to Dusk Shine, next time however. I'll be the one winning." You said

As Flash got out of the water you could see Dusk Shine looking at his phone. He started to head back to the girls which were looking at something Sonata was showing them. Probably a seashell or something.

"Where you going Dusk Shine?" Flash asked

"I'm going to check us into the hotel before it's to late." Dusk Shine said

"Good idea, you need some money?" Flash asked

"No, I good. I'll be back in a while." Dusk Shine said

"Ok see you." Flash said

It had been a few minutes since Dusk Shine had left to go to the hotel. You and Flash were in the water having races. As the girls were chatting in the sun getting tanned. Knowing them they probably aren't even going to get in the water. You and Flash had decided to have one final race to see who was the better swimmer for the day. As you guys were doing your final lap you had heard a scream. You and Flash both stopped and looked at each other.

"Did you hear that?" Flash asked you

"Yeah I thought I was hearing things." You said

"Where it did come from?" Flash asked

Where did it come from was a good question. There were a tone of people on the beach. It obviously wasn't out at sea because the lifeguard would've been their. So it was on shore but who yelled? It was a girl scream a loud one at it, you and Flash were maybe 30 feet away from shore and you guys heard it.

"Should we head back to shore?" Flash asked

"We probably should. Are race we have to continue tomorrow." You said

As you and Flash headed back to shore all you could think about was who was the one that screamed. Once you and Flash got on land you saw the girls looking at something on the ground. It wasn't until you got closer was when you saw it. It wasn't some THING they were looking at, it was some ONE. Sonata was on her back in her bikini laying on the ground passed out. The girls looked like they had just seen a ghost.

"What the heck happened?" Flash asked

"We don't know one second we were all talking and the next second Sonata passes out?" Sunset said

"Was it due to dehydration? It is pretty hot out today." You said

"That's what we thought so we poured some water on her. It wasn't until we took off her shirt was when we found something else out." Adagio said

"What is it." You and Flash said

As the girls turn Sonata around you and Flash see a truly horrific scene. Bruises, cuts, burn marks, and scars all of her back. That must of been the scream you and Flash heard it was one of the girls screaming because of Sonata. Sonata always said she would get hurt on accident but this, this wasn't a fall down the stairs. This was on purpose! But who would do this to Sonata?

"How did this happen to her?" Flash asked

"How are we suppose to know, she's never told us about this." Aria said

"Do you think we should take her back to the hotel." Twilight said

"Sure, but where's Dusk Shine?" Sunset asked

Good question where was Dusk Shine he had never came back from the hotel. And that was almost half an hour ago. Did something happen to him on the way?

"Me and Flash will look for him. You girls take Sonata back to the hotel." You said

"Alright we'll call you if we see Dusk Shine." Adagio said

And with that you and Flash headed out to find Dusk Shine while the girls went to help Sonata. You had to find Dusk Shine to tell him about Sonata.

But where could he be?

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