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The Self Defense Club

It was finally time the day people start their clubs. This was going to be your first time going to a club ever. Even in middle school you didn't join a club. It would've stayed like that to if Flash wasn't so annoying. The good thing about the Self Defense club was that you weren't going to be alone so that was something. From what Flash had told you the Self Defense club started right after lunch.

Your day went by with a blink of a eye. Before you knew it you were at lunch eating with Flash and the gang. Sonata once again wasn't at your table, its been like that for almost 2 months but as long as she was happy you were happy. You could already hear Aria and Rainbow arguing with each other about who was better, that was starting to become a normal routine they had.

AJ and Flash were having a eating contest, Flash was severely losing. Adagio was doing Fluttershy's hair, Pinkie Pie was telling Rarity a joke she had made up. As for you and Sunset, she was telling you about her time in the Self Defense club. You wanted to now as much as you could before you started the club.

As the lunch bell rang you headed out with Sunset. Aria and Rainbow were having a race to see who could make it to the gym first. As you and Sunset walked into the gym you noticed a lot of things in a matter of seconds.

There were a lot of people more than a normal club had. You saw Blueblood and Dusk Shine talking with you guessed were their friends. Aria and Rainbow were doing push-ups, probably see who could do the most push-ups challenge. Bulk Biceps was also there talking to some of the lower class people probably scaring them in the process. But what caught your attention the most was that both Snips and Snails were in this class.

"Has there always been this many people that enter this class?" You asked

"Yup, but most people do it just to look cool. Snips and Snails have been in this class since Junior year. If you were to face them your probably win." Sunset said

So only a handful of people actually join the club to learn how to defend themselves. As you scanned the room you could already guess who joined the club to learn and who joined to look good. And from what you saw more than half looked like they joined the club to just look good.

"Can I have your attention please!!"

That voice! It couldn't be, could it? As you turned around you saw it. 'I guess this was the special teacher Flash was talking about.' Vice principal Luna was in the room with a black gi on. Out of all people you would've never of expected Luna to be the teacher. You looked at Sunset she must of known what you were thinking cause she gave you a headshake. You looked back to see vice principal Luna to see what she had to say.

"In this class you will learn how to defend yourself, anyone who entered this class to just mess around will be severely punished! You will not call be vice principal, you will call me your Master. Do I make myself clear!?" Luna asked

"Yes ma'am!!" Everyone yelled

"Good! I want everyone to get a karate gi of their size then I want you on the mats." Luna said

As you headed to get an gi you saw two colors of outfits. White and Black. Did it matter which one it was? As you watched everyone but a few like Dusk Shine and Sunset get a white gi.

"Does it matter what color it is?" You asked Sunset

"The white gi's are for newer people. The black gi's are for more advanced people." Sunset said

"You think I could wear a black gi like you?" You asked

"You probably are a black belt Anon, you just have to prove Luna that your worthy of having a black gi." Sunset said

"Thanks Sunset." You said

At least someone had confidence in you. As you went to the changing rooms, you got out of your normal clothes for your white gi. As you looked in the mirror you saw yourself in gi, you had to say you looked good in it. Once you got out of the locker room you got onto the mats which Luna must of took out when everyone was changing.

"Today we will be sparing with each other. Get a partner and train with them today!" Luna ordered

As you looked around you saw people getting with a partner. You were looking for a certain person but you couldn't find them. It took you a while but you found her. Sunset Shimmer. You wanted to see if you could stand a change against Sunset for right now.

"Sunset you want to be my partner?" You asked Sunset

"Sure, no one else wants to partner with me." Sunset said

You and Sunset went to one of the many mats in the middle of the room to spare. Sunset went to one side and you went to the other. You saw Aria and Rainbow already fighting with each other, Aria currently having Rainbow Dash in a choke hold.

"I'll go easy one you Anon." Sunset said

"Do whatever you want Sunset." You said

Now if you remember correctly Flash said that Sunset like to defend so that her enemies come to her. But since your new will she still defend or attack? The smart thing would be to not attack her and wait for her to come to you like Flash said.

"Ready, Anon?" Asked Sunset

"Yup." You said

You two both bow to each other to show that your both ready.

Sunset did as Flash said going on the defensive. You stayed completely still not falling for the trap. She would have to come to you if she wanted to beat you. Sunset saw what you were doing so she decided to come to you. Something played in your mind about Sunset. 'Sunset normally does kicks rather than punches.' It was something Flash had told you. Time went slow for you, you saw Sunset start to throw her leg at you. Before she could kick you, you grab her leg mid way. Then you move your foot to trip her making her fall on her back.

Sunset was on the ground. You actually made Sunset the second strongest fighter at this school to fall on the ground. Even Sunset was surprised she obviously didn't expect you to do that.

"You having fun down there Sunset." You said

"How did you do that?" Sunset asked

"That's my little secret, that was a good match." You said as you handed her a hand

"You got lucky, Anon." Sunset said

"I think someone is just salty they lost to a newbie." You said

"Whatever, anyways if your this good already you have a chance at being a black gi." Sunset said

"Anon!!" Luna yelled

"Yes, vice prin- I mean Master Luna." You said

"I saw that match with Sunset, I got to say that was a good strategy. I didn't expect you to knock down one of my strongest kids on your first day. Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Asked Luna

"I promise Master Luna this is my first time. I just knew what Sunset was going to do." You said

"But how, you've never seen me fight before." Sunset said

"Your right, but Flash has." You said

"He gave you some advice didn't he?" Sunset asked

"Yes, yes he did." You said

"I'll have to yell at him later for that." Sunset said

The funny thing was that she probably was going to yell at him. Luna went away to go see what her other students were up to. The only way you had won against Sunset was because Flash told you. If Flash hadn't told you, you probably would of lost. It didn't feel like a true win, but a win is a win you guessed.

"Ready for another round, Anon?" Sunset asked

"You bet, Sunset." You said

It went on like that for the rest of the class. Sunset was a good challenge for you. She won some matches and you won some. Before the class ended you went back to changing rooms to change back into your normal clothes. As you were heading out of the gym Luna had called you before your next class.

"What do you need Master Luna?" You asked

"From what I saw today by your performance, you may have a black gi in no time." Luna said

"Thank you Master Luna, it means a lot." You said

As you headed out of the gym you felt confident. Your first day of Self Defense club was a success. You had one upped Sunset and you got praised from Luna. You weren't able to face off with Dusk Shine but at the same time you didn't want to face him yet. You wanted to catch Dusk Shine off guard just like you did with Sunset.

You had a different plan first get a black gi, then beat Sunset, and finally take down Dusk Shine to become champion. Would you be able to do, only time will tell.

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